Posted by William Charles on July 20, 2017

Published on July 20th, 2017 | by William Charles


Recap: AmEx Spending More On Rewards Points To Retain Customers, Americans For Fair Skies & More


17 Responses to Recap: AmEx Spending More On Rewards Points To Retain Customers, Americans For Fair Skies & More

  1. Pat says:

    Is the 60k Delta Gold Sign up extension date a targeted promotion?

  2. Lantean says:

    Amex did it to themselves. One cannot have a rewards program so weak and then on top of it impose tons of nonsensical limitations. Plus making everything so complicated… how can they not see Chase is winning because their programs are more rewarding and simple to use and understand?

    The death of AP is not helping them either.

    • Kent C says:

      I give credit to Amex for their ongoing % off deals which are usually very generous whether you MS or not. With the ability to repeat these offers on multiple cards, it is lucrative for many. No other issuer allows that level of volume or discount. Chase is absent. I don’t see their promos as complicated and I’ve taken part in close to 30 application promo offers with my wife and have received over 2 million points/miles from Amex alone. I do prefer Chase because of Avios and UR/Hyatt transfers which I see as very valuable, but I don’t see the animosity against Amex. I don’t believe their desperation is because of poor offers to their customers, I believe it’s because of the loss of Costco revenue and their need to replace that through other avenues, mainly customer retention and acquisition.

      • Elmer says:

        But do the average consumers really use the Amex Offers? It’s a bit more trouble than most folks are willing to go through. Sure churners love it, but not sure that’s their market — at least we know it’s not the market that Chase and Citi are targeting.

    • GuestA says:

      People use Chase’s cards more , that is because it’s a visa. I dont think Amex is not as bad as you wrote. I use Amex in the USA quite often.

  3. Nick says:

    I think it would serve them well to soften the blacklist a bit. Sure some have burned AmEx via bankruptcy, but they should allow cardmembers to return without having to pay back discharged debts. Assuming they otherwise meet credit qualifications for the product. I remember an old WSJ article about why Capital One allows it, they find second chance accounts are highly loyal and have a very low default rate. People appreciate the second chance and it could open up a new pool of accounts.

    • Paul says:

      Fool me once…

      • Peter says:

        Not a fan of bankruptcy in general and personally I would not be interested in loaning to a person who didn’t pay me back…so if you declare bankruptcy and want to try and repair your history with a lender, first thing you should do is pay them back with interest.

    • J Cole says:

      Fool me one time, shame on you
      Fool me twice, can’t put the blame on you
      Fool me three times, fuck the peace sign
      Load the chopper, let it rain on you

  4. Joel says:

    I’ve been noticing the generous reward point bonuses recently from Amex – but it looks like those of us with cash back cards are being ignored. Perhaps that’s why my daily spend has moved from Amex to Bank of America cards, and I’ll soon be canceling my Blue Cash Preferred …

  5. Eric says:

    I wouldn’t retain churners either. I would close their accounts. I wouldn’t want them as my customers either. Glad Amex/Citi/Chase are adding languages to sign up bonus. I have been AMEX loyal customer since 2003 and I haven’t churned at all. AMEX & Citi (especially AMEX) have been giving me far more rewards & benefits then top churners can get in 4 years.

    Americans For Fair Skies is THE scam. I am an American but I do not support their BS claims. And I am avoiding the domestic 3. Especially United and Delta. I ditched UA 10yrs ago and DL 4 yrs ago and not looking back.

    • Adam D says:

      “AMEX & Citi (especially AMEX) have been giving me far more rewards & benefits then top churners can get in 4 years.”


    • Elmer says:

      See folks…. Eric is one of those Amex loyal fools that pays for a Black Card. They do exist, and with their blinders, they only see the world Amex wants them to see. “See, 1x MR on all spend is just terrific!”
      Good luck with that.

      • Eric says:

        Actually I don’t have a black card. Thank you very much. As far as earnings, I don’t earn 1x MR. I don’t spend $100k/yr on Amex. Far far less. And last year I racked up 220K MR 🙂

        I like their sign on bonus for new accounts from time to time. And I keep those cards after reviewing pro & cons.

        I have 7 Amex credit cards and 2 charge cards. All are from Amex directly. Not via third parties.

        So before trashing me and putting words in my mouths, please check around a bit. It’s best to call Amex directly and ask the right questions and have the right relationship. Hints: retention department is not the right Department. Threatening to cancel is not the right route.

        Thank you.

      • Eric says:

        I don’t have authorized users on my Amex & Citi accounts. However, I have been receiving 3 (now 5) complimentary GE every 4 years for family and friends. Go figure 🙂

        • Travelmom says:

          “AMEX & Citi (especially AMEX) have been giving me far more rewards & benefits then top churners can get in 4 years.”
          “And last year I racked up 220K MR ”

          Eric…just since January of this year, my husband and I have “racked up” 750k combined in MR. That is just in the last 7 months…the amount of points Citi and amex have given to us in the last 4 years combined is staggering.

          I can assure you we are not “top churners”, not even close.

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