Posted by William Charles on February 19, 2018

Published on February 19th, 2018 | by William Charles


Priority Pass Adds Capers Cafe Le Bar & Capers Market To PDX [Another New Restriction Added]

Reposting again as they have added another new restriction:

  • To be eligible, Cardholders and guests are required to show an Outbound Departure Boarding Pass with confirmed same-day travel.

Via reader CongestionCharge

I’m reposting this because Priority Pass has added a new restriction to these lounges. The following has been added:

  • The US$28 is valid for the purchase of any meal and/or drinks excluding bottle sales & merchandise

Capers Market has a wide selection of wine to go that they sell and a lot of people have been picking up a bottle or two every trip they take. That’s obviously not what Priority Pass is designed for so you can see why they added this new restriction. Personally I’m happy that these restrictions are being added, as I see the alternative of restaurants such as these just being removed entirely. Obviously it sucks for those who were able to take advantage of picking up some goodies every flight, but at least you can still use these restaurants going forward. Hat tip to One Mile At A Time.

Recently Priority Pass added the House Spirits Distillery to PDX and they have just added two more ‘lounges’ to PDX.

Both give you $28 off your final bill per person per visit. I wasn’t able to find a food menu for either online (update menu for Concourse C can be found here), but featured glasses of wine will cost $5.50-$6, featured cocktails are $6 and featured draft beer is $4 a pint. Priority Pass has been busy adding these restaurant partnerships, likely due to issues securing and maintaining lounges due to capacity issues and the rise of premium credit cards and priority pass numbers increasing.

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Would love if they did something like this at STL

Saw this! Looking forward to it, but still nothing in Terminal 1. Also, a meal at this place in PDX is probably better than the food will be in this lounge.

The Pasta House just joined!

I just used priority pass at the Pasta House tonight and it was a great meal. as always I was able to take a friend. Nice addition.

PDX now kicks @ss!

BUT BETTER book your rental car FAR in advance! Rental rates are $150/day for econo car with two weeks notice or less! ouch! Trying

Paid for by

Gah! Just flew out of PDX on Saturday morning and didn’t both checking PP. Lesson learned.

I got one of my friends to apply for the Prestige with the 75K bonus miles and add me as an AU so i got the priority pass card for $50 for one year. Pretty sweet 😉

Does this work with guests also, or is it just for the primary cardholder?

The number and quality of restaurants and bars accepting the Priority Pass in Sydney, Australia is quite good. All allow AUD$36 per PERSON per visit. Since my wife and I each have a card, we visited two different restaurants for breakfast and purchased over AUD$240 between us for ourselves and our teenage children. Yes, it really cost that much for food and drinks + bakery dessert at inflated airport prices. Definitely better selections than the meager offerings at the airport lounges in the same airport.

Anyone know if you can use $28 per person per visit for both of these places on the same day? Stop at the Cafe then stop at the Market immediately after basically.


The Alaska Lounges have added this to their PP descriptions.
“Effective 07AUG17 Limited to two guests per cardholder.”

Last week my partner and I tried out the House Spirits Distillery at PDX. It was fun, we got two whiskey sampler flights and two cocktails with our two Priority Passes (he’s an authorized user on my Prestige). I bought a bottle of the vinegar they used in my cocktail (which I really liked), and they gave me 10% off the vinegar due to the whiskey flight “purchase.” After that we walked next door to the Alaska lounge and used our Priority Passes again. Anyway, it was a good way to spend an hour and a half waiting for a flight. Next time I go through PDX I’m going to be sure to check these new options out too.

not sure how $28 credits per person is sustainable. TBD.

I’m staying at one of the Portland Airport hotels for 3 days in late September. My hotel offers free shuttle service and I’ll be traveling for fun.

I won’t be flying, but I have Global Entry and Priority Pass. Does anyone know if it’s possible to visit Capers and the Distillery without having a boarding pass?

My plan is to take the shuttle from my hotel to the airport and then take the Max Light Rail to locations around the city.

Capers would be a nice place to get breakfast and or a late dinner, though Portland probably offers much better options for an evening meal.

Wow. That’s a pretty sad plan. You might just try getting out more often.

Chris, I don’t think you can just take the shuttle in to the airport to get your free breakfast and leave unless you have a boarding pass since these locations are beyond the security checkpoint as you will need a boarding pass to get through security.
But I’m still not clear if there is a limit of 1 visit per location (4 in this case at PDX – 3 airport café/restaurant/bar and the Alaska lounge) per day ? or 1 visit (of your choice of the 4) per airport ? If not then what is the point of having a 2nd card or having a partner who is also an authorized user ?

The obvious way to get around would be to purchase a refundable ticket on Southwest and cancel once you enter security.

How far before the flight can you cancel the ticket? I just want to get in to take advantage of my PP .

According to SW you can cancel it 10 min before the flight… but buying a ticket just to have a lunch at the airport (with passing all security, and possibly taking an X-ray…) is truly taking this to the new level.. 🙂 It does feel nice to maximize benefits, but I would think that only few people would go for it.

Just used this benefit at Capers Market in Concourse D. Had to go board my flight so bought $28 in snacks like roasted nuts, jerky, chocolate. They also have boxed food to-go, bottled drinks & alcohol (beer & wine), artisanal food products which are good for gifting too like local honey. Plus an espresso bar with pastries and a bar where you can order food & drinks. Limited table seating options but great for grab and go.

We had great breakfast bagel sandwiches plus two soft drinks and the guy working the bar told us to get some snacks for the trip because he wanted us to get the full value of what we were supposed to get. We were only at $17 at this point. We ended up getting a bottle of wine! My husband and I both have separate PP cards but he was only allowing us to use one card plus one guest – total $56.

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