Posted by William Charles on April 13, 2018
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Published on April 13th, 2018 | by William Charles


Office Depot/Max Bait & Switch – Rebate Changed Mid Promotion

Earlier we posted a deal Office Depot/Max was offering. Basically you could purchase two cases of paper for 55.98 and then file a rebate and get $80 in Office Depot gift cards. Unfortunately mid way through the promotion Office Depot changed the rebate form to require the purchase to be made in store (this meant you couldn’t apply the online promotion, making this a dud deal). I don’t have an issue with that, but Office Depot should be expected to honor the promotion based on the terms when people bought the product otherwise it’s a classic bait and switch.

Below you can view the full old rebate in case you need to file it. The new rebate (with the in store restriction) can be viewed here.

Hat tip to reader Paul P for sending in the old rebate.

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Classic OD…

thanks for archiving old data. you should include screenshots on every deal so we can argue if the company decides to be evil

He included the black and white picture of the form in the article. You may have to end up mailing it in in. Edit: I can’t read.

On a related note, does anyone know where to sell reams of paper?

ebay? use the shipping that you use for books. I forget the name. net a few dollars per
or donate it to your school for a tax write off?

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I’m knee-deep in paper, and it’s a lot of effort to sell.

Unless you can swing the tax write-off, after the rebates come, return without receipt to a store for credit.

Donate it to local public school! Please!

Or donate to a local private school that serves kids who cannot normally afford to attend a private school. That is where I donate on a regular basis.

I was happy enough to pay $50 ea, then get $40 back on each. It combined with a $20 free gift card, and I even got a ‘20% off highest item’ coupon, too. And I paid with Paypal, which gave me 5% back for using my Freedom card.
But donate it to a school/church/something. It can certainly be put to good use. Or earn some points with the boss at work!

When did this change? I made the purchase yesterday and don’t remember seeing that language but I filed rebate online so not sure it showed it anyway. Definitely doing a chargeback if they pull that shit

Thanks doc. I submitted the rebate online earlier today and it is processing. If OD decides not to honor the original T&C, I will protest. If that does not work, I will attempt to return all the reams to a local OD store.

How would you protest? It’s not a financial institution so CFPB would probably not get involved? Is there a government body that protects the consumer in these cases? I haven’t submitted the rebate form yet, but I have a PDF copy of the old one which I plan to mail in.

BBB not government but they get shit done.

agreed, BBB should hear about this….. formal complaints, etc.

(that plus any time Doc or any other blog posts any promotions from Office Depot — other than the instant rebates — they’re going to get an ear-full of protests.

Chargeback on credit card and BBB.

Its still possible to submit online, If they still accept, isnt it possible it still might work? When you select that particular rebate, it asks how did you purchase it- In Store or online and if you select online, it accepts it with order date and order number.

I purchased online on the 12th, and managed to send in my rebate today. On the rebates page!/rebate/select it lists the same rebate twice – the bottom one worked for me, the top one kept saying “invalid date”. Hope the rest of you can get your rebates as well.

Look at the dates. The first one has expired.

Well, fuck. Have 8 different 2 case orders going to friends and family addresses. I think I’ll just return them, rather than having to fight it out. It’s not worth the trouble. Was a nice dent in my MSR too!

I am going to return the cases if OD won’t honor it. This is similar to what Swagbucks did with the deal. They changed the terms midway and tried not to honor the original terms. I finally got credited but the time spent fighting was not worth it because Swagbucks customer service is terrible.

Thanks for reminding me I need to follow up on that!

This really reeks! Yes, I ordered the two cases on-line — received them two days later. Filed the rebate on-line even before they arrived. I took a screen shot of the official confirmation that popped on the screen then. But I was alarmed that (unlike Staples) I didn’t receive any email confirmation. Now, three days later, the Office Depot rebate tracking system has no record of it.

I’m not going to wait eight weeks to see if they find it. But furious that I might have to make a special 60 mile trip to return this order! Other options?

ps to DoC, this isn’t “bait ‘n switch.” Just flat not honoring a promotion!!!

update — On third try, I did find my rebate submission via the Office Depot system. (by searching under name) Turns out the OD system requires you to include #’s AND exact hyphen placements. (once I realize that, found it) Still annoyed I have yet to receive any email confirmation. (Again, the Staples rebate system is far, far easier and more confidence inducing) We’ll see now how much, if any, of the rebate OD ends up honoring. Suspect the soundrels there will try to wait til after I open the cases or pass the return window — before they tell us/me they won’t be honoring their own rebate promotion.

I just looked up my rebate (by name and address) and noticed a few strange things. Status is “processing” (good), date received is “null” (?), and rebate value is $0.00 (bad).

Same here.

Glad I didn’t take the bait!

Gotta be careful when you buy a product and then get a rebate thats worth more than what you paid. 7/10 it’s OK, but you better be prepared to fight for your rebate!

yup, building the documentation file…. assuming a struggle ahead.

Considered delivery to my home, but with no store within 50 miles, GC have limited value. Too bad.

I purchased on Tuesday, submitted rebate very soon after ordering and checked the status later, everything was in progress. Today I checked rebate status and it is gone. Paper goes back today.

They also changed the ink rebate for empty cartridges, it used to post $20 to my rewards account each month, now it only does if you spend $10 on non rebate items, no gift cards, or stamps. I did not notice the change until yesterday. There went 20 down the drain!

I already ordered and received these Plus submitted the rebate online will that still be honored? I did it on 4/11. First time doing an OD Rebate so just asking.

I bought two cases and submitted the rebate online the 10th.. Are we suppose to fill out 2 separate rebates or just the one when applying for the rebates.


Just 1 rebate form should work if OD plays fair on this rebate.

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