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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on February 8th, 2017 | by William Charles


Why Are There No Good Bank Account Sign Up Bonuses In My State?

One of the most common complaints/questions I get from readers is along the lines of:

The answer to the question is easy, your state does have good bonuses you’ve just been too lazy to look for them. I spend a lot of time on this site adding new content, responding to comments and just general maintenance. Between that and my real life, there isn’t much (read: any) spare time.

Because of that I mostly rely on readers letting me know about different bank account bonuses that I can add to the site. Because of this there are some states with very active users (and it’s normally just one person) that scours the internet looking for bank bonuses. Now of course those people are only going to look for bonuses that are useful to them (e.g operating in their states). This makes it look like some states have LOTS of bonuses and other states have virtually no bonuses.

Thankfully the solution is simple, you just need to start looking for bonuses from banks or credit unions in your state. This isn’t particularly difficult, but here are some ideas to help you out.

  • When you pass a physical branch, have a quick look inside. Generally if they are offering a bonus they will have advertisements up (and you can usually even see these from the outside). If there is no line, you can also just ask them “I’m thinking about switching banks and just wondering if you offer any sort of promotions for making the switch?”
  • Find banks that have offered a previous bonus in your state. We sort our posts by categories, so you can go through the archives of bank account bonuses and look for financial institutions in your state that have offered a bonus before. If they have, it’s likely they will offer another bonus in the future (or even currently) so check their website periodically.
  • View all the banks in your state and start searching.  The website US Bank Locations lets you sort banks by state and then county. Just manually go through each bank and have a look at their website, typically any bonus will be displayed somewhere on the home page. You can also use the following google search “site:<> bonus” to help you find bonuses not listed.

After you’ve found a bonus, let us know (better to e-mail us so other sites don’t just steal your work with no credit) about it so we can share it (and do the heavy lifting in determining hard/soft pull and other useful information) with other readers. I promise you that if you do the above for your state, you’ll find some hidden gems.

At the moment too much of the work is falling on some highly motivated readers (and a big thanks goes to them for doing this work with little to no appreciation from other readers). It might even be a good idea to divvy up the work for your state in the comments below or make a pledge to look in a specific state (e.g I’m in California, I look through all the banks that are in county XYZ, who else is going to help go through the others? Share below so we don’t do redundant work”).

Again, big thanks to any readers that do this and share the deals with us. You’re the real reason this site is a success and I cannot thank you enough.

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Thank you to those who identify bank bonuses in Washington state! Always appreciated.

heyyyy… no need for name calling!!! 🙂

I’m guilty of signing up for almost all bank account bonuses available nationwide or in CA and NY. A big thank you to readers who find and share bank bonuses. I, along with the entire DOC community, thank you for the few hundred I make per bonus 🙂

While I agree there are probably bank bonuses in just about every state that we don’t know about,
Don’t banks also go where money is or vis versa?
That’s why I feel like there’s always better bank bonuses on the coastal states, because there’s generally higher wages, higher housing and overall cost of living in those areas. Maybe I am narrow minded with this thought process living with Toto and Dorothy in Kansas, surely I am not the only one to have these thoughts?

Agree. Also think has to keeping up with the competition. If your bank down the street is offering $150… then there is motivation for the other banks to follow suit. Also, most people are not going to switch from their current bank without compensation.

The higher the population leads to a larger amount of banks doing business leads to more opportunities for bonuses just from sheer numbers alone. Its more likely a bonus will be available in California because there’s more banks in California.

Either way, it’s completely unjustified to make those sorts of blanket statements about “coastal states,” the affluence and cost of living varies dramatically from area to area within the coastal states. For example, the cost of living, wages, and affluence in Wyoming County, NY is nowhere near comparable to the cost of living in New York County, NY[1]. There’s even a huge diversity in cost of living and affluence in places very close together. Fairfield County, Connecticut contains both the so called “Gold Coast,” one of the most affluent areas of the entire United States, as well a Bridgeport, which is a huge dump.

[1] New York County is made entirely of the borough of Manhattan

Whomever finds all the Massachusetts/New England bonuses, my wallet thanks you! I’ll have to keep an eye out when I’m going by the banks…

Humberto Rodriguez
Humberto Rodriguez

Thanks for whoever finds the deals in Virginia, TN and PA. I will try start looking myself.

Chicagoland and tristate areas a big thank you…$3050 in 13months and counting

Good point. Curious if possible to apply for other state bonuses if I have access to an address there (family and/or friends). If not, I’m guessing because no ID in that state?

Did this with Chase. I applied at a branch in IL being based out of WI and had my debit card mailed to an address to MN. Granted, Chase has no state restrictions, but I thought my DP might help.

I’ve done it and it works. I’ve actually used addresses of relatives in three different states, and received state specific bonuses. Maybe it’s because I did them all at the same time, so my info wasn’t disseminated yet. But I’m loading up round two now, and am introducing a fourth state. I’ll comment to let folks know how that goes.

Well, went through everything within 50 miles of where I live on that us bank locations site and apparently the most common “perk” in my rural area is “Up to 10/12 free debit purchase a month, then only 0.30/0.35 each transaction “. I need to start a bank.

Another resource for finding banks that may allow you to apply for an account within your state is the Doc Quick Ref. Table Spreadsheet. You can sort the columns to find state-specific, or nationwide, banks. If he is missing any info on there, I am sure he would love an e-mail of things to add/change/update.

I have found at least a couple in my state that are location restricted, not statewide, and require you to live within “X” number of miles to the nearest branch. However, they don’t always make that clear.

Credit unions do promo’s too… Here is the search tool for federally-insured credit unions (

Enter your zip code and it lists the nearest 100, or up to 100 miles away if you live in the sticks.

For those of you in Kansas, Georgia, etc. who are complaining about the paucity of bonuses in your areas, it may make you feel better if you remember that your cost of living is significantly lower than in NY, NJ, CA, etc. 😉

I live in Utah and I pledge to try to find as many promotions as I can. I will search for them in local branches and online.

DW got a targeted offer for SouthWest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card “Earn 50,000 points after you spend $2,000 on purchases in the first 3 months of opening your account and a $100 Statement Credit after first purchase with the Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card”.

Huntington $500 spend on voice MasterCard $100 statement credit. May be in branch don’t know if is available start from April 3rd.

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