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Published on October 23rd, 2017 | by Chuck


PPDG/eBay and Cardcash are No Longer Earning 5x with INK+, Nor 3x with INK Preferred

[Updated and reposted 10/23/17 since we’ve now clarified all the unknowns about the change.]

As of October 17, 2017, Paypal Digital Gifts and Cardcash are no longer earning 5x when paying with the Chase INK card. It used to code as Internet/Phone (for whatever reason) and earn 5x, but no longer. It seems  that Paypal Digital Gifts and Cardcash have switched something in their coding (probably at Chase’s request) which resulted in the change.

In Brief

Does not work:

  • PPDG/eBay with INK Plus/Cash Visa card now earns 1x
  • PPDG/eBay with INK Preferred card now earns 1x
  • PPDG/direct with INK Plus/Cash Visa card now earns 1x
  • Cardcash on INK Visa cards now earns 1x even when paying with Paypal

Still works:

  • INK Masterdards are still working to earn 5x on PPDG and Cardcash (e.g. INK Bold Mastercard or legacy INK Plus/Cash Mastercard)
  • Gyft via Paypal with INK Plus/Cash card still works for 5x
  • Giftcardmart via Paypal with any INK card still earns bonus: 5x for Plus/Cash/Bold, 3x for Preferred
  • Swych via Paypal with any INK card still earns bonus: 5x for Plus/Cash/Bold, 3x for Preferred


PPDG with INK Plus/Cash Visa

Here’s a screenshot from PPDG on INK Plus Visa card:

Initially, PPDG direct purchases were still earning 5x, even after eBay/PPDG stopped working, but soon-after that stopped as well.

PPDG with INK Preferred Visa

A friend of mine confirmed that INK Preferred is no longer earning 3x either.


Reddit reporters note that Cardcash is also not earning 5x anymore.


Gyft is also still working, as per reader Keith.


Giftcardmart still earns 5x with INK Plus/Cash and 3x with INK Preferred, as before.

Update 2/19/18: Sometime in beginning of February this changed and no longer earns 5x for now.


Swych is still working too.

INK Mastercard (Bold/Cash/Plus)

Interestingly, @voyagingdoc tells me that INK Bold Mastercard is still working.

And a reader tells us that it’s working on Cardcash too.

These INK changes are not affecting Mastercard at all, only Visa. All current versions of INK are Visa, but there are a few different legacy INK versions which are Mastercard (Bold/Plus/Cash). These are still working on PPDG and Cardcash for 5x.

Final Thoughts

This is a huge hit for gift card buyers. For me, PPDG is the biggest hit.

If anyone has a data point on Swych since October 17, please let us know. Appreciate if you can send me a screenshot as well (

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RIP, this was a good one

So it wasn’t a glitch? Anything to back that up? Thanks!

Huge loss. RIPIP

i seem to recall this happened last year, but then came back.

The only reason to mess with CardCash was for the 5X points. Otherwise, the hassles were too great for the effort. They did this once before, taking away the 5X and it eventually came back. Not sure what happened then, but maybe it can happen again?? In the mean time, bummer.

WOW. this is a bummer. Worse than ebay bucks being nerfed.

DAAAAANG! I just ordered $670 worth of Pep Boys gift cards from ABCgiftcards on Tuesday. Was keeping an eye and saw that it only gave 1x but was hoping it would adjust. I just found got in on this 🙁

This marks the end of an era!

However I am not sure it they ever coded as Utilities in the first place. Utilities was never a bonus category of Ink Plus / Cash. It was probably office supply?

This is like churning’s Mandela effect. So many people mistakenly believed that Ink+ earned 5x on Utilities.

Yea, it wasn’t coded as utilities. It said “+ 4 Pts per $1 internt, cable, phone, ofc sply”

Surprising it lasted this long, really.

i still have an ink bold

Have you replaced the physical card since the changeover to credit card?

I have replaced my Ink Bold recently. It still says “Ink Bold” on the card.

This. Sucks.

Most of my online 5x purchases are with Gyft, and I assume this will apply to them. Well, this sucks, but too bad – easy come, easy go.

Bummer. I purchased many a Amazon gift card through PPDG. Anywhere else we can get Amazon gift cards at 5X?

staples, office depot, etc

Office supply stores

Not a big problem. It would take just 2 more steps to get the same.

care to elaborate?

Drive to office supply store and drive back?

I’m kidding I don’t know the real answer

office supply store may not have the promotion as PPDG

Last I checked, gift cards–well, anything–bought at office supply stores got you the 5x UR points. It’s always worked for me, although once I switched to PPDG, I haven’t set foot in a Staples.

Exactly this. This just means I have to get my lazy @$£ off the couch a bit more… RIP.

what about Citi AT&T Access More 3X? still alive?

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