Posted by Don L on October 11, 2017

Published on October 11th, 2017 | by Don L


[Extremely-Very Speculative] Relevance Coin (Cryptocurrency – 20 Coin Giveaway)

(Image from

The Offer

(Via Product Hunt – newsletter, indirect link)

Relevance Coin is giving away 20 Relevance Coins per every referred/invited signup.

  • Looks like you need to sign-up using a twitter account
  • Coins won’t actually be distributed until 1 billion coins have been given away

How much are the coins worth?

$0 – There actually isn’t a crypto coin yet, just a coupon for a coin.  It trades on no exchange – so it has no market price.

But how much will the coins be worth?

Probably $0.  Most new companies will fail or not achieve a high level of success.

Highly Speculative Statement Relevance is valuing their coins at a buyback value of $31/coin But this is crazy speculative because to buy back their coins in a reasonable time frame they would have to become one of the most profitable companies in the world.

The Verdict

Arguably everything cryptocurrency related could be termed speculative, wildly speculative, or insane 🙂

I sort of look at new coins as a lottery ticket:

  • With a very high likelihood, you’ll end up with no value – a losing ticket
  • With a small likelihood, the coin may trade on an exchange at a very small value – perhaps like picking one number/ball correctly
  • With an extremely small likelihood, they would payout at their stated value – this would probably be equivalent to winning the lottery

This deal is probably so speculative – startup with no revenue, no track record, … that I probably shouldn’t have shared it.  I enjoy taking a shot on these deals when the coins are free because the cryptocurrency space is so volatile it feels like almost anything can happen, and I’ve actually hit a winner in the past.

My referral link (I think it’s fine to include referral links in the comments)

[If this coin develops any value – I’ll send it to Will to distribute in some way back to the DoC Community]

240 Responses to [Extremely-Very Speculative] Relevance Coin (Cryptocurrency – 20 Coin Giveaway)

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    Well, it doesn’t cost anything to try!

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  3. Aahz says:

    Seems invites need to be direct-
    “Have an invite?
    Sorry, @PorcCalendar has not been invited yet. Is there another Twitter account you’ve used to sign up? Otherwise, please join the waitlist:”

  4. Aahz says:

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    Here’s hoping it turns into something amazing!

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  13. Healy says:

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  14. Christopher Miller says:

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  15. s says:

    There is no way it would be 31$/coin with 1 billion circulation. But hey, free money!

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  16. Joe says:

    Hoping this takes off like the rest of these cryptocurrencies! My referral is below:


  17. CC says:

    My referral link. and Thanks Don.

  18. Raul says:

    As if attaching coin at the end of something makes it a currency… They are trying to create a commodity, and make that commodity desirable due to the desire to have a commodity that is desirable. Wouldn’t be surprised if this is just some grad student’s attempt to expose the irrational interest in anything that remotely resembles a “crypto currency”. Mark my words, complete waste of time

  19. Eric H Tao says:

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    Signed up through your referral link … now we just sit back and wait for the $millions to pour in, right?

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  27. Chucks says:

    Nearly all of these ICOs are just pump and dump scams, basically penny stock ruses of the modern era. And I say that as a serious cryptocurrency investor.

    I’d be surprised if most people get more than a couple cents from this. I guess it is free, so whatever, but the expected value of my time doesn’t make it worth it.

  28. Dan says:

    Got a link for 20 coins. Doesn’t cost anything to sign up, at the very least.

  29. Floyd says:

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  40. Don L says:

    Will, I’m good with referral comments.

    I know you’ve been trying to get things organized so relevant deal comments don’t get drowned out. But I figure this post is a pretty simple sign-up one.

    We could use this one as the referral post, and I can pull any deal relevant comments into a follow-up post.

  41. Ben O. says:

    He posts a link to his referral and then says “I think it’s fine to include referral links in the comments” in parentheses, which I think is what set off the comment train.

    That being said, looks like he may have been trying to pass this up the chain to his editor/you, rather than publish.

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  52. Fer says:

    Essentially, they want a market cap of $31 billion (31 x 1 billion). Bitcoin’s market cap is about 70-80 billion. I consider if extremely likely this will ever materialize.

  53. Pag says:

    Here’s my link for a mutual upgrade in worth by 20 coins:

  54. John says:

    With a 1 BILLION coin initial circulating supply at a $31 valuation and their stated buyback program Im not sure if speculative is the correct descriptor after some simple math.

    If we hit 5% of that it would really be something. Even by crypto standards this is outlandish.

    That said the FOMO’s still got me however please dont turn this into an ICO airdrop promotion blog. In the short term most of these “coins” will only do damage more legitimate projects.

  55. larry says:

    Ahh yeah, nobody will use these links from my prospective. I did the circle $10 free in bitcoin and that $10 has been rocking because I never sold! I think I have a 10 bagger on it so far. Outlandish targets on bitcoin is $25k, $50 or even $100k!

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    Used Don’s (OP) link. Here’s mine!

    I don’t have a lot of hope of this materializing, but having been involved with Bitcoin and Ethereum for a while, I’m always surprised at what happens in the cryptocurrency world.

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  71. Ferris says:

    It’s just bad math and not possible. It took Apple about 30 years to make 30 billion and they are the largest company in the world. No way a tiny startup late to the game will do this. Not only that, there are about 20 million bitcoins, 2% of 1
    Billion. This actually has a 0% chance to happen unless they create 1 billion and they are worth 0.00001 cent each. The lack of currency makes it valuable, not more.

    This post is a complete and utter waste of time.

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    I think we should post replies at the top level, not as a reply to someone else’s post, to make it more clear what the last post was and to avoid getting a thousand levels of nesting.

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