Posted by Chuck on November 19, 2018

Published on November 19th, 2018 | by Chuck


[DEAD] Samsung Pay: 30% Cash Back at (max $100 CB/trx) + 30% at Walmart on Toys + 30% at Groupon

Samsung Pay is offering many users 30% cashback on purchases, up to $100 back. If you buy $333 in items, you’ll max out the $100 cash back. The limit is per transaction so you can do multiple small transactions to maximize your cashback, but larger items will be limited to $100 back.

You do need to click through Samsung Pay to get the cash back, but this is still obviously an incredible deal since shopping portals typically only offer around 1% at Best Buy.

Not sure if everyone is seeing the Best Buy 30% deal. Other people are seeing 30% cash back on toys at Walmart which is also terrific. Some people got both. Others also see Groupon 30% back.

It hasn’t been pulled so it looks like this is for real. Stack the Best Buy deal with the $30 off $300 Amex Offer deal. 

The Fine Print:

  • Offer expires on November 21.
  • Gift cards are excluded in the terms.
  • Excludes promotions.

(Update) Check out this Slickdeals wiki for some products which this deal does and does not work on. Standard Best Buy portal exclusions are: Best Buy Gift Cards, Warranties, Apple Desktops, Apple iPhone Hardware, Apple Watches, All Desktops, All Laptops, All Tablets, All Gaming Hardware & POSA Cards. So these things are likely excluded.

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I actually have both the Walmart and Best Buy offers


I have both on mine. Doesn’t seem like a mistake, but 30% is extraordinarily high.

I want to buy a device for using Samsung Pay only, not my daily use. Where and which model is cheap but stable? Thanks.

I bought a Samsung galaxy S6 on C/L for this purpose.

Second this. Got a Samsung S6 on ebay for this purpose too


me too on CL

bought one on ebay. $90
bought another on amazon. $110

both are S6.

Thank you, guys! Can I use Samsung Pay on supported devices when using another carrier that is not listed as supported on Samsung’s website?

Not sure about the supported carrier thing but my Samsung phone is either connected to wifi at home or to my mobile hotspot when taking advantage of these deals

I use my old S6 offline – no sim, not connected to wifi. Works just fine.

Not exactly cheap, but the Gear S3 is the first and probably last watch to have MST. If you have an android phone (or want to go the full Dick Tracey) it is a fun toy for $150 used.

Everyone has this deal. For some Bestbuy is the first one at the top, for some walmart. If you scroll down, all walmart, bestbuy and groupon should be 30%.

Thank you! I would’ve given up looking for it if I didn’t see your post!

Information Booth

I got the 30% BB offer…no Walmart toy offer. Great for me as I’ve no toys to buy this year… Happy Thanksgiving…John 3:16

Can I use PayPal to checkout on Samsung pay and still get the cash back?

In the Deals tab for me, there’s a bunch that expire in 2 days:
walmart and groupon up to 30%, bestbuy 30%, ebay 5%, houzz 12%, qvc 10%, hsn 10%, overstock 10%, samsung on jet 8%, Instacart 8%, Also have boxed 20% (for 4 days),


I’m about to buy a Samsung device, these deals would pay for it multiple times over.

Does this stack with AMEX $30 off $300?

How does this work? Do you actually get cashback and how? I would like to buy 2 unlocked cell phones (open-box excellent would be nice if it weren’t for in-store only).
That being said, I wonder if you could check out at the store with Samsung Pay and trigger this.
Will, you said earlier that I should hold off and wait for a better deal concerning this. Do you believe this is it?

No, the Cashback portal is separate and you have to click through the link and make the purchase. Similar to eBates, TCB and other Cashback portals


I have the same problem 🙁 Wanted to buy open box item but couldn’t find the option to pay in store with Samsung cashback link. If you find a workaround, do let me know.

Does this stack with Amex 10% offer with Best Buy if I have that card set-up or does Samsung Pay negate the offer? Seems like a great deal but much like topcashback not holding my breath on seeing the cash back any time soon.

Yes it does stack, AMEX only sees the total amount charged at its end including tax and that has to be more than $300

Thanks. Well this one is a no brainer than. Was going to make a purchase anyways from Best but now getting 40% off is incredible. Will have to look into the Walmart one as well. I assume I can do both right?

Keep in mind rewards are received as a virtual Visa card and have a 12 month expiration.

and the card can only be used via samsung pay…..

But I can use the funds at somewhere I pay using Samsung Pay right? Don’t want to be stuck having to spend them on their crappy rewards program for Grubhub or $5 off or something.

+1 Who really wants to know this.
How can the virtual rewards be spent? In store only? At just about any store or?

Yeah. Anywhere you need to use Samsung pay

I cash them out (SP virtual visa) with Square ( you get free card reader that works with Loopt/MST they will mail you when you sign up for free). its 2.75% but peace of mind cards not going to vanish.

You do need a 2nd phone with a headphone Jack to power reader – I’ve never had a problem paying with SPay and a Square reader.

This is what I wanted to know.

Also, you don’t receive the rewards until you pass the return period. Just wanted to reiterate that, even though it’s right there (in the fine print).

Great point and Normally after Nov. 1st return period is Jan 15th for Reward members and 30th for Elites?? IIRC . So fine print could mean 45 days pending after 1/15-1/30/2019. So count this in your float time.

But Caveat most of Samsung’s T&C are written with gaping loopholes. Basically they can change the terms or end any program/promo at any point and legally not have to honor anything even If you fulfilled the terms. I’m not any Atty nor is this legal advice, but family members are.

I wonder what’s the cheapest option Samsung pay compatible device. I’m considering buying one solely for Samsung pay.

Potentially dumb question: if I make 2 purchases, each purchase for $200, will each purchase earn the 30% back or is the total cash back capped at $100? The way I read it, it seems that both purchases should give 30% back, but I wanted someone else’s opinion.

total across all transaction will be capped at $100.

go read the TC again.

Where do you see total? It says each purchase has cb up to $100

Deal excludes purchases of giftcards: Anyone have tips on items with high resale value to flip on eBay?


With the 13% fees unless you have an eBay store, combined with the obligation of accepting returns no matter what you set for the policy, and potential of scammers…

Don’t bother.

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