Posted by William Charles on December 4, 2016

Published on December 4th, 2016 | by William Charles


Recap: Flat Uber Fares, Free After Points, Getting Unbanned & More


  • I’m Walmart Unbanned By Oren’s Money Saver. Basically don’t have too many cards on file with Walmart.
  • Serve News, can have up to 5 cards now. Shame they banned everybody.serve-news

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Amex has weeded the Serve users down to just its core market of unbanked customers that they can suck predatory fees from, so now they encourage those desired customers/suckers to get more cards with high fees. Amex is determined to make a profit off their floundering prepaid/payday loan business somehow.

Yes, Amex is a for-profit company determined to maximize its profit and focus on core market segments. Shocking.

It was a business that Amex said they were pulling out of at this time last year because it wasn’t profitable, and that it wasn’t a core market. Just pointing out their change.

Actually, speak to anyone in the industry and they’ll tell you that B&Mless banking is burgeoning and profitable industry. Especially in Trumpville (rural, predominantly white areas).

Again, I was pointing out that Amex was finally finding a way to make that segment profitable vs their stance a year ago (based on interviews with execs) of laying off the staff and apparently winding it down.

There are some people who are still using Serve for MS, just being more careful about it. I don’t know what the magic formula is, but two of the three Serve cards in my extended family are still working and still being used for MS. Of course, those accounts could be closed at any time.

Will you need different email addresses per serve flavor?

The ad is a little unclear- does this mean we can have one of EACH type of Serve, up to a total of 5? Or, is it even better- can we get 5 of the exact same type of Serve?

Just called CS and they told me you can have up to 5 of the same type (e.g. 5 One VIP).
I was also told that BlueBird and Redcard do not count towards the 5 Serve you can have.

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