Posted by William Charles on March 18, 2019

Published on March 18th, 2019 | by William Charles


[Expired] Samsung Pay: 4x Cashback At Select Stores (Up To 12% At Sam’s Club

Deal has expired, view more Samsung Pay deals by clicking here

The Offer

  • Samsung Pay is offering 4x cash back at select stores:
    • Sam’s Club up to 10% cash back:
      • Furniture: 10%
      • Apparel: 10%
      • Snacks: 10%
      • Jewelry: 10%
      • Gaming: 2.5%
      • Large Home Appliances: 2.5%
      • Paper Goods: 10%
    • Sears 12% cash back
    • Jet 12% cash back

The Fine Print

  • Valid until March 31st, 2019/April 1st
  • Limit of $100 in awards cash per transaction

Our Verdict

Make sure to read the fine print for each individual offer. Sam’s Club would be useful if the categories weren’t so restricted, Sears and Jet probably less so but still might be good for some readers.

Hat tip to reader Feb S

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Clearly samsung can tell what you are buying at Sam’s or they wouldn’t make this offer. But HOW can they tell what you are buying? I thought sam’s didn’t report L3 data. If samsung can tell, wouldn’t that mean my credit card company can tell as well?


Samsung sends the CB request to Sams, and Sams tells Samsung how much you get.




Just a heads-up that this only applies for orders placed through the app, at least for Sam’s Club. It doesn’t apply if you are simply paying with Samsung Pay at the register.

“Offer only valid on purchases made when Sam’s Club app is launched from Samsung Applications.” [sic]

ETA: It should work for orders placed through the app(s) for in-store pickup, though.

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