[Update] Upside Gas App Review – Get Up To 50¢ Off Per Gallon

Update 4/26/22: Has rebranded from GetUpside to Upside (this is what it was previously called).

Update 3/4/22: SHOPPERS35 for 35 cents off 2 fill ups (ht dpaquett)

Update 7/12/21: New code COMEBACK6 works for 6¢

Update 6/2/21: New code 100mil for 10¢ off

Update 5/24/21: New code 7CENTBONUS, 7¢ off.

Update 4/30/21: new code Shopper20 – 20 cents on the next 4!

Update 2/29/21: New code: Now through 2/21/21, use promo code 21FOR21 to get a 21¢/gal bonus. That’s an extra 21¢ on top of whatever great offer you find. Hat tip to ieatdogfood

Update 12/31/20: Some extra promo codes (stackable):

  • UPSIDE7 7 cents extra
  • 20K20 20 cents extra
  • 20KSECOND. 5 cents extra
  • 20KPROMO. 5 cents extra
  • INSTACART20. 20 cents extra next 4
  • DOORDASH20. 20 cents extra next 4

Hat tip to reader Bill

Update 12/8/20: Looks like restaurants have been added as well. I’m sure this is powered by another back end, just not sure who powers it yet. Hat tip to reader Craig P

Update 9/24/20: Some extra promo codes (work for new and existing users, stacks with referral for new users):

  • 20K20 – 20 cents/gal off – expires 10/31
  • 20Kpromo – 5 cents/gal off – expires 10/31
  • Upside7 – 7 cents/gal off – no expiration

Hat tip to reader ieatdogfood

Update 5/17/20: Seems to be available in most states now, but not Wisconsin.

Update 5/16/20: You can get a $10 bonus when signing up through a referral. Person referring doesn’t get anything. You can find a referral by clicking here. Hat tip to Onsale


Upside Review

Using the app is fairly easy:

  • Open the app
  • Select an offer (the screen shows you both the price per gallon and the discount)
  • Pay with your regular credit card and take a picture of your receipt
  • Upload picture to Upside


Within a day or so of uploading the receipt, you’ll see the cash back available in your Upside account. You can cash out via check or Paypal. Check payments have a $5 minimum while Paypal cash out has no minimum. I was able to cash out a small ~$1 balance without a hitch.

Upside Credit

Aside from cash back on gas purchases at these gas stations, Upside also gives you a credit toward future purchases at the gas station location. These Upside Credits are more generous than the actual cash back discount, BUT they are much more restrictive in use and can be used only for specific items or services at the gas station. You might be able to use the credit for an oil change, for example.

The app will dictate on which goods or services the Credit can be used. After purchasing the specific item, you’ll upload a receipt of that purchase and then the Upside Credit will turn into real cash back via Paypal or a check.

A recent purchase of mine at a Sunoco gas station got me 8¢ cash back per gallon on around 6-gallon purchase for a total of $.48 back, plus I got 25¢ per gallon in Upside Credit for a total Credit of $1.50. The app gives me two options for using up the $1.50 credit: 1) get the $1.50 back as a rebate on an oil change, 2) purchase goods at the gas station convenience store and get 20% off the purchase by submitting the receipt. (Tobacco and gift cards are excluded.)

Pay careful attention to the cash back numbers you see in the app: the standard earnings are literally cash back, but the Upside Credit earnings have much more limited use, as noted.

Final Thoughts

Uploading receipts is always a pain. In this case, if you use a lot of gas and have a big tank, it could be worthwhile to use the app and get a couple dollars off each fill up. If you are able to easily use up the Upside Credit too (e.g. you regularly buy food items or do oil changes at your local gas station), the value proposal is much more.

They also have a business facing website that’s quite interesting if you’re into reading about their business model.

If you live in one of the participating states, I’d love to hear your feedback about the app in the comments. Is it worth the download or is it mostly just overpriced stations offering non competitive discounts?

Please do not share your referral codes in this post. Instead use this linked post.

Hat tip to Maximizing Money for making me aware of this app.

Post history:

Update 1/12/20: Some stations no longer require you to upload a receipt. They are identified by a blue lightning bolt next to them. Hat tip to FM

Update 12/30/19: All gas offers are at least 10¢/gal until 11:59 pm EST 12/31. Hat tip to reader Gadget

Update 12/16/19: Referral bonus has been increased to $7

Update 9/20/19: Another 1,200 stations have been added to TX & GA. Georgia is a new state as far as I’m aware. Hat tip to FM

Update 7/2/19: Another 1,000 stations have been added to the Midwest. Hat tip to FM

Update 3/25/19: Existing users can get an additional 7¢ off per gallon with promo code UPSIDE7. Looks like it only works for users that have used the app successfully/submitted receipt before it can be applied. Details on applying it can be found in this comment. Thanks to reader Gadget.

Update 1/6/19: Now available in more states, they have also expanded the number of gas stations they partner with. Hat tip to reader Gadget.

