PNC Investments: Invest $20k-$750k And Get A $125-$5,000 Bonus

Update 11/14/20: Deal is back, still for the managed account so not that useful again.

Update 10/22/19: This is for a managed account, so not really that useful unfortunately.

Update 10/21/19: The tiers are actually much better than before and the maximum bonus is $5,000. Hat tip to reader Charles Mann for pointing this out.

Update 10/20/19: Deal is back and valid until December 31st, 2019. Hat tip to reader Jonathan W. 

Update 6/2/19: Offer is back through June 30, 2019. We’ve added this to our list of Best Brokerage Bonuses. (hat tip reader arizonapv)

[Update: Removed state restriction as apparently you can open over the phone.]

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • PNC Investments is offering a sign up bonus when you open a qualifying PNC investments account. The bonus is tiered depending on how much you invest:
    • Invest $25,000-$49,999 & get $125
    • Invest $50,000-$99,999 & get $250
    • Invest $100,000-$179,999 & get $500
    • Invest $175,000-$249,999 & get $1,000
    • Invest $250,000-$374,999 & get $1,500
    • Invest $375,000-$499,999 & get $2,250
    • Invest $500,000-$749,999 & get $3,250
    • Invest $750,000+ & get $5,000
  • You must maintain the net deposit amount (less market losses) for at least 12 months otherwise they claw back the bonus

  • Previous bonuses were:
    • Invest $20,000 and receive a $50 bonus
    • Invest $50,000 and receive a $100 bonus
    • Invest $100,000 and receive a $200 bonus
    • Invest $250,000 and receive a $600 bonus
    • Invest $500,00 and receive a $1,500 bonus


The Fine Print

  • Valid until December 31st, 2018
  • Account must be opened in branch
  • Deposits must be completed within 30 days of account opening.
  • The net deposit calculation for the cash bonus will be calculated and the cash bonus will be credited to your account within 90 days of confirmation of your total qualifying net deposit.
  • The cash bonus will be applied only to the brokerage account for which the net deposit was calculated.
  • You must maintain the net deposit amount (less market losses, if any) in your account at PNCI for at least 12 months or PNCI may charge back the value of the cash bonus.
  • If opening more than one account, each account will be considered individually for payment of the bonus.
  • The value of the cash bonus may not exceed $3,000 per client.
  • This offer is not transferable, saleable or valid in conjunction with certain other PNCI offers.
  • This offer is available to U.S. residents only

Our Verdict

A few readers have asked us to post these types of investment deals when we see them. This seems similar to other offers on the market (e.g Ally Invest) but the $500,000 tier is $1,500 instead of the standard $1,200. I’d be happy to post these types of deals more often, but I’m interested to hear from readers that find these posts helpful. What type of things are important when it comes to investment bonuses (e.g with bank account bonuses we care about the bonus, direct deposit requirements, soft pull, credit card funding, fees etc). If I’m going to post these types of deals it’s useful to know what I should be looking for and why.

Hat tip to reader Neil C

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remarkable there is a program fee with no waiver with a certain investment amount?


Include this info : Pricing & Fees

PNC Directions charges a 1% annual fee for the investment advisory and brokerage services provided by PNC Investments. Mutual fund and ETF fees and expenses, as well as certain account service fees, are in addition to the program fee.

john m
john m

Even PNC’s checking account bonuses suck.


Useless 1% fee


William Charles this is dead fyi

Jim Worrall
Jim Worrall

The one year claw back on many of these deals completely invalidates their appeal.


It’s *net* investment losses. So the big brain move is to:

1) Transfer in $X worth into PNC
2) In a diff brokerage account, sell $X worth of way OTM short-dated options
3) In PNC buy $X of the same contract (so net 0 position)
4) Let options expire
5) Profit


This is a considered a wash trade and illegal.


I’m not sure but I don’t think that is a wash trade


Wash sales aren’t illegal, you just lose the us tax deduction for your loss. This is an offsetting trade where you take two opposite positions to minimize loss usually as you wait for maturity or changing to a long term tax gain. Protect against loss waiting for the bonus is something new I hadn’t thought of. Interesting Idea. I would have just held cash or short term fixed income (or similar etfs).

Charles Mann
Charles Mann

I just want to mention that the brokerage business and the banking business are now getting combined so things have been changing alot lately. A forum like this helps many people understand some of the changes. Sharing our thoughts and experiences here is the best way to stay abreast of the constant change that occurs on the financial horizon today. Keep up the good work.


William Charles: If I’m going to post these types of deals it’s useful to know what I should be looking for and why.

SMan: What I would like to see is
1) How much they charge for trading Mutual Funds, ETFs/Stocks and Options etc ?
2) Do they offer any free trades ?
3) Fee for transferring the account. Inward and outward .
4) Any Credit pulls (Like Schwab Hard pull)

Thanks a lot


This higher bonus is for managed accounts, which charge 1-2% per year. This will more than wipe out the bonus at every tier.


The “new & higher” bonus is not on a brokerage account, it’s management by a paid advisory team. “Only PNCI Managed Accounts (excluding PNC Digital Advisor) qualify for this bonus program”