[Expired] Moomoo Invest – Sign Up With $5,000 Deposit & Get $320-$460 Value

Update 4/18/24: See updated Moomoo signup offer in this post

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Update 7/15/23: Bonus lowered from $100 to $50, details here on Moomoo. The other components are pretty much the same with a few other minor changes, detailed here.

Update 7/10/23: Moomoo Brokerage For Existing Users: Get $100 With $1,000 Deposit

Update 7/3/23: Extended until July 16.

Update 6/18/23: Signup offer is now $100 + a share of TSLA or GOOG + 15 stocks when depositing $5,000 for 60 days. Details here. There’s also a referral offer whereby the referrer gets $300 and the new member gets $50. That’s in addition to the other bonuses. So it should land up around $320 if you get the Google stock or around $460 if you get the Tesla stock. I’m not sure how it gets decided which you get. (Hat tip to readers Lindsay and Shawn)  Readers say it’s best to open the referral link on a mobile device, not on a PC.

Update 4/5/23: Sign up and get up to 15 stocks worth $3 – $2,000

  • Open account, get one free stock
  • $100 – $999.99, get five free stocks
  • $1,000+ and get 15 free stocks.

Update 11/26/21: You currently get five free stocks and one share of $LCID worth $~51. LCID is awarded after depositing $100+. The other stocks are based on the following:

  • Open brokerage account to get 1 free stock worth $3-$3,500.
  • Deposit any amount to get 1 free stock worth $9-$3,500.
  • Deposit $2,000 to get 3 extra free stocks worth $9-$3,500 each.

Person referring you also gets one LCID share.

Hat tip to reader Matt I

Update 1/30/21: You can now get up to eight stocks:

  • When you open an account and your net deposit reaches $100, you will get 2 free stocks up to $200.
  • When your net deposit reaches $1500, you will get 2 extra free stocks up to $1000!
  • When your net deposit reaches $5000, you will get 4 extra free stocks up to $1000!

Update 3/4/2020: You can now get up to three freebies:

  • Sign up for a new account and get a stock worth $4 – $200
  • Make your first deposit of $500+ and get another stock worth $10 to $1,000
  • Transfer $3,000+ worth of stocks to Moomoo before March 10th and get a free stock card worth $100

Hat tip to DDG

Update 11/6/19: Deposit bonus is back, you get another free stock when you deposit $100+ and keep it for 30 days. Valid until 12/9/19. Hat tip to reader Brian C

Update 8/26/19: Deposit bonus no longer being offered

[Update 7/18/19: They now are offering (YMMV?) to get another free stock when you invest $100 and keep it there for 30 days. You can access this in the moomoo app by going to the ‘Me’ tab, then ‘Deposit Bonus’. (ht Ryan Goldstein)


The Offer

  • Moomoo is a new app that lets you trade U.S. Stocks, ETFs, ADRs, and Options with no commission fee. When you sign up for a Futu trading account in app you’ll also get a free stock worth $3-$200, you can also refer friends and you’ll both receive a stock worth $3-$200 when they sign up for an account.

Our Verdict

This does have SIPC insurance. Personally I don’t think it’s worth giving all these apps personal information like this for what will likely be $3 but others might disagree. Feel free to share your referrals in the comments below, but only leave your link once.

Hat tip to Maximizing Money

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Lulu (@guest_1640109)
June 22, 2023 23:01

Signed up using Kyle ‘s link below. I downloaded the app immediately after signing up. The account was pending at first and took about 10 minutes to be approved and appear on the app.

My referral link is below. Many thanks if you use it!


Every Sperm is Sacred
Every Sperm is Sacred (@guest_1640078)
June 22, 2023 22:19

Just wanted to check to see if I’m all alone or not. I hope I didn’t break the app. =)
Seems like I have an issue when I navigate to:
Me tab->Invite Friends->History->You will see all the codes, and you can click on the down arrow for a limited time offer code to see your referrals for each code..,….
most User IDs say “Referred” next to the ID and but a couple say “Followed” next to the ID.
I’ve contacted CS but no response back yet from the research team looking at this.
Feel free to contact me via this post if you used my referral link and want to check up on the status of your referral.
1 of the 2 individuals with this issue I’ve been in contact with already as a friend inside the app (thanks for your efforts thus far around this and hope it all sorts itself out).

Every Sperm is Sacred
Every Sperm is Sacred (@guest_1640095)
June 22, 2023 22:35

I contacted chat again was told that “Followed” under the referral code means that they didn’t use the code successfully. They either opened their account by another channel, or already opened their account then applied the code.

Every Sperm is Sacred
Every Sperm is Sacred (@guest_1640134)
June 22, 2023 23:54

My suspicion is that most who have this status applied via PC and it just didn’t track right.
I would say for those in this situation where the referral didn’t track due to PC application….if you took screenshots, it may be worth contacting CS and asking to submit your evidence. I used 007 link and it didn’t track. I am asking if I can submit screenshots. I’ll keep folks posted if this is successful. It is a long-shot I think but there may be a little bit of hope in getting credit for referrals that didn’t track properly via PC application.

Mark (@guest_1640033)
June 22, 2023 19:50

Just signed up using Kyle’s link below and ACH pulled from Fidelity. One nice thing about a Fidelity brokerage account is that there is a default core position (SPAXX, or SPRXX, FZDXX etc. with near 5% interest) allowing you to earn interest on uninvested cash balances. Fidelity is my bank these days for direct deposit, bills and free ATM use worldwide.

Moomoo does not have this feature. I plan to try a little day trading with moomoo and its level 2 data. Or buy SGOV (iShares 0-3 Month Treasury Bond ETF) if it is too much for me. Below is my link. Thanks.


Jay (@guest_1640021)
June 22, 2023 19:19
Sherry (@guest_1639994)
June 22, 2023 18:29

Used a referral link posted here. Feel free to use my referral link. Thanks in advance!

Joan (@guest_1640027)
June 22, 2023 19:45

Hi Sherry! I used your link and my account is “in review.” Good luck with everything! _J_

RoyalGreen (@guest_1639990)
June 22, 2023 18:18
Adam (@guest_1639938)
June 22, 2023 16:14

Has anyone seen data points (DPs) of people receiving the signup bonus (SUB) from moomoo in the past? I’ve never heard of this company before and want to make sure people have received bonuses in the past. Much appreciated!

Eric (@guest_1639942)
June 22, 2023 16:22

I and many others signed up when the referral bonus was much smaller. They definitely do pay out as I received my free stocks back then.

Kyle (@guest_1639913)
June 22, 2023 15:11

I just signed up using Steve’s link from below ( Steve ). Got the confirmation that account was successfully opened after about 15 minutes.

My link is here, thank you to anyone who uses it: https://invite-code.moomoo.com/share?code=VF9JBDDM&inviter=73658620&global_content=%7B%7D&channel=4&subchannel=

Lulu (@guest_1640111)
June 22, 2023 23:04

I used your link. I did apply from my phone and hope it did track. Although I’m a bit confused because on the “Invite Friends” page on the app, there’s an “Enter referral code” box.

EDDY (@guest_1639849)
June 22, 2023 13:35

why is my link being deleted?

PFJ (@guest_1639828)
June 22, 2023 13:13

I used payyoutuesday ‘s link. Please sign up with moomoo via my referral link and you can receive 16 FREE shares and cash rewards! https://j.moomoo.com/00yEkJ