Posted by William Charles on March 18, 2017
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Published on March 18th, 2017 | by William Charles


Merrill+ Still Available Via Phone With Bonus

If you didn’t listen to us earlier and sign up for the Merrill+ card when the bonus was 50,000 points online (it was one of our top credit card offers when available), then you might still have a chance to get the card and the bonus. Reddit user aoechamp applied by phone (866-751-1257) and was told that the offer was 50,000 points after $3,000 in spend (the previous online offer).

They received their bonus, but only 25,000 points instead of 50,000 points. Apparently the offer has changed to require $2,500 in spend for 25,000 points rather than the $3,000 spend required for 50,000 points. Other reddit users that applied recently have also been told that they are enrolled in the 50,000 point bonus.

I suspect if you apply by phone and are told that you’ll receive 50,000 points you’d be able to get that offer by making a complaint. As always, whenever you make a phone call make sure you get a reference number for that call and write down exactly what you were told.

You can read our full review of the Merrill+ card by clicking here. You can also read our guide to redeeming points here.

203 Responses to Merrill+ Still Available Via Phone With Bonus

  1. Phone applications should still count for merging hard pulls, correct?

  2. Irshad says:

    Can I have my existing card open and open another one over the phone? I am not sure if I will get approved as I had to recon even for my first card last month.
    Any input would be appreciated.

  3. Carl says:

    Any idea if the situation is better if one has their investment portfolio already with Merrill Lynch? Would I benefit from having my broker work with me in applying for the card?

    • V says:

      I can’t say if it matters or not, but I can say that they seem to be more open to outsiders than Wells Fargo. I remember one or more family members getting rejected by WF despite good/great credit (it’s usually 750+ score when I do app-o-ramas). A family member recently got Merrill+ (750+ or perhaps 770+ score, I don’t have the exact number handy) but another member got rejected at 696 (XPN pull, Feb2017). No relationship with Merrill+. I think BoA cards (or the lack thereof) will be more important, other than the credit score and balances etc.

      The latter had had an apporama in July 2016 and was carrying more than $35k balance, all of it on 4 of the 5 new cards (all on 0% APR) which pushed them all to higher than 50% utilization but I just figured it doesn’t hurt to try. Pre-apporama July 2016 scores were 762-791 but BoA had denied a card at 791 XPN score in July 2016 citing “overdrawn bank account.” It was an account that wasn’t in use, was previously free and suddenly got monthly fees being charged.

  4. MarcoPolo says:

    25000 points after $2500 spend is not worth dinging my credit file.
    YMMV though.

  5. Adam D says:

    The bulls has been castrated…50k offer was awesome but I couldnt get approved. For 25k, youre better off going with US bank and flexperks since there are 4 cards to merge points from.

    • jf says:

      wouldn’t you say that us bank is harder to get approved for than this card? I mean BOA wouldn’t even touch me 2 years ago and they just gave me a 15k CL without siphoning away CL from my other card. Couldn’t get approved with WF, but definitely want to get in with US bank for sure!

      • Adam D says:

        I didnt have any problems with US bank on the amex gold and visa flexpoints with olympic promo, I froze ars and sagestream reports, which lead to me being auto-denied for the visa business flexpoints. I may unfreeze and apply for biz at a future point. BoA is eaier to be approved than US bank but depends how many cards you were approved with boa, I had 3 2 weeks before merill.

  6. sirtheta says:

    For what it’s worth, I could make the argument that a 25k bonus makes it much easier to maximize the value and get over $500 because this is $500+ off on any ticket over $500. (Whereas it’s harder to do with 50k points unless you’re booking two tickets or close to $500 flights.)

    • Div says:

      @Sirtheta: Are Merrill+ Visa Credit Card and other BOA credit cards (Travel Rewards CC, Alaska Air CC, etc…) consider as one family card?
      I want to combine the hard pull into one, so trying to understand.
      Also, I just called (866-751-1257)) and submitted an application over the phone. Rep said the bonus offer is 50k/3k currently. My application went to review, rep mentioned within 30 days they would inform me about my application decision.

      • sirtheta says:

        Applications for the Merrill+ go through BOA, so the pulls originate from the same agency as the Travel Rewards or Alaska card, and can be combined, yep.

    • kt says:

      since you’re a mad genius in math, can you dig up another 50k bonus link?

