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American Express Referral Bonuses Now Cross-Over to Include Entire Card ‘Family’

Update 10/4/18: Now, most cards cross over to ANY other card. More details in this dedicated post.

Update 9/21/18: Amex is now officially sending out the news of this change to some people via email: “New! When you refer, your friend can now choose any card in the Hilton portfolio” (ht: runningwithmiles).

Some Reddit members noticed that most American Express referral offers no longer limit you to referring someone else to the exact card you have – you can now refer someone to any card within that card ‘family’. This applies to SPG line of cards, the Delta line, and the Hilton line. This is true for both personal cards and business cards. Amex business charge cards support this functionality as well.

We noticed this first on the SPG cards, and now it’s showing for Delta and Hilton as well. For quite some time it’s been this way for American Express business charge cards; for example, if you have the business Amex Platinum you can refer someone to the business Amex Green or Amex BGR.

To create a referral for another card:

  • Find your referral link, here’s a direct link to find it within your Amex login. You’ll see a short referral link there.
  • Click that link to see your referral on the web. That link will now become a long link which begins with Either of these links are valid referral links for you to share with someone else.
  • If the card is part of a ‘family’: scroll down to find the other card you’re looking to refer and click on that card.
  • Next, copy the URL link (beginning with “mgmee”) and that’s your referral link for the card.

You can alternatively send them the short link and tell them to scroll down to find the specific card type you were telling them about.

A few notes:

  • You can’t cross over from personal to business or vice versa. Personal can only refer to personal and business can only refer to business.
  • Each card still retains it’s full 55,000 points referral limit. For example, if Amex is offering a 10k referral bonus on your Delta card, you can go to your Delta Gold card and refer 5 people to any of the Delta cards and get 50k bonus, then you can go to your Delta Platinum card and refer 5 people to any Delta card and get another 50k bonus.
  • Amex non-branded credit cards still do not have this functionality, so you won’t be able to refer people from your Blue Cash Preferred to get a Blue Cash Everyday or from your Amex Everyday to the Everyday Preferred.
  • As noted, Amex personal charge cards (Platinum, PRG, Green) don’t work to generate referrals to other cards. Only business charge cards can do so (Platinum, BGR, Green).

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This has been going on for quite awhile. I have the Delta plat & referred player 2 for the Delta gold back in January

If you see something new, say something!

Would it work to refer yourself to a different card of the same type (use existing Delta gold to refer myself to platinum)

Yep! Multiple DPs of that working over the last couple months!

Haha, watch them claw the bonuses back a few months from now….. *quiet sobbing*

Anyone know if you can refer to the Schwab platinum? I have both regular and Schwab platinum but only see the referral link on the regular. Also does anyone know that if I refer someone and they qualify for the 100,000 point bonus, will They Only get the standard 60,000 point bonus as referral verbiage states on the site?

I was one of the reddit members (always fun to see something I was part of on DOC) and can confirm self-refer between two Hilton Cards worked fine..

“…for example, if you have the Amex Platinum you can refer someone to the Amex Green or Amex PRG.”

I have an Amex Plat, but I don’t see an option to generate a referral link for the Green or PRG. When I copy the “” link and paste it into an incognito window, I am directed to the “mgmee” link with an “Apply Now” button. No option to “View Other Cards” like with Hilton referrals.

Can someone point the way for me? Thanks!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to Bluebird card!

I have Blue Cash Preferred and Amex Everyday. As it said in the post I could not see Blue Cash Everyday and Amex Everyday Preferred

The non-branded card is not included.

When I tried the referral link, some of the referral pages are blocked by the blue 1-2-3 banner instructions. I do not see any options to do anything.

This is just standard referral page, either input friend name and email, or copy the referral link which starts with….

What I’m missing?

I just wanted to note that I have the business green card, and when I looked to do a referral for an amex platinum card, it only gave me two options, one to refer for the business green card or the business gold rewards card. Apparently platinum must not be part of the “green/Gold” family for referrals.

Does the card need to still be open at the time to earn the referral?

[edited – please don’t spam referral links]

DoC, I don’t know whether this is known or not, but if you call in and ask, Amex is offering an upgrade offer of 150k points to upgrade from the Ascend to the Aspire. I signed up for the Ascend last September with the 100k + free night on anniversary offer. I upgraded a week back and the following was confirmed by the rep:
(1) I still get the free night on anniversary which was part of the opening bonus + the free night on card renewal of Aspire, i.e. I will get 2 free nights on card renewal.
(2) I will get the $250 hilton credit for the partial cardmember year.
(3) AF will be prorated for the rest of the card member year.

I upgraded about a week before my card renewal date, so it was beneficial for me. My hilton resort charge posted on the date of renewal, so am not sure which cardmember year it would count against.

i have a biz plat can i refer myself for BBP?

Note: This only works personal to personal, business to business. You can’t hold a Delta personal and refer someone to a Biz, and vice versa.

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