Posted by Chuck on May 15, 2017

Published on May 15th, 2017 | by Chuck


Recap: State of Manufactured Spending, Saks Glitches, Walmart-Amazon Price Wars & More



  • Here’s how to use mobile payments when the cashier insists it won’t work:


13 Responses to Recap: State of Manufactured Spending, Saks Glitches, Walmart-Amazon Price Wars & More

  1. Charles says:

    What is DL? (In the samsung watch gas station comment)

    • Brian says:

      Driver’s licence?

      • Joe says:

        it looks like /u/yugi used their driver’s license to fake putting a card in the slot. anything that the reader wouldn’t read would probably work (maybe even put a credit or debit card in backward?)

  2. Abey says:

    So as the sust have settled. There are no new credit card specials recently or links with special sign up bonus languages. I have run out of credit cards to swipe to reach minimum spend.
    So today i went over my 73 credit card album thinking which cards to pick out for daily spend.
    After 30min of back and forth, I picked out the Spark 2% cash back and the SPG.
    All the rest are somewhat worthless and overrated cards for daily spend. 😜

  3. TG says:

    Is the Saks part supposed to link to another site? Because it links to your post about it twice.

  4. MarcoPolo says:

    Never knew about buying My Cash cards at CVS with a credit card and loading funds to PayPal account.
    Oh well…….MS gravy train is getting slower and slower now.

    • V says:

      Don’t worry, you didn’t lose much, your ignorance of this feature probably kept you safe from a very likely Paypal shutdown. They were shutting down random accounts for MyCash loading and among my family members, two more accounts got shut down because of that.

  5. JASON says:

    Found out last week that Vanilla Master debit card issued by Bancorp bank is no longer able to load on bluebird or serve account.

  6. artgriego says:

    DoC, is the FT post you mentioned in response to a cashier insisting it won’t work? It sounds like this was their strategy at a gas station pump – must have a mechanical switch that you have to trigger with a dummy card for the magnetic sensor to pick up the Samsung pay transmitter.

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