    • sirtheta says:

      addendum: that’s not to say that the 25k bonus is better – it’s $250 to $500 whereas the 50k bonus is $500 minimum in cash, so the latter is definitely better. it’s more that it makes it much easier to get 2 cpp 🙂

  7. Chris says:

    I’m still afraid of getting scrutinized and clawed back for suspected MS, in the vein of the recent Amex clawbacks, since this offer was apparently never supposed to be public.

  8. Gaurav says:

    Just called and the rep said that they needed a financial advisor code and an offer code to apply. Anyone else encounter that?

    • Gaurav says:

      So far three calls, they all state they can accept the application but no bonus without a source or offer code 🙁

      • irshad says:

        There was some comment in another thread about a priority code VACSTX
        Is it what you were asked?

        • Gaurav says:

          Thanks Irshad. I had given up but called again ready with the code. Apparently the sixth time was the charm. The agent offered me the bonus off the bat when I asked about the card and went ahead and completed the application without providing the code. I was bummed to have missed this and glad I was able to get an application in. Thanks DOC!

          • V says:

            I helped my sister apply for Merrill+ card today. We got lucky and got an agent on the first call who was familiar with 50k points the offer code (I forgot the particular term he used). The disclosures took a long time for him to read and I felt bad for him. He didn’t offer an email option for disclosure, similar to what Wells Fargo offers. The application has been submitted and is pending. CreditKarma TU 790, EFX 797.

  9. Terry says:

    I called today and got the offer of 50k for $3k spend. Agent had to trouble finding it.

  10. Onsale says:

    Just got my 50K bonus. What is the best way to spend it? I’m thinking statement credit.

  11. yhgfkj says:

    Onsale. did you apply by phone ?

  12. Adam D says:

    So is this 50kmiles/3k spend or 25kmiles/2.5k spend currently? I downloaded a call recorder app so if the reps do say 50k there will be evidence but getting conflicting iformation from here and reddit.

    • Seems like reps are saying the offer is still 50k/3k but YMMV.

      • Adam D says:

        Alright, Ill pull the trigger again (4+months after denial) and see what happens.

        • Eric says:

          In case you don’t know it’s illegal to record a phone call without the other person’s permission in some states.

          • Adam D says:

            I dont know if that would apply to a representitive of a corportation, also, theyre recording the call to begin with so it may be irrelevent that im doing the same legally.

          • Electroman says:

            If the other party says that *they* are recording the call, as is the case with most calls to banks, then you are free to record the call, and you do not have to provide any notice – after all, it is they who have provided *you* notice. This is true in all 50 states, including “two-party” states.

        • Adam D says:

          Applied this morning, approved this PM, csr said 3k/50kmiles, I will call once I get card to ensure its still 50k

  13. Kartik says:

    Can this be clubbed with Bofa travel and Alaska credit card to get a single hit on the credit score?

    • Anthony says:

      Yes. But there are multiple reports on reddit of BoA closing Merrill+ accounts of people who applied for multiple cards in one day. YMMV but be careful!

    • Adam D says:

      If you apply for more than merill+, make sure to call recon and get approved prior to applying for other cards. Other boa cards will be auto-approve and then the merill will be denied, it happened to me.

  14. Allen says:

    Jumped on the phone application after seeing this article. Agent confirmed the 50k/$3k offer with no issue. The app went to pending, and was told to check back in several days. Does anyone recommend hitting up a recon # to push this along or let it be and wait..? Applied Saturday morning.

  15. N says:

    I applied on Sunday. Also had no issues with 50K/3K offer. The app went to pending. I called the automatic app status checking # (866) 295-5137 this morning and was told that I’ve been approved.

  16. Helen says:

    Just called and applied by phone and confirmed the 50K/$3000 promo. Application went pending as well.

  17. Terry says:

    Approved with $10K cl and with my 9 or 10/24 I was a little surprised.

  18. Kody says:

    I called this morning and rep was not aware of the bonus at first. She put me on hold and then came back with information that the 50K/$3K spend promo was available.

    Application pending.

  19. Justin says:

    Seems like a lot of people are applying based on a verbal confirmation of the 50k points but no data points yet on actually getting that successfully.

  20. Kartik says:

    I tried calling the Merrill for a phone application but the agent asked be for a priority code? Does anyone know what that is or how to get one?

    • sirtheta says:

      The priority code from the application that BOA took down was VACSTX. I’m not sure if that means it is no longer active as a priority code.

      • Kartik says:

        This didn’t work, have tried twice. Let me ring them again hoping for 3rd time luck.

