[Expired] Southwest: 50% Off With Promo Code WOW50 (Award & Paid Flights)

Deal has ended, view more Southwest deals by clicking here.

Update 9/28/23: Extended for one extra day, through 9/29/23 (ht Howulikeit)

The Offer

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  • Southwest is offering 50% off with promo code WOW50.
    • Must book by 9/28/23
    • Valid on travel 10/24/23-3/6/24.
    • Cont. U.S. travel blacked out 11/17-11/22, 11/25-11/27, 12/21-12/23, 12/26-12/30, 1/1-1/2, 1/6-1/7, 2/16, and 2/19.
    • SNA (Orange County) blacked out 10/24-12/31, 1/1-1/2, 1/6-1/7, 2/16 and 2/19.
    • Travel to intl, HI, PR blacked out 11/17-11/19, 12/15-1/8, 1/11-1/13 and 2/15-2/18.
    • Travel from intl, HI, PR blacked out 11/24-11/27, 12/15-1/8, 1/15-1/16, and 2/23-2/27.

Our Verdict

A lot of blackout dates, but still a great deal.

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Jon (@guest_1706103)
September 29, 2023 23:04

I am seeing the same discounted price before (when the prices are in black prints) and after (when in green prints) the discount code, am I not using it correctly?

JM (@guest_1705559)
September 29, 2023 09:01

Interesting – on the 27th(supposedly last day) I booked a few ‘maybe’ flights (points) and they were CHEAP. Next day sale is ‘extended’,and most flight are pretty much the cost without a ‘sale’…even tho they’re still running the ‘sale’. So they’re still calling it a sale but basically now it’s just a few random flights that are undesirable for the most part left.

Redacted (@guest_1706154)
September 30, 2023 02:33

I’m not sure what routes you’re looking at but I just booked several flights between Seattle & Bay Area for $42, and it’s 30 minutes before the promotion is ending. And I see lots of other “desirable” routes still with great sale prices

ST (@guest_1704953)
September 28, 2023 18:30

Can’t figure this out. It says -3,6XX points for rebooking the same flight with the promo (I’m doing the change flight method). Then a pop-up appears and says “Things move pretty fast in this biz, & fares have already changed” and it changes -3,6XX to 0 points. So will I still get a -3,6XX credit? And will my $20 paid for early check-in transfer? Not sure I want to take the chance having to pay another $20 for only 3,600-ish points.

amz (@guest_1705060)
September 28, 2023 20:37


Kurt (@guest_1705304)
September 29, 2023 01:44

There is no benefit to adding Early Check-in until a day or two before the check-in time. Three is frequently a benefit to checking flight costs and re-booking at a lower rate, so it is best to wait to add early boarding, until you are sure the prices aren’t going to drop.

Neelie (@guest_1704869)
September 28, 2023 17:12

It has been extended one more day to 9/29/23

Justin (@guest_1704596)
September 28, 2023 13:59

thanks! Saved 26000 SW points by rebooking into West Palm Beach instead of Ft Lauderdale. A little further from our cruise port in Miami but worth the ~350-400 dollars in value from those points saved by switching flights. 50% off didn’t work on flights to FLL or MIA unfortunately.

b (@guest_1705781)
September 29, 2023 13:42

Used the same destinations for a cruise, 58 bucks a leg !

Eric (@guest_1703669)
September 27, 2023 14:34

Thanks! I just rebooked a $1000 reservation to $600 and have $400 flight credit now. I just did a change flight and rebooked the same flight.

Redacted (@guest_1706155)
September 30, 2023 02:37

time to start planning to get yourself a companion pass for 2024 & 2025. Between RR points and eCredits (and CP) my wife and I will have to take about $3500 worth of SW flights … should be able to manage it by 2030

PK (@guest_1703643)
September 27, 2023 14:17

Looks like it could be a good deal for some, but for me I’d have to travel an extra 2 hours to a larger airport and travel half the country in the wrong direction to get on a different plane to come back…turning my normal 1.5 hour flight into an 8+ hour event. Too bad they don’t start cheap shuttle services between smaller distance routes.

Olympia (@guest_1703323)
September 27, 2023 07:24

Usually take a trip in early December and it was looking too expensive this year. Was able to find some availability to make it doable. Thanks for posting!

I-L-L (@guest_1703197)
September 27, 2023 00:00

Thanks DoC, new year week trip dream come true.
Saved $240 on the return leg (3 PAX). To get 50% off on the outbound leg would have required a 35min connection after a 0630 departure, so I just went direct.

Nun (@guest_1703083)
September 26, 2023 20:48

Lots of deals but lots of non blackout dates also have zero discount.