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myFICO no longer uses promo codes.

myFICO has a promo code field that can be filled out whenever you purchase any of their scoring products such as “score watch” or “3-report-view” to reduce the price of the product. myFICO promo code

myFICO working promo codes For July, 2017


myFICO discontinued promo codes

The following codes will likely no longer work, you can try them if for whatever reason none of the above work.

  • E1406SUM203BS $12 off three score view (usually $59.85 now $47.85)
  • E1402BDY20FST $4 off any single FICO score (usually $19.95, now $15.95)
  • E14023RV203BS $7 off FICO® Score 3-Report View (usually $54.85, now 47.85)
  • 30% off all credit reports/scores: SW_SUB_DISCOUNT (only works for Equifax currently)
  • E1311BDY20FST – $4 off FICO standard scores (Usually $19.95, $15.95 with this discount)
  • E1312BDY20FST – $4 off FICO standard scores (Usually $19.95, $15.95 with this discount)
  • E1401BDY20FST – $4 off FICO standard scores (Usually $19.95, $15.95 with this discount)
  • E1406SGL20FST $4 off any individual myFICO score (usually $19.95, now $15.95)
  • S1403STL20FST $4 off any individual myFICO score (usually $19.95, now $15.95)

Know of a working code? Let us know in the comments.

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The web cancellation was not visible on my previous/last subscriptions. Always had to call to cancel subscription.
I always went with the Ultimate3B subscription ($29/month) because that provides all Fico scores from all bureaus and monitoring. I used that to get a snapshot on my current scores especially scores for loans, which you usually don’t easily get anywhere.


thanks for posting! i haven’t purchased mine yet, but ebates is offering $5 cashback!


the S1403STL20FST code worked. thx!


The 10 day Score Watch offer says you have to buy 3 months, and only the first one is at 4.95. Can you still cancel it after a few days, without having to pay for the other two months?


I tried using “E1406SUM203BS $12 off three score view (usually $59.85 now $47.85)” from the June 2014 codes but it says it is not a valid promo.