        • sirtheta says:

          Ack, I guess that means it’s no longer active as a priority code 🙁

          • Kartik says:

            Ok 3rd time lucky! No priority code asked. I think the trick is to tell them that ‘your friend told you about this card..’ rather than telling them you saw it online.

            My application is pending, should I call recon or wait a few days?

          • sirtheta says:

            With the web-based applications, it usually took a business day or so for them to make a decision. I’d wait it out & check with the online status tracker tomorrow 🙂

  21. Raju Mogulapalli says:

    I called and asked if this card still has 50k points offer and they said yes they can indeed see that offer there on their system and I applied yesterday evening over phone and got approved today morning.

  22. Daniel Lassiter says:

    Just called and got the offer. However the rep I spoke with did not mention the 50K bonus until I specifically asked. Not sure if she just missed it while telling me about the card or what. Has anyone gotten instant approval over the phone or is there a delay in the approval process? I was told that I would be notified via mail and I could call a number to check the status of the application but when I called right after it also said I would be notified via mail. Wondering if I need to call reconsideration.

  23. Nus says:

    If we get this card, is it a good idea to try to get another card off the same hard pull, or is that just asking for trouble? (And is the HP good for a day or a month or what?) Also if they cut down the credit line on our current BoA card(s) to make way for the new card, is that another hint that we shouldn’t push our luck trying to get another card? How many BoA cards can you have, these days, given that things are tightening up? If we only get 1 card now, how long should we wait until applying to them again?

    • If you’re instantly approved I’d go for it, otherwise no.

      • Nus says:

        Not instant. Apped this am, approved this pm. (Have Plat Hons if that’s a factor.) There are a couple more BoA cards I want to add, but I can get them later in the year, if being too hasty could make them claw back the card I just got.

        • Adam D says:

          I was denied 4 months ago, I closed a personal travel card and applied again today and was approved hours later. This is my 5th BofA credit card in less than 4 months and 8th in a year and a half, BofA is still the easiest bank to churn and get approved imo.

  24. Yet Another Redditor says:
  25. sam says:

    ok, just applied via phone – application is pending! The Rep said – this promo is on going – and we can apply online through bankofamerica and then find Merrill Lynch Card link – and promo will be attached. who want to try it go ahead. I cannot risk it.

    • If that’s true it’s odd they removed the bonus language from the application page

      • sam says:

        i didn’t find any page, can you share? thx
        He said there is no promo code – so any links will work fine and bonus will be attached – I cannot trust his words))

        • Chris says:

          If no one has found out about a supposed new public online offer, the CSR is probably telling you wrong information about the old, now-taken-down offer. CSRs often give wrong or outdated information. Churners frequently are more familiar with banks’ websites than the low-level bank employees are.

          • SamSimon says:

            It’s not new he said, he said it’s same link that people apply for this card just it won’t have the 50,000 bonus points language prior applying only after you applied I will see some bonus language…. he said I can get reference number (date, time) of our conversation if I won’t get the bonus, but then I told him I cannot find it, he said he is in different department “VIA phone DEP.” and he doesn’t know how to apply online…. he told to search to the application page….. I said, OK THANKS, but no, and I applied with him VIA phone – he said 50,000 points will be attached after I spend $3,000….. this way too crazy, funny, and idiotically…. he is telling me one thing, but doesn’t know how to apply online, but he sees the offer online on his end….. either he doesn’t know anything, or BoA doesn’t allow this dude’s Depart. to access online applications…. or he doesn’t see that online offer is dead, and link to apply for it maybe just frozen or pending for a while….

          • SamSimon says:

            but how is it possible – that offer is dead online, but you can apply via phone? I never heard about it…. people love to file online, very few will call…. and why they hide this offer and want only PHONE applicants?
            kind doesn’t make sense…

  26. lingua says:

    like recent comments above

    Called and applied via phone 3/22.
    CSR took a few minutes to confirm the 50k points (was unfamiliar with it at first it seems)
    about a 30 min. phone call, nothing tricky
    Went to pending/review and called in yesterday with recorded approval message 18k credit line.
    Noted reference # as recommended.

  27. BC says:

    I applied a couple months ago and went pending then through mail was told that I have enough BofA credit already extended. Called back for reconsideration and reviewed came back after a long wait with the same answer. I was told my credit score is 822. I have on Alaska card with $21k credit for my only BofA card. I am about 11/24. I thought there was no way they would not give me the card. Maybe I’ll try again.

