Posted by William Charles on December 10, 2018

Published on December 10th, 2018 | by William Charles


Samsung Pay: 10% Off Best Buy Giftcards ($50 For $45)

The Offer

Find the Gift Cards tab in the Samsung Pay app to get this deal

  • $50 Best Buy gift card for $45

The Fine Print

  • Limit of two per 24 hour period
  • $500 maximum over promo period

Our Verdict

Don’t forget you can earn an additional 5% cashback if you have the Chase Freedom card and have linked Chase Pay & Samsung Pay.

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never used SP before, two questions.

1. Is there a way to increase quantity or do you have to by them one at a time?
2. is the 24 hour period calendar day or truly 24 hours from your last purchase time?
3. In which app can I make sure my chase pay is linked to samsung pay?


1. One at a time.
2. From last purchase.
3. Linking is per card. If you go to the card you linked in Chase Pay, there will be “Pay with Samsung Pay” button.

Eddy Cue
Eddy Cue

Can answer 1 and 2
1. You can only buy one at a time
2. Truly 24 hours from your last purchase (eg last purchase at 10am today, cant purchase till 10am tomorrow – give or take a minute, i usually add a few minutes to be safe)


Ryan Eddy Cue got it, ty to both of you!

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