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Published on April 30th, 2015 | by William Charles


Can You Churn Chase Checking & Savings Bonuses?

I was wondering if you can churn Chase checking & saving account bonuses, because I’m a current customer.

Jan B (slightly rephrased)

Hi Jan, yes it is possible to churn Chase deposit accounts.  There are three rules that you need to keep in mind.

  1. If you close your Chase account within six months of opening it, you’ll forfeit any bonus you earned on that account
  2. To be eligible for a new bonus you must currently not have an account, or have closed an account within the past 90 days (you also can’t have ever closed a Chase account with a negative balance – which you wouldn’t want to do anyway as it would be a red flag on your ChexSystems report).
  3. You can only receive one new checking and one new savings account opening related bonus per calendar year

So yes, it’s entirely possible to churn these bonuses and it’s something I’ve done and will continue to do. I’d recommend waiting for a $300 Chase total checking bonus and a $300 Chase savings bonus (although sometimes there are lower bonuses with easier to meet requirements). You can always see what current Chase bonuses are available here.

While I was writing this, Chuck saw and had a follow up question for me and thought that a lot of people would have similar questions so why not answer it publicly.

I was wondering if you’ve churned multiple chase deposit bonuses before? Did the banker ask you why you keep opening and closing? Did they make you feel weird? The downside to Chase is that they usually require you to open in branch.

I think the requirement to open in branch is something that’s been introduced in the last 6-12 months. I’ve gotten the bonus on the checking account multiple times (I think 3+ now) and a couple of times on the savings account as well. Banker didn’t ask me about my previous accounts with Chase at all, so I definitely didn’t feel weird about it.

It’s a bit more of a hassle opening in branch, but I think it’s worth it when the bonuses are suitably high (e.g $300+). I think the main reason they required you to open in branch is so they could upsell potential valuable customers. If somebody is initially depositing $100,000 they could target them for a private banker for example.

22 Responses to Can You Churn Chase Checking & Savings Bonuses?

  1. Dan says:

    Bonus date is the date upon which the bonus amount was deposited to your account, yes? IIRC, I got my bonuses deposited in 2014 but closed my accounts in 2015. Am I eligible again?

  2. gaurav says:

    I recently closed my chase account and planning to churn it, however i am a secondry on my spouse account, can it create any issues ?

    After 1 month of closing my account i contacted chase gave a coupon code to see if it works, it didnt worked as system identifed me as currrent customer, is it because of 90 day limit or joint account with wife?

    • Not entirely sure as I don’t have a spouse/I’m not a signer on anybody elses accounts. The fine print doesn’t specifically mention anything so you should be OK. Just remember the limit of one bonus per calendar year, if you opened an account this year (which it sounds like you have if it was closed less than 90 days ago) you won’t be eligible.

      • Gaurav says:

        I opened my account in 2013, closed in march this year. Wife’s account opened early this year and got the bonus for her.

        Will wait for 90 days and check if the coupon works or not, as per chase branch as long as system accepts the coupon i will get the Bonus.

  3. Steve says:

    I think there’s a typo. “To be eligible for a new bonus you must currently have an account” should say “To be eligible for a new bonus you must *NOT* currently have an account.”

  4. HoKo says:

    I don’t live anywhere near any chase branches, do you think if I just called some random branches I could get a banker to work with me and do it over the phone (I remember being able to do this many years ago with Chase CO bonuses IIRC)

  5. Adam says:

    I think a more pertinent Q and strategy is how do you go about getting the bonus every year on your accounts without having to close em first? I have my reasons, and I know this is possible.

    but some more info on this path would be appreciated.

    • Paul says:

      @Adam, your statement seems a bit off, so maybe I am not understanding it correctly. Anyways, you would need to plan to close the account before getting any offers. This way you are ready to use them before they expire. If you wait for them to be available it may not work. Also, you do not need to be targeted to use some of the good offers. I was able to find a checking & savings promotion that offered $450.00, and the offer was available for anyone via a Chase link.

      If you are looking for these types of bonuses without closing the account at all then I cannot help. I have heard about offers being sent to current customers, but I am unaware of how large they are. The CSR that set me up made mention of this and that she could contact me when they arise if I am interested. I am certain they will not be as large of promotions or as easy to obtain.

      • Adam says:

        Lemme give some more context. Sometimes I come across Chase coupons on eBay that for some reason do not exclude current customers or have no limiting language otherwise. In the past I’ve had my fav banker been able to apply those bonuses to my account even though I’d gotten bonus in the past, and the account was open. my fav banker moved so just wanted more data points from folks about this if it was still kosher etc.

        I dont know if I do get coupons that are for new customers, that my banker can still apply it (manually) to my account. I remember the first time I got one of these eBay coupons, my strategy was to goto my local branch, sit down with my banker and kinda talk to em about closing my accounts with em. kinda like how one does with CCs and subsequent retention offers. that immediately changes the banker’s “mood” and they’re willing to hook you up. atleast they did the last time I did this.

        Note: all conditions of your coupon still apply aka DD requirements, minimums, timeframe etc.

  6. Bargainator says:

    I have been churning Chase Checking Accounts for 6+ years and Savings Accounts for 5+ years. The best strategy is to open these accounts between January to April. That way, you can keep the accounts open for at least 6 months to close them and then wait another 3 months (90 days) when the new calendar year comes around to rinse and repeat. Depending on the amount you are aiming for, I usually wait out until early to late March and check eBay to see what the highest bonus amount is currently available before buying the code and running to my branch and opening both the checking and savings. If anyone wants to learn on how to waive maintenance fees for the checking and savings account, let me know and I will be gladly share on my experience with that as well!

    • walterj says:

      I was just wondering – how to avoid the monthly fees?

      • Bargainator says:

        Well luckily for me, I opened a Chase Business Account back in 2011 and every time I opened both a new checking and savings every year, I would always tell the banker to link those accounts to my business accounts so that the maintenance fees get waived. However if I were a new customer, I would wait until the bonus gets deposited into my account (usually within 10 days depending on the coupon you are using) and switched to a checking or savings account that requires the easiest requirement to fulfill. So for instance, I would end up switching to a Total Checking Account (maintenance fee waived if you have at least $1500 daily average in account) and Regular Savings ($300 minimum requirement to avoid fees). I hope that answers your question walterj and feel free to ask me any other questions!

  7. Vic says:

    In my experience, the 90 days rule in 2. only hold for Checking account. I was referring to this sentence: “or have closed an account within the past 90 day”.

    My wife have I have both closed our Savings account and opened a new one the day after, and we’re both able to get the bonus.

    For Checking the 90 days restriction is listed on the TOS specifically.

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  9. Ender says:

    Will closing my checking & deposit account affect my chase card?

    I just got my chase freedom through special consideration because I deposited 10k into my chase checking.

    I am thinking to close and reopen my checking to get my first checking bonus…

  10. Alana says:

    In March 2017 opened a Chase Checking/Savings to take advantage of the bonus. The last time I had opened and closed an account was 2 years ago. Although the banker took my money and opened the accounts, I did not receive the bonus. After the 90 days I inquired to see what was the hold up and I was told that I would not receive the bonus due to having already opened/closed accounts in the past. I told the banker that I thought it was unethical to take my money knowing that I was opening it to take advantage of the bonus and then not give the bonus. The bank manager would not get involved and said since I was talking to a personal banker, I needed to speak with that person. So beware.

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