  28. MarcoPolo says:

    Applied today over the phone after reading so many positive comments.
    Representative checked for the promo and confirmed that the Promo is, in fact, ongoing.
    He ask me how did I come to know about the promotion and I told him that my friend 🙂 recently applied under the promotion..
    Took me just over 20 minutes and everything went smoothly.
    He also gave me the Application reference # and the application status check phone # 1-866-295-5137 and suggested to call after 24 hrs.
    Glad that I could apply since I was kicking myself for not applying earlier online.
    Thanks DoC (as always) and everyone who contributed.

  29. Daniel Shamooelian says:

    Hi Will, I applied about a week ago and was approved under the 50,000 points after $3,000 spend. I received the card today and called CSR who said the bonus was 25,000 points after $2,500 spend….They said they would file an investigation to look into the recording….very disappointing how they can lie like this….I took down the agent name and reference number for the call…any tips on this?

    • Wait to see what they come back with first, you have better of options to escalate at a later date if needed.

    • eclipsor says:

      I also got a reference number just incase but I realized they gave me the reference number for the app instead of the actual phone call, hope that’s the same thing in case anything happens.

  30. Jake says:

    Do the points ever expire?

  31. eclipsor says:

    Phone app still works: Called today and when I gave him BAABZX code he was able to find the 50k after 3k spend offer. App went to 30 days though so we’ll see what happens.

  32. SamSimon says:

    credit card funding: – who cam confirm Merill+ count as cash advance or not?
    Thanks! I love you guys;)

  33. tinker25 says:

    Just called, phone app still working

  34. SamSimon says:

    Still works… BAABZX code

  35. TKB says:

    Thanks Doc. Applied today and approved after calling recon dept.

  36. A says:

    BAABZX worked for me too.

  37. Doug says:

    Applied yesterday, and code BAABZX works. However, I wasn’t approved even after calling recon. They said because I already have two credit cards with BofA and they are sufficient. Probably because I don’t spend much on those two cards.

  38. SamSimon says:

    Strange! I was approved 15 days ago 765 score and no any relationship with BoA and have credit history of 3 years oldest and 6 credit cards (total 10 cards within 24 months). BUT my brother has the same score and no relationship with BoA, same credit history and length and credit cards…..
    THEY reject his application – two times he called reconsideration
    THEY said: “YOU do not have a sufficient number of credit references and you have limited deposit and investment balances with us and our affiliates” – what does it mean – who knows )
    He said he got in savings total $11,000, I said I got $6,000……
    Either he is unlucky or they change the rules and now they filter people more strictly

  39. eclipsor says:

    DP: finally got my card in the mail, there’s an insert in the envelope mentioning the 50k/3k bonus offer. so hopefully it’s officially tied to my account and I won’t have to dispute getting only 25k

    • VK says:

      Had called in on Friday; application did not go through immediately. The analyst said that it might be reviewed because I am not a permanent resident.
      Called recon to check; said I was already approved. I already have 3 other BofA, so seeing some data points I had already decreased credit limits on 2. I ‘think’ that might have smoothed the process a bit.
      Wanted to check what are they pulling? I had applied for Barclay Arrival and Merrill+ together. Credit Karma already reported a TU pull for Barclay, but no pull reported yet for BofA.

  40. Brian says:

    I’ve already had one Merrill+ card and have spent the points on a couple of airline tickets on United and Alaska which won’t be completed until late June. Those trips show up in the “My Trips” section of the Merrill Lynch travel center when I log on. My account # on the Merrill Lynch travel center is the same as my credit card number. I’d like to cancel the Merrill+ card with the hope that maybe in a month or two I could reapply for it if they’ve still got the 50K offer going for folks who call in. If I cancel the card, will it impact the airline tickets I’ve spent the points on?

  41. Rafael says:

    I want to try this but I feel It’s too late. If I’m accepted, I’m at risk of them taking it away due to “business error”, and I’d be stuck with a hard inquiry for nothing. Or will the hard inquiry be removed? Anyone know?

  42. Rafael says:

    Ignore this comment. Just wanted to easily sign up to newsletter.

  43. Brian says:

    DP called in the 12 of April using the BAABZX code asked about the 50,000 point with 3k spend was confirmed. I just got my card today with the insert welcoming me to the card with a one time bonus of 50,000 for the 3,000 in purchases.

