Posted by William Charles on December 24, 2016

Published on December 24th, 2016 | by William Charles


Rentler Review – Pay Rent With A Credit Card (2.5% Fee & Requires Landlord Opt In)

A few weeks ago reader Rob let us know about website Rentler as they had started powering his local classifies for apartments. Rentler has a payments service that allows you to pay your rent with the following methods:

  • Bank account: $1.50 fee
  • Credit card: 2.5% fee fee
  • Debit card: $3.99 service fee


Both the landlord and tenants need to sign up for Rentler in order for payments to be made. There are also some other features:

  • Automatic late fees
  • Ability to split payments between roommates
  • Reports to Experian RentBureau

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I don’t think Rentler is particularly interesting due to the fact that Plastiq also allows rent payment for a 2.5% (often with discounts) and doesn’t require the landlord to sign up. Rentler might be of interest depending on how it codes and the low debit card fee is also interesting depend on what debit cards they accept.

If you’ve used Rentler before or have any datapoints, please share them in the comments below.


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It only reminds me PPBDC if paying by debit card


Who thought of that name? It’s literally a combination of rent and Hitler. I guess some people might think that landlords are nazis.


How about an Android Pay discount a la Radpad? RIP…

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