Posted by William Charles on December 7, 2018

Published on December 7th, 2018 | by William Charles


MoviePass To Offer Three Different Plans In 2019

MoviePass has announced that on January 1st, 2019 they will be moving to a new system where subscribers will be able to choose from three different plans. Plans will be as follows:

  • Select ($10-$15 per month depending on the area you live in). Provides three movies per month, current restrictions on what movies can be seen applies (aka we will randomly let you see a movie sometimes, maybe).
  • All Access ($15-$20 per month depending on the area you live in). Provides three movies per month, you can see these whenever you want as long as it’s a standard screening (e.g no 3D).
  • Red Carpet ($20-$25 per month depending on the area you live in). Provides three movies per month, one of them can be a premium screening (e.g 3D)

My faith in MoviePass not changing these plans in the near future is zero. People signed up for three movies per month a long time ago and MoviePass has done nothing but add restrictions in place to make it near impossible to use. Other movie subscription plans like Sinemia are no better.

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Are we taking bets on how soon after 1/1/19 MoviePass starts making changes to these plans? I say before 2/28/19.

Lord Rupert Everton
Lord Rupert Everton

I cancelled this trash service a while ago when they started cutting the available movies and they just keep justifying my hatred. At least I got a ton of value in the early 10 dollar unlimited days. If you have AMC theaters nearby I would recommend their A list plan, 20 bucks for 3 movies a week, no limit on premium screenings, reserve tickets through the app instead of within 100ft of theater, free upgrades on drinks and popcorn, more bonus points, generally not being treated like trash by theaters for using a subscription service (was once literally called a scammer for trying to switch to a different time/cheaper ticket because I accidentally checked in to the wrong time on moviepass app). Ive been way happier with it so far and now that moviepass is increasing fees there is no good reason not to switch if it is viable in your area.

Accidentally, lol I do this all the time, works like a charm 🙂

In my area it’s completely useless. Matinee is $6 so these plans don’t save me much even if I go up to the max of 3 movies a month.

outside of living in an AMC area, not sure why you wouldn’t just use AMC? Even leaving their history aside, these new MP plans are garbage.

The AMC theaters around us are all Carmike conversions that haven’t been updated.

Same in PA.

I think I’ll (movie) pass. I know-bad joke.

MoviePass is the worst. It is 11am and there are “no more screenings” at any movie theater within 45 minutes. I signed up in April for an annual “any movie, any time” plan, and this is what I have now. How have these people not been buried by a class action suit?

Dispute your charges with your Credit Card company. Im sure they will refund you. I’ve seen numerous slickdeals users do that a whil eback.

I’m probably gonna buy the year plans for Christmas (100 a year for the all access in my area). Would any card protect me if they change the T&C? I looked at the chargeback post but it looks like I won’t get coverage beyond 3 months max?

Any suggestions? (I have a chase freedom, a basic barclaycard rewards card but I could use a family members card and they have discover, capital one etc.) Just trying to figure out the best way to make sure change of T&C doesn’t make my gift useless lol

It looks like these new plans, currently, only accept payment via ACH bank draft and do not accept any cards. MoviePass also shows clearly during purchase that it is Non-Refundable and they will not refund after purchase, so you won’t have much in the way of refund/chargeback protection.

The danger of giving a POS company like MoviePass access to your bank account is that stopping that is much harder than just changing a credit card number or doing a dispute. It’s interesting that they are not even trying a VISA/MC debit card number. The fact that they are trying to use ACH basically means that even their merchant processor won’t support their new efforts.

I’ve disputed transactions on my Citi Double Cash long after 3 months.

Dan - Legal Bank Robber
Dan - Legal Bank Robber

Sometimes its okay to give up, MoviePass really just needs to go away.

Still waiting for my re-activation on the Unlimited Plan I was told I’d receive via email…

If u live in an AMC are A-list is the way to go

Come on people. I live in the area with 2 AMC (20) next to me. I can still see any movie I want. I just buy ticket to a movie that is available that day and then go see any other movie I wish. Once you are inside the theater, noone checks. Considering these movies can run at $16 per movie, its still a great deal. It is true its a bit harder to use but as long as you have Multiplex near you, its fine. Its also possible to buy a ticket and then return it for cash and then buy a different one or just exchange it for a different ticket at the customer service window if you really want to game the system :).

This might be good for the moment, but what if MP decides to bring back ticket photo verification?

The only payment option that I could see is using a bank account and routing number… so no credit card payments. That means if they do some mischief midway, we cannot even do a chargeback with our credit card and get stuck with MoviePass.

I doubt they’ll change those plans since they’re not really saving people money. I’d expect a lot of cancellations instead.

Complete trash service. I received a full refund through Costco, but my Moviepass account remained active. There are never any movies playing at any local theaters through the app. I wish the company would die already.

No matter how tempting it may seem, avoid MoviePass on principle alone. They’re a POS company with zero regard for their customers, they change terms on a whim, and they’re perpetually unstable.

You’ve been warned. It’s a complete joke.

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