  44. Div says:

    I applied for both Merrill+ card and Alaska personal or the same day. Alaska got approved instantly for Merrill+ it took 2 days to get the approval. However, for both CC BOA pulled credit on the same day. But on my TransUnion report it shows 2 hard pulls. I was trying to get Chase UA card for 70K, as I can see this offer on my account, But now I am at 5/24. Is there anyway to confirm with BOA for what reason it shows 2 hard pulls? Any idea or suggestions?

  45. SamSimon says:

    ok, still works – sister just got approved.

  46. jz says:

    4/26/17: First time called in, I was told to provide Merill+ employee ID. I had to call in 2nd time to get the application done. The application is in pending status now.

  47. tinker25 says:

    among family memebers, all used BAABZX code phone app. The one applied 4/7, received mail insert of 50K bonus, the one applied in March, no 50K insert.

    Hope BoA sort it out, so no need to dispute the March apps

  48. JonO says:

    DP: Just applied this morning via phone and the CR confirmed the 50k/3k bonus. Went to pending and when I called in 3 hours later it was approved.

    Thanks Doc! Any thoughts on whether an Alaska app today might combine hard pulls since I wasn’t approved instantly, but was approved on the same day?

  49. Niner says:

    DP: Applied 5/1 via phone and the CR confirmed the 50k/3k bonus. Went to pending and when I called in today and it was declined.

    785, 2 BoA cards (incl Alaska), no BoA checking, no Merrill relationship

  50. Kevin says:

    DP: Applied 5/5 for Merill+ and Alaska. Approved Merill+, declined alaska. I’ve had both in the past, but canceled them in the past 2 months.

  51. crystal says:

    applied on 5/10, got approved, was told the card was closed by bank on 5/15. Opened 3 personal accounts early Feb, closed two of them in Apr. Only had one BOA credit card. Any idea what’s going on?

  52. WW says:

    DATA POINT – As of right now, BOA is still taking apps on the phone using the BAABZX code. Very easy. Been lightly abusing BOA for years. Churning 2-3 cards per year. App came back pending.

    Good luck.

  53. Pat says:

    Applied today using BAABZX over the phone and it went pending. I tried calling recon line but was impatient and hung up while waiting for a CSR after about 5 minutes. I then went ahead and was auto-approved for the BOA Alaska Airlines 30K personal with an online application. Then I figured I’d call the recon line again for the Merrill app. They reviewed with me on hold for ~5 minutes, came back and said I was denied. They saw that I just opened up that Alaska card and want to see some established record. (Background: I’ve had a BOA card since 2004 but it’s been inactive for about 8 years).

    Lesson Learned: If calling to have a human review. DO ONE CARD AT A TIME.

  54. Chris says:

    Does anybody know if they are still denying business credit card apps for not open a CD with them?

  55. Josh says:

    Applied 05/23. Denied due to “insufficient credit history”. My oldest card is from 2013. No BoA history before applying. May try recon again.

  56. Leifinseoul says:

    Data point:

    A family member applied using code BAABZX, however, was told that “the code had to come from someone who worked at ML – like a name or something to go along with it”.

    This person has no accounts with BoA or ML, as far as I know.

  57. Harry says:

    Applied by phone on 6/1 and approved on 6/2. Confirmed that the 50,000 point sign up bonus after $3,000 spend is still available (CSR read me the terms before I agreed to start the application).

    Didn’t have to use the BAABZX code. No other accounts with BofA or Merrill. Experian score 814.

  58. A says:

    Applied 4/12 via phone, verbally confirmed 50k points after 3k spend bonus. Bonus posted immediately after spend was reached. Confirmed today.

  59. Brian says:

    Applied by phone for 2nd card (cancelled first one a couple weeks ago) today. Confirmed 50K point intro offer. Didn’t have to use BAABZX code. Agent asked me how I heard about the offer, and I said a friend.

    Application went to pending.

  60. Sami says:

    thanks for writing about this DoC. we didn’t see it showcased anywhere else (probably doesn’t get the ad dollars the other blogs drool over) but kudos to you for spotlighting it. my wife applied for this card a few months ago and was approved instantly. she has excellent credit though we are both modest income earners.

    we just cashed in 50k points (we have 3k left) for our summer vacation. two direct, roundtrip Jetblue flights from JFK to Albuquerque where we’re going to drive to Santa Fe and then Telluride for a week with family. we didn’t get max value for the points but the 2 flights came to about $850 and were exactly the dates we were looking for (we didn’t really have much flexibility).

    anyway, it’s pretty awesome. we even were able to use our TrueBlue points to upgrade to EvenMore Space seats. we didn’t pay any taxes and fees for the flights plus we’ll earn True Blue points which is cool too.

    and the fact that there is no annual fee on the card means my wife can keep the card and not worry about racking up an annual fee.

    anyway, this card isn’t the sexiest card out there but i just wanted to comment to say thank you so much for telling us about this card. we wouldn’t have found with you. so thank you

  61. Tom says:

    applied over the phone with the code, the rep found the offer right away and confirmed it was 50k. she asked if i knew a merrill employee. when i said she didn’t she said it wasn’t a problem. got pended and called recon right away, who reviewed my credit reports and approved on the spot.

