Major Changes To U.S. Bank Altitude Connect Card

Update 4/10/24: Landing page also says that GigSky benefit will be removed on 8/31/2024.

U.S. Bank has announced major changes coming to the Altitude Connect card, effective September 9, 2024:

Biggest changes:

  • The $95 Annual Membership Fee will be removed.
  • Points are going down in value from 1 cent-per-point to .8 cents per point. This is true for cash back, Real-Time Rewards, U.S. Bank Rewards Card, Shop with Points at and Paypal. You can still get 1 cent per point in the Altitude Rewards Center when redeeming for travel.
  • The $30 credit for annual streaming service purchases will be discontinued. 

Points Earnings:

  • 4X points at gas stations and EV charging stations will be limited to your first $1,000 each quarter.
  • The card earns 2X points on dining, streaming services and at grocery stores. Beginning September 9, 2024, discount stores/supercenters and wholesale clubs are excluded.
  • You will continue to earn 5X points on prepaid hotels and car rentals booked directly in the Altitude Rewards Center and 4X points on travel purchases.

Other Changes:

  • New benefit: Points can be redeemed for a monetary charitable contribution across a variety of nonprofits and U.S. Bank will match your contribution at 100%.
  • The cell phone protection benefit will no longer be available with your card.

Final Thoughts

All other benefits remain unchanged. Notably, the card will keep the Precheck or global entry credit. The card also offers complimentary Priority Pass Select membership with 4 free visits. These are sweet perks for a no-fee card.

Altitude Go Card

It’s not clear to me of what changes are happening to the Altitude Go card. It appears from this page that the card will maintain its $15 streaming credit. I’m not sure if points are going down to .8 cents per point on that card.

Hat tip to reader TJ

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Taco Tuesday
Taco Tuesday (@guest_1846386)
May 17, 2024 16:21

FYI…I was able to get the annual fee waived over phone for this year (within 30 days of being charged annual fee). Just mentioned that I read annual fee was being removed later this year and customer service rep talked to supervisor to remove

Yuan (@guest_1842698)
May 9, 2024 20:50

I am planning to apply for this card. Anyone recently got the bonus, can you share how soon you got the 50K points posted to your account once the spending requirement was met? Thanks.

AH (@guest_1844924)
May 14, 2024 23:19

My SUB offer appeared as ‘completed’ and the 50k points appeared as ‘pending’ under rewards on 5/8, about 1-2 days after hitting the spend requirement. However, the points are not actually available to redeem until my next statement close date on 6/3.

mdacguy (@guest_1847819)
May 21, 2024 17:40

Great. By any chance, do you remember on which day of the month did you initially activate the account? I am trying to figure out the right time to activate the card. Thanks.

Frey (@guest_1847855)
May 21, 2024 19:05

Why would you wait to activate the card? The clock on the spend/statement dates started upon approval.

RiskandReward (@guest_1842412)
May 9, 2024 12:16

Venture X Biz PP restaurants just got axed… this card needs to HOLD the line!

hashedCelery (@guest_1838644)
May 1, 2024 22:38

Is Priority Pass Select benefit only for the first cardmember year?

mdacguy (@guest_1835998)
April 25, 2024 20:29

Looks to me this is a very good card at least for the first year. I was wondering why Doc didn’t add this one onto the best credit card sign-up bonus list.

Nitpicker (@guest_1834677)
April 22, 2024 21:29

Altitude Go minor change:
“You will earn 1 Point (2 Points total) for every $1 on grocery store, supermarket, gas station and electric vehicle charging station purchases. Effective September 9, 2024, grocery store and supermarket purchases at discount stores/supercenters such as Target and Walmart and wholesale clubs will be excluded. Gas station and electric vehicle charging station purchases at discount stores/supercenters, wholesale clubs and grocery stores/supermarkets will be excluded.”

Kevin (@guest_1833598)
April 20, 2024 04:34

Seems like this was suppose to be competitve against the Costco anywhere visa card previously. Yes, the costco card have no AF but you need to be a costco memeber which is 60-120/yr

Goodintheworld (@guest_1833297)
April 19, 2024 12:55

AF hit earlier this month. Assuming now AF refund unless I downgrade to the Go card, is there anything preventing a product change back to Altitude Connect after September?

Dylan (@guest_1832886)
April 18, 2024 18:26

I happen to have the US bank altitude go and the Altitude connect. In my account US bank takes my points from both cards and pools them into one. This means I can redeem points earned on both cards towards my altitude Go or my altitude connect.

As of now, no changes have been announced for the altitude go. This makes me wonder if after September 2024 one could simply earn points with the connect then redeem their points with another card that DOES have a 1cpp redemption option. If that was the case it would make this card pretty OP for a no AF product. But if US bank splits out the points or neuters to Altitude go, then that does kill that potential. I guess we won’t know until September.

Tommy (@guest_1832588)
April 18, 2024 11:03

does the streaming credit get removed right away?

Frey (@guest_1832598)
April 18, 2024 11:27

It looks like it. Seems kind of crappy to advertise there is a streaming credit if there’s no way you can get it since there is no time to complete it.

Nitpicker (@guest_1834683)
April 22, 2024 21:46

Maybe when the benefit ends they’ll grant some prorated amount for your streaming months. It’s not much but I would request it