Posted by Chuck on May 28, 2017

Published on May 28th, 2017 | by Chuck


Recap: Challenging Amazon, Mortgage Hacking, Bad Groupon Cards & More

Some news from around the web:

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ha for once I’m thankful I got Paypal blocked out of getting those GC’s

what’s going on with PayPal Digital Gifts? I had a couple thousand dollars worth of gift cards last year that went $0 balance and it took forever to get the money back.

I thought they got that all straightened out (from what I recall, it was some kind of hack)…

If you have a CSR, it is likely more profitable NOT to remove escrow now that Plastiq codes as travel…

Yes, I was thinking just that. Until CSR stops paying 3x for this.

Why not just keep it safe and simple, use escrow, and then pay your mortgage with plastiq?

By not escrowing you get to use credit cards to pay your mortgage, and you can use postal money orders or official billpay sites to bypass Plastiq. If you have CSR or Ink Preferred that codes as travel this wouldn’t apply, but many people don’t.

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