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Published on May 22nd, 2018 | by William Charles


Negative Changes Coming To Chase Sapphire Reserve (No More 3x On $300 Travel, Priority Pass Limited To Two Guests & Price Protection Removal)

Update 05/21/18: Cardholders should have received an e-mail about these changes. Conveniently Chase has listed them below “NEW! ENHANCED ULTIMATE REWARDS”. That includes things like travel packages and last minute hotel deals. I suspect there will be zero value there and this was just an attempt to try and lead with some positive changes and hide the real negative effects of the changes they are making.

Originally the first blog to post this on 05/05, we’re just reposting this incase people missed it over the weekend. There was also the announcement/leak of the Chase Ink Business Unlimited card.

Chase are planning to make three negative changes to the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, in early May customers will be notified officially of these changes and on August 26th the changes will go into effect. The changes are as follows:

  • Cardholders will no longer earn 3x points on travel purchases that qualify for the $300 annual travel credit (my understanding is that these purchases will earn 0 points)
  • Priority Pass select access will be limited to two guests per visit. A fee of $27 will be charged for additional guests
  • Price protection will no longer be available

We’ve known about the price protection change for some time. The 3x on travel credit change basically means all cardholders will get 900 less points annually (as you really should be maxing out that $300), worth a minimum of $9 in cash back or $13.50 when using for travel through the portal or even more if transferring to travel partners. The lounge access will be a big hit for families or anybody who travels in large groups. Below is a table of what other premium cards priority pass access is like

 Free Access# Of GuestsAuthorized UsersMobile AppAnnual fee
American Express PlatinumYesTwo guests freeYes (normally $175 for three additional cardholders)YesVaries ($550 normally)
Chase Ritz-CarltonYesNo limit*Yes (no fee)No$450.00
Chase Sapphire ReserveYesNo limit* (from August 26th a two guest limit will apply)Yes ($75 per cardholder)Yes$450.00
City National Bank Visa InfiniteYesNo limit*Yes, doesn’t have to be authorized^Yes$400
Citi PrestigeYesTwo guests or immediate familyYes ($50 per cardholder)Yes$350-$450
Hilton Honors Ascend10 free visits, then $27 per visit$27 per guest (can use the 10 free visits)NoYes$95.00
Business Hilton Honors10 free visits, then $27 per visit$27 per guest (can use the 10 free visits)NoYes$95
Barclaycard Gold & BlackYesNo limitUnknown ($195 for black & $295 for gold)?$495, $995
U.S. bank Altitude ReserveFour free visits for primary cardholder, four free for guests then $27No limit*No?$400
Hilton Honors AspireYesTwo guests free & then $27 per guestNo fee, but no access to Priority Pass loungesYes$450

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I’m staring at it, just to confirm I’m reading it right for priority pass select, it’s myself + 2 guests?

If they just do this and don’t block UR transfers, I’m thrilled. I hope this is the last change for a while! The 3x on the $300 seems silly, but I guess it’s better than reducing the annual credit amount.

My feelings exactly.

Agreed. These seem pretty minor.

Bad math? Wont it still get 1x?

Yes, you earn 2 bonus points for travel. But not earning 3x for the $300 travel credit is language that sounds like no points will be earned. That’s similar to other types of transactions that don’t count as a purchase at all: cash advances, travelers checks, foreign currency, etc.

AmEx does not give points after the $100/$200/$250 credit either. (Or rather, it’s YMMV. I didn’t got any with Southwest GC purchases.)

Yes they do.

I didn’t get any. That’s why YMMV.


I got 3X on those for 2018

I got 5x on my $200 for AA this year and 5x last year on United with my Amex Platinum.

I got mine

I just got my $300 credit and checked the qualifying purchase in UR activity: 0 points earned.

These changes are quite reasonable, so I have no problem with them. The card is still a very good value.

The card is still a very good value but it still may be worth reconsidering whether a different set of cards will produce greater value. I’d imagine a lot of people might end up doing better holding the Uber card and US Bank Altitude card, then tapping into whatever new card’s PP is available than paying the AF on the CSR.

