Posted by Chuck on October 23, 2017
Gift Card Deals

Published on October 23rd, 2017 | by Chuck


eBay: Save on Lowe’s, Groupon,, Exxon, Under Armour and More

[Updated, added Lowe’s and Domino’s. Added Groupon and reposted.]

There are a few gift card deals available on eBay. Remember that INK no longer earns 5x, instead use AT&T or some other card.

It’s likely there’ll be more deals being released today, we’ll add them in and repost if something significant comes up.

You can find all gift card deals at this link (these links contain our eBay affiliate link)

  • $100 Celebrity Cruises e-gift for $80
  • $100 Cabela’s e-gift for $85
  • $75 in Jiffy Lube e-gift for $60
  • $100 CVS gift card for $90
  • $100 Auto Zone gift card for $90
  • $100 Barnes & Noble gift card for $90

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Notify of GC is limited for 2 cards.
“$100 Gift Card For Only $90!! – FREE Mail Delivery
Limit 2 Cards”

Hoping 8% discount BP will reappear soon!

Haven’t seen BP at all recently, seems like SVM has been on a Mobil run.

I do/will get depressed every time I see these ebay GC deals.


I’ve been getting depressed for a year now…SVM blacklisted me because my mailman stole some cards and I got a refund. sucks

I wonder how long it will take PPDG to figure out why their sales numbers fell off a cliff.

I think they may already be aware of this. Chase probably threatened them with legal action. It really only makes sense to meeting Minimum spend requirements for GC selling now.

I always try to use your links in these, Doc since there’s no other way to earn through eBay. Glad to help support this site!

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