New American Express Authorized User Bonuses & Everything You Need To Know

Update 5/8/20: Offers have gone out for the Platinum card as well, this is 5,000 points per authorized user added. You can add gold authorized users for free..

The Offers

  • American Express has just sent out some offers giving bonus points for adding authorized users. Add an authorized user to your American Express green card and get 2,500 bonus points when they spend $500 within three months (deal can be done on up to four authorized user cards for a total of 10,000 points).


What You Should Know

  • If you aren’t targeted, call American Express to see if they can add the offer to your account. This is usually possible. At the moment the direct links don’t seem to be working either, so calling in regardless of whether you received an e-mail or not seems like it’s required.
  • SSN is not required when you add an authorized user, but you need to provide one within 60 days of account opening (people have been denied the bonus in the past for not providing this in time)
  • American Express authorized user accounts do count towards your Chase 5/24 status/total.


Does being added as an authorized user prevent you from getting the sign up bonus?

No, you can be added as an authorized and then sign up for the card as the primary cardholder and still receive the sign up bonus.

Who needs to spend the money to trigger the bonus?

Authorized user needs to complete the spend requirement. Keep in mind authorized users have their own unique card number so this is easy to track. It’s highly unlikely that spend completed by the primary cardholder will trigger the bonus.

Our Verdict

Please share any other offers you received in the comments, along with any direct login links if you have them available.

Hat tip to blueeyes_austin


Post history:

  • Update 5/7/20: Round of offers has gone out to some American Express Green cardholders.
  • Update 3/22/20: More targeted
  • Update 2/22/20: Hilton offers went out today (ht wahoyaho), maybe others as well.
  • Update 2/16/20: More offers have been sent out.
  • Update 2/6/20: More offers have been sent out. End date is March 1st, 2020. Hat tip to reader Hari
  • Update 11/16/19: More offers have been sent out.
  • Update 11/9/19: More people have been targeted, end date is April 30th, 2019 this time. Hat tip to reader Amir S
  • Update 10/27/19: More offers have gone out. Subject line is ‘<name>, an Additional Card Member could earn you 5,000 Membership Rewards points‘. End date is March 31st, 2019.
  • Update 9/18/19: Another round has gone out for Platinum cardholders.
  • Update 8/22/19: Another round has gone out for Platinum cardholders, subject line is ‘Add someone to your account, earn 5,000 Membership Rewards(R) points’.
  • Update 8/15/19: Round of Marriott offers has gone out. Valid until December 1st, 2019
  • Update 8/8/19: Another round has gone out.
  • Update 7/9/19: Another round has been sent out. This time with an end date of November 30th, 2019.
  • Update 6/28/19: Another round has been sent out, end date is July 14th, 2019. Hat tip to MtM
  • Update 5/14/19: Another round has gone out, this time with the August 31st, 2019 date again.
  • Update 4/10/19: Offers for the cash magnet have been sent out with a June 30th, 2019 end date. Subject line is ‘Great news <name>, you could earn a $25 Statement Credit’. Hat tip to reader Ahmed D
  • Update 4/3/19: More have been sent out, this time with an end date of 8/31/19. Hat tip to MtM
  • Update 2/26/19: Offers on the gold card have gone out as well.

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Just got an email today for the 5,000 MR bonus for adding authorized users to my Amex Gold. Opened account in Nov 2019; haven’t had any AU’s on it yet. I’ll probably add 1 or both of my teenagers, which I had been thinking about anyway. They don’t need to worry about 5/24 yet, and it might help build up their credit history. My email says that the offer ends 2/28/2021.


I heard I could add my dog Bubbles as an AU, but apparently bonuses may not post, either the first time adding them or second?

What if I’m trying to take advantage of the Shop
Small Offer. Think I can add them and take advantage of the offer in time?

As you can tell, I don’t know Jack about AU.


Attention, amex will no longer post bonus for the au if no ssn provided, which is the case for me.

Brian C 🐕

just found out today, the offer on the gold card expiring in November and the one expiring in march, have a combined maximum of 20,000 points. they were going to open a case to look in to it further, but i told them not too. i don’t need them putting eyes on my account.


Was targeted a 2nd time on my gold card. Signed up my four pets, completed spend and still waiting for points to post. That was two months ago. Last years bonus posted within the month of spend.


could you share the link please? thanks!


Me too, it seems Amex no longer post points for 2nd offer.


Can you add yourself as an Authorized user and get points?


you can. i did this and got the points before


DP – In early 2019, I have successfully added additional cardholders to Platinum who did not have SSN’s. The rep spent some time with the back office and told me that legitimate passport numbers will be acceptable.


So, if you share an AU link and folks sign up and are approved. Is the main card holder responsible for the charged amount if the AUs decide not to pay?


Primary cardholder has to pay.


Let me know if someone wants to exchange your Plat link for my green link


Any one got the AU offer for Schwab Platinum ?