It’s a $150 money maker just from the travel credits per an annual fee, plus the sign up bonus. Let’s not be spouting absurd info About how the Uber card will be a better pick for travel purchases..

You mean it is 150 dollar money maker for Chase.

You get the travel credit per calendar year, so if you sign up now, you get the bonus points, $300 through December and then use $300 before your next AF hits and it’s a $150 MM.

I’ve kept the card since getting it early last year. I find it a great value. The only change that will bug me is the removal of price protection.

They Changed that so that it’s per card member year, not calendar year.

Not according to the website when I just checked it. I got the card in August and it says this: “You’re receiving statement credits towards this year’s $300 Annual Travel Credit. Your next year’s $300 Annual Travel Credit will begin after your statement closing date in 12/18.*”

It’s definitely changed, those of us who had it before are grandfathered in though.

I’m talking about whether the CSR is worth paying the AF on after year one. Depending on someone’s spending and travel habits, it may not work in their favor versus a different combination of cards.

Why do you say “absurd”? Mathematically, the Uber card yields more rewards than the CSR at many combinations of travel and dining spend. And Uber beats the CSP at all spending levels. However, I keep the CSR because I prefer the Chase ecosystem to Barclay’s.

Two questions:
(1) It sounds like that one needs to be careful not to put large purchases onto CSR at the beginning of the year, because it says that the 3x does not apply to purchases that qualify for the credit (not amounts). This may mean that purchase for 2000 USD, of which 300 USD are subtracted for the travel credit, does not give 3 points anymore. What do you think?
(2) Does it mean that such purchases still earn 1 point or nothing?

It doesn’t affect me (I only travel with my wife, who just got her own CSR as well), but I was hoping the PP would go to +3 for families with 2 kids. It would differentiate from most other cards’ benefit. But if this is the extent of the downgrades on that card (Price Protection was doomed for awhile, the extra 2x for the credit was nice but not a game changer for owning the card) it’s not that bad. Plus, all the people (and lounges) complaining about lounge overcrowding and blaming the CSR will be appeased.

I’m actually very okay with them not giving enough passes for families with two children. The lounges already have an overcrowding problem and this will likely help a lot. Unlimited guests was unreasonable for them to have in the first place.

I’d be fine with just one or even zero guests, honestly. Lounges are getting too crowded with people bringing their entire extended families from one PP card.

That $6 a year might really add up for them. Hopefully, there will be retention offers now.


City National Bank Visa Infinite no longer offers the first year free

Reasonable changes except Price Protection Removal. They should just limit the claim amount and/or # of claims for peace of mind. I never ever needed to claim it but it does give me peace of mind.

I wonder if they will kill the unlimited guests for ritz carlton card along with it since its due a revamp in august anyway.

One question: Can the authorized user using PP to invite 2 guests as well?

I am sure they will as the authorized user has their own PP select card. But I am sure we will see that later on…

My question as well. Wife is the primary on the CSR (damn you 5/24) and I’m an authorized user. We each have separate priority pass cards and accounts through the CSR. I’m not sure it would make a huge difference since my wife could have the two kids as her guests and I’d just enter as myself on my account.

Yes. Per CSP rep this morning when I called to complain about the guest restrictions.

Yes, per CSR rep this morning, when I called to complain about the guest restrictions. (My other comment stated CSP rep–I think they are the same)

The table should be updated so the Surpass will be replaced by the Ascend. With the Ascend you have 10 visits a year, so if you go in with one guest that’s like using 2 visits of the 10.

I think it’ll still code as a travel purchase but the credit will code as a return.

Quick question: if I have CSR and AMEX platinum, do I then get to have 4 guests with me??

Even 5 guests at that point…

I’ve asked PP customer service this before and they said: Please note that you would only be able to make use of one Priority Pass card at a time/per visit.

Can I use PP card from Amex Plat and CSR to take 4 guests into the lounge at the same time?

Sure, but you will be double counted.

You would pay 1000 dollar for that feature. Seems better value to just take them to a restaurant.

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