Posted by William Charles on November 19, 2013
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Published on November 19th, 2013 | by William Charles


How To Cancel The Trial

Cancel Online

  1. Sign into the members area. There is link in the top toolbar of every page that says “Log In”, the home page also has a large “Member Login” option.
    cancel myfico my subscriptions - log in
  2. Click “My subscriptions” in right sidebar, it’s found under “Account settings”.
    cancel myfico my subscriptions - my subscriptions
  3. Scroll to the subscription you want to cancel and click “Cancel subscription” which is found under “What do you want to do”.
    cancel myfico my subscriptions - cancel subscription
  4. Receive cancellation confirmation
    Cancellation confirmation

Cancel By Phone

  1. Call 188-577-5978 from 6AM to 6PM (Pacific Time), or Saturday 7AM To 4AM
  2. Inform them you’d like to cancel your Score Watch or Quarterly Monitoring program.
  3. Give the operator the requested information
  4. Request a confirmation number

When cancelling by phone, the operator may try to get you to not cancel by offering a special rate or extended trial period. If you decide to accept these terms, make sure they send out a copy of these by mail. Do not feel pressured into keeping your account if you want to cancel. It’s also a good idea to check what myFICO promo codes are available before you accept a discount over the phone, as they may be better than those offered.


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