  62. JoeShmoe says:

    First time I called, was told that it was an online-only invitation offer and I couldn’t get the 50k even with the offer code.

    Called back, the new rep knew about the offer, didn’t ask for the offer code, and I was able to apply for the card with 50k bonus.

  63. Jeremy says:

    DP: called the number from this post last night, was offered the 50k bonus before I even asked. Decision took 1 day.

  64. Sparky says:

    I called a week ago and the rep didn’t know about the offer. I gave him the BAABZX code. He didn’t know how to look it up or his coworker. The card came with an insert offering the 50k points.

  65. lorem ipsum says:

    I’m considering applying for the Merrill+ and Alaska Airlines cards on the same day. Is there any reason to apply for one before the other? Or does the order not matter?

    • V says:

      The first one will be a safer bet so whichever you desire more should be the first. The Merrill+ offers a potential of $1000 so I would value it over Alaska. I got about $750 worth of points redemption on one card and perhaps a little more on another family member’s card.

      • lorem ipsum says:

        Applied for Merrill+ by phone today. Told the rep I heard about the card from a friend. She then checked a database to see whether BofA had sent me a mailer. It came up empty, and then she told me about the 50K point signup bonus. App went to pending, and I called recon an hour later. Rep did not ask me any new questions; she asked for the same info that I had given during the application. Long hold, then approved with $18K CL.

        Next I applied online for Alaska, and it went to pending. I’ll give this one some time, as I wasn’t sure whether BofA would look favorably on two recon calls on the same day.

        No current BofA accounts or cards (closed one account and one card four years ago), 10/24. Credit scores 790-820. I shouldn’t have cancelled that card. It had no annual fee and had been open 21 years, but I was disappointed with how they handled a dispute on the checking account and I cut all ties with them. I can only plead ignorance, as I hadn’t gotten into the game yet.

        • Becareful with opening additional bofa cards after opening Merrill+ some Merrill+ cards have then been shut down (approved in error”) and it seems like this might be the cause.

          • lorem ipsum says:

            I just checked the online status checker, and the Alaska card was approved. I wasn’t sure if I could log into my account, as I closed my checking and credit cards with them four years ago. I was able to see the Merrill+, but not Alaska, in my account. Hoping both cards can avoid being shut down.

  66. V says:

    The Merrill+ card with 50k points is still available on the phone as of today (6/20/17).

  67. Jake N says:

    I applied last night (6/20) over the phone. Agent knew about the bonus, didn’t require a code.

    Was sent to pending because my EXP and EQX reports are frozen. I called recon at 866-224-8555 and was approved for $5k by requesting that they use TransUnion.

    5 new account in 2017
    10 new accounts in last 12 months

    Most recently closed two Alaska cards in mid-October.

  68. Willie says:

    Applied went to review. Called recon and denied. To many recent account closures, no assets at Merrill. Oh well. At 5/24 now. They were looking for a reason not to open. I recommend do not call recon.

  69. Electroman says:

    I applied on the phone today (6/21/2017). The agent read the offer to me without prompting; she asked for a code and I didn’t have one, but that wasn’t a problem. At the end of the call she said that they would make a decision and respond by mail within 30 days!

    Needless to say, I called recon and was approved after a very short cursory glance at my app from a “senior credit specialist”.

  70. Jeff says:

    I just called 866-224-7803 and spoke with Carolyn. She said they don’t take applications over the phone and said I’d have to apply with a Investment broker through Merrill. I’ll try calling back later to see if I can get a different person.

  71. Adam says:

    I applied 6/23 with code BAABZX, called 866-751-1257. Went to pending.

    Called 20 minutes later to recon line at 866-224-8555. The first rep connected me with an credit analyst, and I was approved for 18K CL within 5 minutes.

    History with BoA: 1 approval(Alaska Air) 12/2016, 1 denial Merrill+ 12/2016.

