Posted by William Charles on September 13, 2018

Published on September 13th, 2018 | by William Charles


Recap: Pushing AmEx, Wells Fargo Plan Rejected & More

  • How far can we push the Amex Offer once per cardmember rule? (Author Chat) by Frequent Miler. The biggest problem with this AT&T offer is it looks like they have limited how much you can prepay your account. If they hadn’t and you plan to stick with AT&T then the risk involved is very low as even if American Express does claw back all your out is the increased earning opportunity you could have put on another card. I think you’re safe doing one statement credit offer and one Membership Rewards offer, I personally wouldn’t push past that. Also I don’t think the push back was from Staples on that particular offer, I believe those offers are actually funded by American Express themselves and that’s why they fixed the issue. The reason for this is that replaces the Open savings program rather than being a strict amex offer.


Deals expiring at the end of today (view the full deal calendar here):

Deals expiring at end of tomorrow:

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>meals start at $69.99 for transatlantic flights.



“We appreciate your business sir,

So let’s see your base fare:
JFK -CDG $249

E-ticket fee $19.99
Seat belt fee $17.95
Over 5′ tall fee $22.50
Over 160# fee $139.99
Over 175# additional fee $89.99
Fresh air fee $63.75
Boarding fee $25.00
De-Boarding fee $37.50
Bathroom pass (3) $59 additional pass $15
Flight attendant smile fee $9.95
Courtesy fee $17.75
Computer booking fee $31.50
Fare fee inquiry $5
Fare fee tally fee $5
Fee explanation fee $10ea
Fee NDA fee $13
Plane Cleaning fee $100
Credit card Fee 7.5%
Cash payment n/c
Cash counting fee 7.5%
InFrequent flier fee $5
Check-in line entrance fee $.05
Check-in line exit fee $.10

This is pure parody no aimed at any airline but I better not give them any more ideas.


“I believe those offers are actually funded by American Express themselves”

I’ve seen you or others mention that before, what is the reasoning? Seems to me like it would be at least partly covered by the specific company they’re promoting spending money with…?

The company being promoted being financially involved would also explain this inconsistency, noted in the linked post: “It was either meant as a warning to heavy hitters or it was something pushed by Staples, and I’m thinking the latter – otherwise why not at least claw back on the Lowe’s and Exxon Mobil offers that came out at the same time?”


William Charles Chuck All of my comments today, containing no links or phone numbers at all (common prior triggers), seem to be getting stuck in moderation. I think there is one on this post from several hours ago (now invisible to me), and another one just now on . Please release these, and pleeease figure out how to make it stop doing this to everything I submit… 🙁 I’m going to try to resist any further commenting until I hear it’s back to normal, since it’s frustrating to be unable to edit my comments and have no idea when or if other people will be able to ever see them. It wasn’t doing this last night when I submitted a comment on another post around 11pm, so something definitely changed today.

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