Posted by William Charles on March 15, 2019

Published on March 15th, 2019 | by William Charles


[Expired] Samsung Pay: Rewards Hunt, Visit AT&T Store & Get 1,000 Rewards Point

Deal has expired, view more Samsung Pay deals by clicking here

The Offer

  • Samsung Pay is offering 1,000 rewards points via Rewards Hunt when you visit an AT&T store. Follow these instructions:
    • Get near an AT&T store
    • Open your Samsung Pay app
    • Deals > nearby
    • Receive a notification “Welcome to AT&T”

The Fine Print

  • Valid until March 31st, 2019

Our Verdict

Only worth like $5 now, but still worth doing. Works even if you did the 500 point bonus previously.

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Collected 1k point successful, thanks for the tip.


Fake GPS works once again.

FYI — the best way to redeem these now are via real time redemptions on useful if you need a charger, memory card or whatever. You get 0.5cpp with no minimum redemption. You can even pay with $ and points to buy up to the latest Bluetooth earbuds.

Andy B
Andy B

Yeah, I got hosed by them around Christmas by turning most of my points into their website’s gift cards. The wording on the cart page implies you can use more than one gift card. You can’t. I flat out lost around $30 on that deal. Sammy’s latest devaluation of Samsung Pay earning is the biggest kick in the nuts, yet, cutting earning to ONE TENTH of what it was before March 1st….and even that previous rate was deemed paltry by most. Obviously, they have the right to continue to hack SP to bits in whatever way they see fit, people are just pissed about the lack of any real notice….unfortunately, also their right. All that said, I will continue to use SP as long as I can. It’s more convenient and secure than using my actual card(s), and the only worthwhile mobile pay method for me. If I lived in Europe, I might think differently….except for the fact I have no desire to switch to an iPhone. Will attempt this AT&T deal on my way to work, tomorrow.


I didn’t receive a “Welcome to AT&T” notification. I had to select the icon for the store, then tapped Continue.


I previously claimed the 500 reward and I was able to claim this one as well (used Fake GPS both times, since standing in front of the store didn’t work).

Thanks, DoC! 🙂

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