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Published on October 6th, 2018 | by Chuck


New Universal American Express Referrals Program, Now Crosses Over to ANY Card

We wrote last month about the change whereby Amex allows us to refer across an entire family of cards, e.g. if you have the Hilton Aspire you can refer to the Hilton Ascend. However, I noticed today poking around in the referral links that they now seem to allow referrals across ALL cards, e.g. from a cash card to a points card and vice versa. They even allow crossing over between personal to business.

When clicking through a referral link, you’ll see at the bottom of the page an option to check out any other Amex card, even crossing over from personal to business. And when clicking on any option, it shows clearly that this card is part of a “Referral offer”.

The terms explicitly states:

Your friend will receive a referral bonus if you are approved for any of the Cards with a referral offer.

Note: The new universal referrals do not apply to all cards. Cobrands like SPG and Hilton still have the old family rule whereby you can refer to another card in the family but not outside the family. However, Amex’s own cards are all under one umbrella, even those that earn different kinds of rewards, e.g. a cash card to a points card.

Apparently, even cobrands like Hilton have expanded their referral options: whereby previously you were not able to cross over between personal and business, you now can. [Another note about cobrands: if you have a non-branded Amex card you can refer someone TO an SPG card, but if you have an SPG card you can’t refer someone to a non-SPG card.]

It seems like currently ANY of your cards can refer to ANY other card. This is hugely lucrative for someone with many referrals for a single card as you can now max out the referral offer on each of your cards for that card which you have many people to refer to.

Where it starts getting murky is what happens when you refer someone from one family to another, e.g. you refer from your Blue Cash and they end up getting a SPG Business card. I assume you’d get the $75 cash Blue Cash referral offer as it’s possible you don’t even have an SPG account.

You should probably just use the best from all your referrals, e.g. if you have a Blue Cash for $75 and a Platinum for 20,000 Membership Rewards, use the Platinum referral to refer someone for Blue cash. That way, you should get a 20,000 bonus.

The limit should be per card, e.g. you should be able to get up to 55,000 points for referrals on your Platinum card, another 55,000 on your Gold card, and another 55,000 on your Green card – if you have all those.

Update 10/6/18: TPG got official word from Amex which confirmed the change and stated that “in general” the referral bonus you’ll get will be based on the card you referred from.

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Looks like my Hilton Biz card can now refer the three personal flavors as well.

Tightwad Traveling
Tightwad Traveling

I’m not seeing this either. Just looked.

Did you use the ‘Refer A Friend’ link at the bottom of the page? That’s the one that crosses over. The one from the banner ad on the card does not.

There are a few crossovers from what i can see. I don’t hold any delta cards, yet when i open up a referral link from either SPG biz or AMEX everyday, delta cards are available with higher bonuses.

Looks like i’ll be referring my wife to every amex card in their portfolio

Some incognito offers are a lot better than the referral offers, unfortunately.

I saw some good ones yesterday on referral. Like 25k Amex Green via the referral. That wouldn’t even take up one of the 5 Amex credit card limits.

Any DP’s on referring one’s self?

People have been successful recently self-referring from one card in a family to another (like from the Hilton Aspire to the Hilton Ascend) so it’s entirely possible. Hopefully we’ll get some DPs confirming this is still the case under this new roll-out in the next week or two!

Walk us through how to find this; on none of my referrals do I see an option to “explore other cards”

My BB+ and EDP can refer all Amex cards (both personal and business). However, from my Biz Plat, I could only see Biz Plat, no other cards. And with my SPG Biz, I could refer only the Starwood family cards.

will this kill the bloggers! 🙂

Lets see.. Chuck you still with us?

Nah, but it will separate the wheat from the chaff.

[don’t post your referral links here]

Can you refer yourself? As if you don’t need the card to refer it should be possible to refer yourself.

Works in Canada apparently

The Points Guy cant be happy about this lol

Seems to me point guy pushes only Chase cards… haha.

Somehow I don’t see them doing a write-up on this!

I shall eat my crow. Not only did TPG do a write-up they h/t DoC and contacted Amex to ask which bonus the referer would get. Chuck TPG was told “in general” the referer will get the bonus offered on the card they are doing the referring from.

Curios to see how they will cap the referral bonuses going forward.

Shhhh!!!!!! Nothing to see here, move along….

So nobody need any refer link anymore

[Don’t post your referrals here]

it will be interesting to use the referral link and apply for another card yourself and actually get the referral plus the increased bonus lol 🤣

One question, I have BCE and when I use the referral link it shows BCE with 200$ bonus and EveryDay card with 150k point. Wonder if someone with EveryDay can refer to a 200k point bonus on EveryDay?

Only amex virgins will use referrals from now on.

I wonder if the referred person who applies will receive a HP if they are an existing customer of AMEX or will it be SP. Especially if when your signed in to your account you see you are pre-approved for the card????

Peldir Sunstrider
Peldir Sunstrider

If you only see the card you referred in the link then that means you used wrong link.
The link that can see all the cards is generated by “Refer A Friend” link on the very bottom of the page, under “LINKS YOU MAY LIKE” section. It is not the link you generated through “REFER A FRIEND” button that shows up in account’s home page.

If you still couldn’t find it. Here is the direct link:
Login and generate a link, then open the link in a new page of your browser, then you can see every cards.

Very helpful! Thanks!

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