Upside is an app that allows you to get cash back on gas you purchase at select stations. They currently only have stations in the following locations: MD, VA, NY, NC, SC, DE, FL, TX, MI, WI, MO and DC.


[Updated 4/20/17]

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I’ve had issues with Discover Card for the last couple of purchases (DC is earning 5% x 2 this quarter). For the first, nothing tracked and Upside rejected it because there was no proof of purchase. I was able to interact with their helpful support to submit a receipt and other proof. Not entirely surprised, as the station was in the middle of nowhere.

But then I claimed/checked in/filled up at local station where it has tracked with Amex, and the history was, and still is, showing as ‘processing’. The offer still had the option to upload a receipt. I did that to be safe, and it appeared as a 2nd transaction which has now paid out. This is on the iOS app, not sure what is going on. The other transaction is still ‘processing’


Can I pay for gas with Amex gift cards and still get the discount?

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

Debit card or credit card only. Not PPC and GC.


I only have 1 promo code bock, can we really stack them.

using app goto profile and see 1 promo box.?


I signed up using a referral, and put in SNAP37 which is achieving the 50C off.

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

You 100% can stack them. You know where to get my list of codes…


But how do you Stack with one promo box in the app. Do i erase one and then add another. Just want to be sure before screwing up my existing code. Thanks.

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

Yes, you erase the existing code and press “Done”. Then open the Profile again and add another code. It saves them in the mysterious cloud… so you cannot reuse them, but they do stack.


Perfect. Just applied a few codes found on this thread and got it up to 1.11c off. Thanks for confirming the stack.

Standard 15% off from a referral
I think I missed another

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

The standard referral is 15 cents/gal (not %)… mine is 20 cents/gal. I got grandfathered to some better terms since I joined when they were in beta. I get 2 cents per gallon on my referrals purchases and 1 cent per gallon on my referral’s referrals purchases.

You missed:
SHOPPER10 – $10 back on Grocery.
7CENTBONUS – 7 cents/gallon on next fill-up.
COMEBACK6 – 6 cents/gallon on next fill-up.




I got $20 cashed out via plaid. Nice little find. However 2 of the 3 gas stations < 10 miles where out of Fing gas.

So this turned into a hunt sort of speak and nearly killed the deal with the extra miles time and inconvenience but not the fault of the app or program.

I found that the participating gas stations were more ran down than ones without. But gas and money is all the same.

Loren M
Loren M

How do you use a code to stack savings? I don’t see anywhere to add a code. I claim my gas offer and that’s it.


I put it in under ‘profile’. SHOPPERS35 for the win, after entering it and then looking at the map it shows 35 cents off your next two fill ups. Also I noticed there are now many more stations in my area with a discount. A few months ago it was only a couple stations so I had stopped using the app. Now even my grocery store gas station is on the app with a discount.

Dave S.
Dave S.

” Get Up To 50¢ Off Per Gallon (New Code Added) ”

So … what’s the new code ????

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

I think DoC forgot to adjust the title from the last refresh.

There is promo code SNAP37, but based on my experience, only works for accounts created in the last couple of months.



I haven’t used this at a gas station, only because the ones offered near me are all “off the beaten path” and even then the discount only brings it inline with my usual favorite or Costco.

The restaurants offered are mostly small local joints, only chain that I’ve seen is Burger King which has good offers that vary widely based on time of day. I think I’ve seen as high as 35% cashback at BK. I tried it once and it tracked the next day, pretty painless.


I’ve been saving a good amount using Shell Fuel Rewards stacked with trunow and my Citi Custom Cash 5% off.

Last fill up I got $0.40/gal off with FR, 0.5% cashback with trunow, and 5% cashback with CCC.
Before that I got $0.30/gal off with FR, 0.5% trunow, 5% CCC.

FR also gives me 2 AA miles per gallon purchased.

Would Upside compete with this at all? I see people saying they’re getting $0.50–$1/gal off but is that consistent, and with which apps/programs is it mutually exclusive?


If the FR discount shows on your receipt, Upside will deny you the bonus. You would still get your CCC.
There are occasional bumps in cash back, but the discounts are usually in the 10 cent range.

Birju Acharya

Yes. You don’t pay with the GetUpside app; instead, you accept the deal and use the app to attach your card. The petrol station you used will be listed on your credit card bill.


I joined Upside three years ago and my lifetime earnings are $219, but all are from gas discounts as there aren’t any participating grocery stores in my area and none of the restaurants interest me.

I make sure to check Gas Buddy to find the lowest price for the fuel type I want to buy, then compare that to the Upside discounted price and go with whichever is lower. The stations I use the most are automatic cash back and I don’t have to upload receipts. If you have participating stations in your area, it’s worth the download, along with Gas Buddy (which is also free).


now if they can take that $165 million in funding they got today (besides renaming to an original name) into making a stable app –