Negative Changes Coming To Chase Sapphire Reserve (No More 3x On $300 Travel, Priority Pass Limited To Two Guests & Price Protection Removal)

Update 05/21/18: Cardholders should have received an e-mail about these changes. Conveniently Chase has listed them below “NEW! ENHANCED ULTIMATE REWARDS”. That includes things like travel packages and last minute hotel deals. I suspect there will be zero value there and this was just an attempt to try and lead with some positive changes and hide the real negative effects of the changes they are making.

Originally the first blog to post this on 05/05, we’re just reposting this incase people missed it over the weekend. There was also the announcement/leak of the Chase Ink Business Unlimited card.

Chase are planning to make three negative changes to the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, in early May customers will be notified officially of these changes and on August 26th the changes will go into effect. The changes are as follows:

  • Cardholders will no longer earn 3x points on travel purchases that qualify for the $300 annual travel credit (my understanding is that these purchases will earn 0 points)
  • Priority Pass select access will be limited to two guests per visit. A fee of $27 will be charged for additional guests
  • Price protection will no longer be available

We’ve known about the price protection change for some time. The 3x on travel credit change basically means all cardholders will get 900 less points annually (as you really should be maxing out that $300), worth a minimum of $9 in cash back or $13.50 when using for travel through the portal or even more if transferring to travel partners. The lounge access will be a big hit for families or anybody who travels in large groups. Below is a table of what other premium cards priority pass access is like

Free Access# Of GuestsAuthorized UsersMobile AppAnnual feeRestaurant Access
American Express PlatinumYes$27 per guestYes (normally $175 for three additional cardholders)YesVaries ($550 normally)No
Hilton Honors Ascend10 free visits, then $27 per visit32 per guest (can use the 10 free visits)NoYes$95.00No
Hilton Honors AspireYesTwo guests freeNo fee, but no access to Priority Pass loungesYes$450No
American Express Bonvoy BrilliantYes$27 per guestNoYes$450No
Business Hilton Honors10 free visits, then $27 per visit$32 per guest (can use the 10 free visits)NoYes$95No
Barclaycard Gold & BlackYesNo limitUnknown ($195 for black & $295 for gold)?$495, $995Yes
Chase Ritz-CarltonYesNo limit*Yes (no fee)Yes$450.00Yes
Chase Sapphire ReserveYesTwo guests freeYes ($75 per cardholder)Yes$550.00Yes
City National Bank Visa InfiniteYes$32 per guestYes, doesn’t have to be authorized^Yes$400Yes
Citi PrestigeYesTwo guests or immediate familyYes ($75 per cardholder)Yes$350-$450Yes
UBS Visa InfiniteNoNoneNo?$495Yes
U.S. bank Altitude ReserveFour free visits for primary cardholder, four free for guests then $27No limit*NoYes$400Yes
Capital One Venture XYesTwo guestsYesYes$395No
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Bill (@guest_611250)
July 1, 2018 17:02

I just downgraded my card to a basic Sapphire. It didn’t really have anything to do with these changes, however. I was recently denied access to the airport lounge at 8:45am which upset me (I will admit the directory says they may deny access between 9-11). I had been billed the annual fee on 6/1, and couldn’t really justify the $450 for another year. I cashed out most of my points on a round trip to Florida in January of next year. Only have around 5k points left.

I did pretty well with the card. I wasn’t able to apply with the signup bonus because of their 5/24 rule, so I converted a plain Sapphire instead since I had 110,000 UR points that immediately increased in value by 50%. Although I did the product change near the end of 2016, I was not billed an annual fee until the following June. So I ended up getting 3 $300 travel credits for a single $450 annual fee.

Maybe at some point I’ll apply for the card and try to get the sign-up bonus since I never got it the first time. I probably should have switched the card to the 1.5% Freedom card since I believe I won’t be able to get the CSR if I have a base Sapphire.

I will miss the primary rental car insurance coverage. I have the Bank of America Premium Rewards card and the top tier of Premium Rewards, so I’ll use that to get 3.5% back on travel and restaurants.

