Posted by William Charles on May 25, 2018

Published on May 25th, 2018 | by William Charles


Small Issue With Comments

If you leave a comment you’ll notice that things aren’t aligned correctly and it looks awful (see below). We are well aware of this issue and will try to fix it ASAP.

I know most readers won’t really care (and you shouldn’t!) I just wanted to do this quick post so we don’t get hundreds of comments and e-mails letting us know (and thanks for doing this, it does really help us as sometimes we miss issues like this).

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The beauty of this, is that we can complain here!!

True. I have a cold and feel awful.

I meant complain about the comments problem.
But that works too😂

I’ve submitted several comments, but I never see them posted. Am I doing something wrong?

Testing the waters again with this comment.

Never noticed. Just keep posting the deals, aligned or not, as long as the links are working you’re golden.

ha! I thought the issue was with the nature of our comments (along the lines of the recent issue over at the Chime thread). I was thinking, hmmm…. what now…too many repetitive posts? The alignment issue must be recent, or I’m just in the group that hadn’t noticed.

I thought Will’s going on a vacation? Don’t worry about comment button icon alignment, we’ll be fine here you can fix it later 🙂

Looks like the author has disappeared from the email notifications:

Full comment by [COMMENT_AUTHOR] is as follows:

This post beats all the #GDPR Privacy notice updated emails from the past few days.

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