Posted by William Charles on April 10, 2018

Published on April 10th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Dead] Office Depot/Max: Purchase 2 Pack Of 10 Ream Paper For $55.98 & Get $80 In Office Depot Giftcards + Rewards

Rebate now states it must be purchased in store, that restriction wasn’t there previously. More information including the original rebate here.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

The Fine Print

  • Sales receipt must show that the item was purchased between 4/1/18 and 4/14/18

Our Verdict

Use a card that earns at a high rate on office supply stores to make the deal even better. It’s worth going through a portal to try and get another up to 5% cash back, not entirely sure if it will stack with the coupon or not though. You should be able to come out ahead quite easily even if you just sell the OfficeDepot gift cards to an exchange. You’ll do even better if you can sell the paper somewhere.

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Notify of!/rebate/select
Link for online submission

I did a similar one, for a $40 rebate back in early February, sent in my docs (online) mid February… still haven’t received my rebate. Almost going 2 months. Not to scare anyone, but be ready to wait a bit as the terms say 60-90 days.

me too

Thanks for the link to fill out the rebate form online 🙂

Grant, did you fill out the form “twice” — to get the two rebates for the same order? Or will it be automatic — to get the two rebates applied to the single order and rebate request?

I only filled out the online rebate once. Since I ordered both cases in the same order, there was only 1 order ID. If I filled it out twice, I think it would look like a duplicate rebate submission. I hope filling out the form once will work properly.

Thanks Grant …. I filled it out on-line once too, Took a screen shot of the confirmation of submitting, but then never received further confirmation of the submission via email. Did you? Even worse, three days after filing it, the Office Depot system can’t find my rebate request. EVIL. Very trump like.

Found the “rebate” in the system after all (using my name & address)…. Apparently the OD system insists that you insert the hyphens, exactly as they’re placed, not just the numbers…. Good that at least they have a record now of my submission. But wondering now if they’re going to honor it. (either for one or both)

theres a maximum of 2 rebates per household and i did the same thing but ordered 2 papers on 2 different receipts to the same address. rep told me over the phone that in order to get two rebates to 2 households you need it to be on one reciept. My question is if both orders of paper came to my house can i break up the rewards into 2 diffrent addresses and still get 2 rebates?

nice. no more penny paper so this is useful.

Sweet, just ordered some paper. My girlfriend is a teacher and they do paper drives at her school. Win win here 🙂

You can fill out the rebate twice with just the $55.98 purchase?

That’s what I was wondering at first. If you look at the screenshot, you actually are buying 2, but the coupon code drops the price

The $40 rebate is per case of 10 reams, and you’re buying 2 cases of 10 reams with the $55.98 purchase, so yes you would be eligible for two rebates on the same order. If ODOM’s rebate processor works like almost every other rebate processor, then you should be able to submit the full $40×2 rebate under the same order number and rebate submission online.

Still a bit unclear — so you’re requesting TWO $40 rebates on one on-line submission using the same single receipt, or do we complete two separate rebate submissions — using the same receipt #?

I completed the on-line form, followed the only available steps once. (including entering invoice and registering). But I don’t see how I’m going to receive two rebates for one submission? Or do I repeat the process a second time?

but what to do with $80 OD gift card?

Sell it.

can you buy a gift card with the $80 office depot card?


I use their gift cards and Ink cartridge rebates to buy Toilet Paper, Paper Towels and trashbags. I have about a 5 years supply right now, and a ton of paper and batteries!!!

Better to buy the single case separately for $27.99 twice so its on different receipts?

Or maybe subscribe & save the 2 pack for $52.19? How hard is it to cancel?

1. You need VIP membership to get free delivery under $35. Though I suppose you can opt for free store pickup if you’d rather go that way.
2. The coupon discount is applied such that the resulting price is the same whether it is a one-time order or a subscription.

That’s what I’m wondering too. Does this need to be on separate receipts? If not, how do they determine you haven’t already gotten the rebate?

so i can get the rebate instant online?

I’m only familiar with Staples, not office depot. Is there a link between the purchasing and the gift card rebate? i.e. if I want to assist my father who lives on his own in purchasing this paper and qualifying for the rebate, what information must be unique? Does credit card of purchase matter?

I just filled out the online rebate and all they ask for is your name, address, phone number, email, order confirmation number and date of purchase.

I used an OM/OD gift card for most of the purchase and the remainder on the chase ink. I do not think whatever form of payment you use matters as all they ask for is the order confirmation number.

Seems there is a limit of 2 x $40 = $80 gift card savings per household.

Can anybody else weigh in on this? Is there any connection between rebate/purchasing, or literally all they care about is different name, address, phone number, and e-mail, on the online rebate? Can multiple orders be shipped to the same address?

PayPal / CF for an additional 5%? Topcashback is currently 4% assuming it goes through.

The original Office Depot ® or OfficeMax ® sales receipt (or photocopy) showing the item purchased dated 4/1/18 – 4/7/18.

4/1 – 4/7 or until 4/14?

i printed out the rebate coupon so I could carefully read it and it says 4/14…but the price of the paper goes up after thursday I think.

Okay, my question is this: Do I have to buy online or is the deal for buying in the store as well? Not sure how I would use the promo code in the store??

Just got back from the store…

The store tag also has a Xerox Pastel 20# ream for free. Also mentions the rebate.

However, the coupon code would not apply in-store. So, you have to buy online for either delivery or in-store pickup.

It appears the free Xerox Pastel ream does not apply online though. (There is no coupon code, it applied automatically at the register)

can you purchase us stamps with gift cards? if you can’t buy other gift cards, that’s close to a “cash equivalent”.

Who buys stamps anymore?

i do. I still get some medical bills in the mail, and grandparents still like to get actual mail from grandkids like thank you notes. Xmas cards too and such.

so any actual insight into my question?

Mail-in rebates (beer especially) that don’t have an online submission form.

Before I realized this was online only, I bought some in store gift cards. Today, I went to buy VGC’s and coffee. There was a big sign saying the coffee was on sale. I bought some and was charged regular price. When I asked about the sale, another employee went back and removed the sign and the cashier just said that there was no sale and still charged me the full amount. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy. Just had to vent!

The Alaska MileagePlan portal specifically calls out this coupon, even though it’s only 2 miles/dollar.

Upromise (5%) has it listed as well.

Tax? My total is $59.69?

yep, you have to pay tax, the cost in this story is pre-tax since every state is different. But it should be $115.98 – $60 coupon savings before tax.


You can also apply rewards to the order if there is any.

if you don’t have an office supply store card they take PayPal for the chase freedom

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