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Davis (@guest_1488510)
November 15, 2022 12:12

Mini rant: Even if you purchase through with this card, some hotels actually then get rerouted and booked through and don’t earn you 5x points. You can tell this because you will receive an email from in addition to the Priceline emails. Support is inept to reward you the missing points.

Davis (@guest_1376054)
May 4, 2022 14:38

Targeted offer: Use your Priceline Rewards™ Visa® Card to earn an additional 3X points for every $1 spent on eligible grocery store, drug store and restaurant purchases, up to $1,200 from 04/01/2022 through 06/30/2022. This offer is in addition to the points you already earn with your Priceline Rewards Visa Card.

Add an authorized user and you can start earning rewards even faster. Enroll by 05/15/2022. This offer is for select cardmembers and is not transferable. If your account is closed or you switch to another product during the promotional period, you may no longer be eligible for this promotion. If you receive this offer and enroll by 05/15/2022 you will earn 3 additional points for every one dollar ($1) spent on eligible grocery store, drugstore and restaurant purchases, less credits, returns and adjustments (“Net Purchases”) with transaction dates between 04/01/2022 through 06/30/2022, up to a maximum of 3,600 points. Purchases in the specified reward categories must be submitted by merchants using the corresponding Merchant Category Codes (“MCCs”) in order to earn additional points. MCCs are categories used by merchants based on the goods and services they sell. Barclays uses the MCCs when creating the reward categories however, we have no control over how merchants choose to be categorized and as a result, some purchases may not fall into the expected rewards category and will not qualify to earn additional points. Additional points may not be earned if the merchant submits the purchase using a mobile or wireless card reader or if you use a mobile or digital wallet to pay for the purchase. Additionally, purchases made through third parties, including online marketplaces and resellers, or using a third-party payment account, will not earn additional points.

Failure to maintain your creditworthiness during the offer period may result in actions on your account, such as a credit line decrease, that would reduce your ability to take advantage of this offer. To receive the additional points, your account must be open, active and in good standing at the time of fulfillment. All points earned from this promotion will appear on your statement 6-8 weeks after the end of the promotion.

So 4x on grocery store, drug store, and restaurant purchases. But Chase Freedom Flex earns at higher rates than these.

Davis (@guest_1234251)
August 4, 2021 19:30

7/14: Opened
7/19: $0.01 charge to my storage unit
8/03: $150 statement credit

M (@guest_1223419)
July 15, 2021 23:26

DP: received bonus as – statement credit once the first statement closed.

Davis (@guest_1222471)
July 14, 2021 11:25

Approved with $3,200 credit limit.

792 Transunion

Transunion hard pulls:

Past 24 months: 4
Past 18 months: 4
Past 12 months: 4
Past 06 months: 2
Past 03 months: 2
Past 01 months: 0


Past 24 months: 5
Past 18 months: 5
Past 12 months: 4
Past 06 months: 3
Past 03 months: 2
Past 01 months: 1

DD (@guest_1212073)
June 25, 2021 16:27

I’ve done normal spending for random stuff since 6/3, and on 6/17, a $150 credit was posted.

Jack (@guest_1210584)
June 23, 2021 01:32

I spent 5 dollar and it has been near a month now and I have not received the 150 dollar award, anyone know why?

Marty (@guest_1208302)
June 17, 2021 12:58

Denied. Opened 5/24, 4/12. Transunion score 806. 5 hard pulls in last year, 3 were in 2021, 1 was last week for Cap 1 Quicksilver (was approved for that one). Probably should have waited longer than a week before trying for Priceline.

Or maybe it’s b/c I had 2 Barclay credit cards that were closed in 2017 and 2020 for inactivity.

B (@guest_1205471)
June 12, 2021 14:58

“Priceline $150 Credit” posted at statement close 6/11 Putting my balance into the negative. .50 amzn reload triggered the bonus. Purchased 149.50 worth of goodS to bring balance to zero

TRJ (@guest_1205635)
June 13, 2021 06:09

Same here except I spent $20. Nice way to make a few bucks! Thanks DoC!

Joe (@guest_1205741)
June 13, 2021 14:10

Thats the easiest way to “redeem” the rewards, right?
Its not worth waiting 6 months for them to send a check to credit the account

Himanshu (@guest_1201374)
June 5, 2021 12:44


EZ $150.