Posted by William Charles on December 5, 2018

Published on December 5th, 2018 | by William Charles


Phoenix Likely To Get American Express Centurion Lounge

In May it was announced that Phoenix Airport would be replacing the current ‘The Club’ lounge with a new 9,532 square foot lounge. In November airport staff selected MAG USA Lounge Management to operate this new lounge (they operate Escape lounges).  According to minutes taken in a bidding processing MAG proposed splitting the lounge in two with the other area being for an American Express Centurion Lounge. Tonight city council will vote to on whether to approve this proposal. This is good news for American Express Platinum cardholders as they would have access to both the Centurion Lounge and the Escape lounge. If the proposal is approved as expected then the aim would be for a late 2019/early 2020 opening. Priority Pass isn’t happy that they will be missing out on the space:

“Following the announcement that the common-use lounge at Terminal 4 at Sky Harbor International Airport will undergo a change of operator, we have written to Mayor Thelda Williams to express our concern that removing access to this lounge for our Members could have a negative impact on the 150,000 Priority Pass Members that use the lounge annually and, in turn, on revenue value to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport,” Lucie Smith, a spokesperson for Priority Pass, said in an email to the Arizona Republic.

Earlier it was announced American Express centurion lounge at both HeathrowCharlotte.

Hat tip to AZ Central via VFTW

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~4500 sq ft. Oooohhhh boy.

Yeah it would be small, but the current PP lounge is less than 3000 sq ft…
Also, it sucks.

Phoenix is spelled wrong in the first sentence of the article.

That would be awesome!

Might want to mention that The Club PHX is no longer available to PP members. Unless you have Admiral’s Club or United access you are SOL in PHX for the time being.

Not sure what that has to do with anything. The club PHX no longer admits priority pass members at all.

Not according to — it seems like they’re back to not being available after 15:30 to Priority Pass, but the early morning hours of 05:00/08:00 are still there, so, still better than earlier this year, when it was just 08:00/15:30 — now it’s 05:00/15:30.

That said, I’ve visited a number of The Club places, and the one at PHX is by far the absolute worst. Both food-wise, as well as seating and capacity. Some folks reported in the reviews reported spotting mold on the bread they serve, and from personal experience, it certainly smells like mold even if I never spotted any. Pasta salads were pretty horrible, too. Haven’t been to any other lounge without a coffee machine, either — they only got the drip coffee at The Club at PHX.

Any remodel would certainly be welcome. Pretty sure very few, if any, repeat travellers would choose a PHX connection just for the existing lounge, so, not exactly sure what PriorityPass is complaining about, as it can’t possibly get any worse even for PP members.

Yeah, the app/website hasn’t been updated, PP not accepted.
Is definitely a dump of a lounge.

Interesting. I was there in September when it was supposedly closed to PP members and they accepted my card just fine. Are there more recent data points? Sucks since I fly out of PHX a lot and doubt I’ll ever get a Centurion card. Then again, hopefully I can snag Star Alliance Gold by the time I’d be screwed there.

As for quality, they upgraded the seats and carpet to “passable” from before. Not a great lounge by any stretch, but IMO worth stopping by for a short visit before an AA flight (not really worth arriving particularly early though).

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