Recap: New Churning Shirts, Delta Pays A $4,000 Bump & More


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James B.
James B.

Correction: She was given $4,000 in Delta vouchers, not $4000 cash.

Still $4,000 in vouchers is a nice win.

There is a big difference between vouchers and cash. I would accept $3,000 in cash over $4,000 in Delta vouchers any day. The inflection point for me would be somewhere between $2,500-$3,000 in cash over the $4,000 in vouchers. The airlines love to give out vouchers over cash to help the bottom line.

Remember cash is king!!!!!!!!


TL;DR: Gary Leff fanboy has extra time on his hands because h has no girlfriend. Spends time writing out calculations we all do in our heads.