Oh, and when I called the rep didn’t even ask why I was downgrading, she just read the disclosures.

Blake (@guest_597942)
May 22, 2018 17:15

Anyone now how to submit a claim for a purchase that is now cheaper and what is required.

Jeff (@guest_597788)
May 22, 2018 12:55

Happy they’re limiting it to 2 people for lounge access. I’ve been in many PP lounges with kids running around and screaming. A lounge is a quiet place, not a playground. It will also cut down on wait times. I had to stand in line and wait almost an hour to access the lounge in Lima Peru a few weeks ago, while families with small kids, etc got to skip in line ahead of the rest of us..

Jamie Dimon
Jamie Dimon (@guest_597745)
May 22, 2018 11:12

This nearly ruins the card for me – loved being able to buy things and then pricematch to somewhere slightly cheaper, I only ever saved $20 or so, but still, got to support local merchants.

Also, stiffing us out of 900 points? Really? They must really be feeling it with this card.

What’s next? Only 2x on travel and 2x on dining? Limited priority pass visits for the main cardholder? No transfers? A reduction to 1.33 cents per dollar redeemed on travel?

Really disappointing, Chase.

wiivile (@guest_597713)
May 22, 2018 09:29

The email mentions “wider selection of travel partners” (13)? They already have 13 partners.

Chong786 (@guest_597987)
May 22, 2018 19:33

Since Ritz Carlton and Marriott gonna have same points system starting Aug, Chase might add 1 more transfer partner

Fgred (@guest_597689)
May 22, 2018 08:08

the loss of PP is the worst part oif this revision

john (@guest_594730)
May 15, 2018 01:03

What if i spend 5000 dollars on plane tickets for a family vacation in 1 purchase? Normally this 3x would equate to 150,000 points or $150. If this is my first travel purchase and it triggers the $300 credit does this mean i get $0 or $141?

Celia (@guest_594996)
May 15, 2018 15:35

You would get $141. My guess is that they would give you the 150,000 point on the purchase and take away the 900 points with the credit.

Leonardc2 (@guest_597709)
May 22, 2018 09:20

It would be 15,000 points.

Mike (@guest_591447)
May 7, 2018 11:56

Might be good for larger families to add spouse/player 2 as authorized user for $75 if you use the lounge a lot. This would get you to bring up to 4 guests as player 2 would have a separate PP membership.

Also sad on the loss of 900 points.. easy to make up though. I will have to pick up an extra $200 VGC / 1000 pts the next time Staples or OD/OM sells them at or below cost..

The loss of 3x/900 points on the $300 credit should be viewed as a $13.50 increase in the annual fee for comparison to CSP/etc purposes.

Eric (@guest_594168)
May 14, 2018 03:11

There are a lot of negative comments above about families with children. Why should I be denied lounge access when I am traveling alone with my three children (I only fly a few times per year), yet someone traveling monthly or more gets unlimited lounge access each time, all for the same annual fee? When I travel with my wife (authorized user with her own PP membership), lounge access won’t be a problem, but sometimes we are on separate flights, with kids divided between us in varying ways.

The real issue is not how many people I show up with to the lounge; the real issue is how many times the lounge benefit is used per fee year. I hope Chase will amend the policy change to allow immediate family members under age 18 as guests.

I will certainly be considering my options when it comes time to renew my CSR.

Gareth (@guest_591284)
May 6, 2018 22:36

I am keeping this card as long as they allow UR point transfer.

Charlie (@guest_591356)
May 7, 2018 06:27

Me too. For me, the three non-negotiables of this card are: first, the net annual fee of $150 ($450 fee minus $300 travel credit): second, the 3x points for travel and dining; and third, the ability to transfer the points out to airline frequent flyer programs. All the other features of the card are just nice-to-haves.

Aditya Shrivastava
Aditya Shrivastava (@guest_591066)
May 6, 2018 15:03

This is depressing. The $13.50 thing can be ignored thinking Chase is being cheap but the limit on PP hurts. They should at least allow all immediate family members! That will prevent abuse.
Gonna need to cancel the card now!