  72. JW says:

    6/26 Applied without code, just asked if there were any offers, and the rep was familiar with the 50,000 point offer for 3,000 spend. Took about 20 minutes over the phone and the application went to pending.

    Called in a few hours later at recon line, took 5 minutes, EX was frozen told them TU was available and they were happy to use it, approved for $21,000. Have preferred rewards platinum with boa already with a year old Travel Rewards card. TU score from BoA was 803

  73. Dillon Welch says:

    6/27 Called and got a rep who seemed a little out of it (didn’t know what a sign up bonus was!), originally asked for a code and I gave the BAABZX one, that didn’t work but I told him the name of the card and he was able to find it and I applied and it went into pending. Called recon and was approved for $7500.

  74. Ram says:

    Applied on 24/06/2017 on phone, using the application code BAABZX, representative confirmed the bonus.
    Application went to review, and approved on 27/06/2017 (1-2 business days)

    Applied for Pink Ribbon at the same day, 24/06/2017, online. Rejected.

    Can confirm one inquiry for both applications was pulled.

  75. Rab says:

    Hello, do these points ever expire?
    Please let me know. Thank you.

  76. Eduardo Baez says:

    On 06/16/2017, called 866-751-1257 and was able to apply by providing BAABZX code. Application went to pending status.
    On 06/19/2017, called 866-224-7803 reconsideration phone number and got approved by reallocating credit limits from one of my existing Bank of America credit cards.
    On 06/26/2017, $3,000 minimum spending requirement was met.
    On 06/29/2017, 50,000 bonus points plus the regular 300 points posted.

  77. Justincase says:

    Does this card have a 0% intro APR at all? I can swing the 3k but would like to know just in case. Thanks.

  78. chris a says:

    Is this still working?

  79. Amanda says:

    I recently called, used the promo code BAABZX and was told the offer was still for 50K. Got denied after a day or so due to already having a BofA card with 40K limit. But called recon and moved 5K from old card to merril card and was approved. Yippee!

  80. Steven says:

    Offer is still available. Applied today (7/20/17) via phone using the BAABZX code and was approved after recon.

  81. Klad says:

    I have a BOA Checking and a 2+ year Cash Rewards card (not much used) with them, FICOs between 730-750. Does anyone know if they approves non-residents without GC for this card? This is the only thing holding me to apply for this one before they pulls out the bonus.

    • Klad says:

      Applied by phone using BAABZX code with EX frozen. Called recon and requested if they pull from TU instead and was approved instantly with 10K limit. TU FICO 737, only 2 inquiries and 1 in last 12 months.

    • Klad says:

      I have a cash rewards card with them with a messy 1700 limit compared to my overall credit (~130K). Does anyone know if I request a CLI on my existing Cash Rewards, the hard pull can be combined with the one used for approving the Merril+ today?

  82. Camsam says:

    Called and asked about the offer. Was not asked to provide any code. Went ahead and applied , went into pending.

    Called Recon line and was told that I have too many accounts opened in the last two years and was denied just for that reason. Credit Score : 731 as per agent and perfect credit report.

    Hard Pull wasted. Any suggestions ??

    • Camsam says:

      UPDATE: Called Recon again and was approved with $5k limit. Just said that few of my inquiries were due to mortgage and was approved .

    • MM Austin says:

      How many credit cards you have opened in last 2 years?

      I have 5 opened in last 2 years including 1 Closed CC and 1 Canceled Add-On CC. (Chase Denied CSR in March). Wondering if Merill will approve this one. I have no existing relation with Merill or BoFA.

      • Klad says:

        BOA has nothing to do with 5/24, its Chase. You should be fine if you do not have anything bad on your file and have a good FICO.

  83. MT says:

    Another DP:
    – Applied 7/8 via phone, provided the code, when asked I noted I heard about the offer from a friend.
    – Received denial 7/17; stated reason was adequate credit extended (I have one other BoA card with a $5k CL). Called recon that same day.
    – Approved 7/25 with $5k CL.

  84. PJ says:

    I want to do this, but Chase already seems to think someone is opening fraudulent accounts in my name, probably an indication I need to slow down… decisions, decisions.

  85. Daniel says:

    It looks like one of the recon team BSed me. Declined with 2nd Merrill with the reason of sufficient CL . When I asked if I could transfer some existing CL from other boa cards I have, the recon lady said she cannot do that since Merrill + is considered different product line from other cards I have (cash rewards, Alaska, and TR).
    I lowered my existing CL before 2nd recon. Recon told me their decision was based on the credit report they pulled already, which means my lower CL makes 0 efforts.
    Well, I cannot recon anymore as I have no CL to transfer with right now. SOL

  86. DKW says:

    I applied August 1st over the phone, and had to specifically reference the offer for the service rep to find it – “The card where you get 50000 travel points when you spend 3000 in 3 months”.

