Posted by William Charles on May 18, 2018

Published on May 18th, 2018 | by William Charles


Recap: Dice Game, PreCheck Wait Bonus & More


Deals expiring at the end of today (view the full deal calendar here):

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Deals expiring at end of tomorrow:



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I think the SouthWest bonus is nice, but I also hope it isn’t abused. Meaning people who in reality waited 6-9 minutes going up and asking for a voucher. They’d probably get it, but then SW might not continue the program to other markets.

Personally I don’t think I’ve ever waited for than 5 mins while in precheck (yet) but would definitely do it for 2,500 points lol I’d do it for 1,000 points! I’d assume they count towards the Companion Pass too since the ones from surveys seem to count.

“Personally I don’t think I’ve ever waited for than 5 mins while in precheck (yet)”

Dang, I guess you don’t fly during peak season often then? I vividly remember my longest ever wait time in the TSA Precheck line, around Thanksgiving 2016…45 minutes from joining the queue to the security ID check. The Precheck line was actually longer (i.e. had more people in it) than the non-Precheck line, but it moved slightly faster.

That finally convinced me that I needed to get CLEAR, lol

The WN bonus is something they could easily add to RDU, considering Terminal 1 is also completely leased by WN. I’ve never had more than ~1 minute wait there (granted, I’ve generally flew in the mornings)

Must be more to amex freezing points than that. He is assigning causation to the wrong trigger event.

At least I know now that I’m not with frozen Amex points. 120k points that I can’t use. I haven’t done any manufactured spending or closed cards after getting the bonus.

amex freezing shit is nothing new. everyone should know not to fuck with amex and test their RAT team skills. who knows what the OP did. im sure theres way more to the story, but YMMV. amex has always been dangerous after RAT. chase and citi are pretty close behind as their ban hammer is now pretty crazy too.

the only thing i still dont understand are the blatant SPG MS abuse and INK MS abuse that have not been slaughtered yet. its almost like amex and chase saying “for those cards, we allow it, but for anything else, we kill u”…

i wanna know why.

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