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I am not sure if this change applies in other states, but Payment Systems has changed the fee schedule for estimated tax payments to the Nebraska Department of Revenue.  Previously, all such payments including debit cards were charged at the credit card rate of 2.49 per cent.
Effective June 1st, 2016 (verified by telephone), when Official Payments is used:
The credit card fee rate is reduced to 2.35 per cent.
Debit cards are now a flat one (1%) percent of the payment.  My discussion with Nebraska Department of Revenue covered store bought Debit Cards.  It did not cover a limited number of payments per quarter like the federal limitation.
  Therefore, my future such payment will be with rewards credit card purchased Debit Cards.  I like the idea of a 4% recovery of my tax dollars.  In my particular case, based on my 2015 TurboTax reports, my state of Nebraska Estimated 2016 payments are about 30 percent of my Federal 1040 Estimated 2016 payments.
IMO, this puts these payments in the same category as Federal Estimated Tax Payments as described in your DoctorofCredit articles.
Only the members of your board can check out if the fee change applies to other states.
Anybody else notice a change in the fee for state payments?

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“NFC Enababled Ring”

I think you mean Enabled 🙂