    I was informed my application had been referred at the end of the call, and was given a website to check the status of the application. To my surprise I checked today and I have been approved.

    Credit Score: ~730
    BankAmericard Cash Rewards Visa Signature: $8,000 limit (no balance)
    Merrill Edge brokerage account with a $0 balance

  87. RJ says:

    I also called on Aug 1, gave code BAABZX as some have indicated. The guy knew what offer it was, but was very confused. He kept asking for employee number, and other reference numbers that I didn’t have.

    He finally told me to call the local branch and get these numbers, and then call back. I didn’t like that, so I just called back later. This time I didn’t give the code, and the lady just said,”no problem” and walked me through the whole application.

    She said it went into 30 day review, but when I checked it on the website today, Aug 3, it was already approved! Thanks to DOC and the other posters here!

  88. HL says:

    Applied through phone on Aug 10th, with code BAABZX. Approved on Aug 11th.

  89. Stephen says:

    Applied by phone Aug 17. Offer 50k points 3k spending.

    I have a BoA card with 5k CL, credit karma score 806

    I was declined same day.

    Any tips for using the reconsideration phone line?

    • Nopers says:

      Make sure you very clearly say you want your application “reconsidered”.

      I just had a whole conversation about moving my credit line, the assets I have there, what was wrong with the application, etc. but somehow the rep didn’t register it as a reconsideration call until I literally said that word, despite the fact that we had talked all about it.

      You must say “reconsider” verbatim for them to start the process. It’s ridiculous. (I was declined anyway.)

  90. BlueEyes_Austin says:

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Applied on phone; two existing ancient BOA cards and a Merrill IRA. Went to pending but the phone app had my wrong DOB. Called to get this fixed 10 minutes after applying and they fixed it and approved with a 17K limit.

  91. titiex says:

    Hi, can the hard pull from this application be used also for a CLI in the better balance cards?

  92. titiex says:

    Applied today and denied because I dont use the two better balance rewards. Only 2 cards with BoA both 9 yrs old, and they said I have enough cards .. oh well :/

    • Chuck says:

      Hmm, wow, that is strict. I thought it was (soft) limit 4, and I thought it only counted more recent cards.

      • titiex says:

        i thought so their defense those two cards only see a $1 amazon reload and netflix on the other. Tried recon twice already, tried moving credit around but they keep saying no. They said they cant reallocate the credit since the card has to be approved first for they wont approve it cause they feel i have enough credit lines with them..
        At least this leaves me still at 3/24 so gonna try hit chase again (I just saw great value for this bonus since i mostly fly jetblue)

  93. Vince says:


    1st card approved 2/23/17

    Applied for 2nd card 9/1/17

    Approved 9/5/17

  94. Summer says:

    What is the cash back offer associated with this card?

  95. BR says:

    Applied via phone. Code BAABZX brought up 50K bonus offer no problem. Application referred to credit analyst.

  96. Aegan says:

    Applied via phone today after reading so many good reviews without any Code. The application got approved in 2 hours, hopefully they honor the 50K points. Still the card looks slick though!

  97. Craig says:

    Received the card today after being approved on 9/5. The welcome package has a promotion flyer on which written in bold about the 50K offer after $3000 spend in first 90 days. So its official from the bank and they are honoring the points mentioned on the phone at the time of applying.

  98. James says:

    I applied for this card and the alaska biz on the same day 9/13. Received double hard pulls. I was denied on both, but successfully reconned M+ with a $5K limit. Unfortunately, they pulled my credit report AGAIN today on 9/15…leaving me with 3 hard pulls on TU.

    Can I dispute and get the last hard pull removed? Any recourse?

    I also want to recon the alaska biz…will BofA perform another hard pull?

  99. David says:

    Just tried signing up for this, was sent in circles several times. Bounced between BoA, Merrill, and an automated system.They don’t seem to want anyone to get the card any more, please let me know if anyone else finds a way.

  100. ES says:

    Just dropping a DP:

    applied on 9/18, was pending for a few days, then denied. Called recon at 888 503 6091 and was approved with 5k line. No prior affiliation with BoA or Merrill. 6/24 at time of application. CS ~700.

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