Posted by William Charles on February 22, 2018

Published on February 22nd, 2018 | by William Charles


[Renewed] Sprint: Free Unlimited Plan For One Year

Update 2/22/18: Offer renewed for free service until 4/30/19.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Sprint is offering a one year unlimited talk, text and data plan for free (there are some charges, explained below). To be eligible you need to bring across an eligible phone. Eligible phones are as follows:
    • Alcatel IDOL5
    • Apple iPhone 5c (Verizon only)
    • Apple iPhone 5s (Verizon only)
    • Apple iPhone 6
    • Apple iPhone 6 Plus
    • Apple iPhone 6s
    • Apple iPhone 6s Plus
    • Apple iPhone 7 (Verizon only)
    • Apple iPhone 7 Plus (Verizon only)
    • Apple iPhone 8 (Verizon only)
    • Apple iPhone 8 Plus (Verizon only)
    • Apple iPhone SE
    • BLU S1
    • Essential Phone
    • Google Nexus 5 (16 & 32 GB – black/white/red) (Verizon only)
    • Google Nexus 5X (all versions)
    • Google Nexus 6 (32 & 64 GB – black/white)
    • Google Nexus 6P (all versions)
    • Google Pixel
    • Google Pixel XL
    • HTC One A9 (Sprint Version only)
    • moto e4
    • moto e4 plus
    • moto g4
    • moto g4 play
    • moto g4 plus
    • moto g5 plus
    • moto x pure edition
    • moto z2 play
    • Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Special Edition
    • Samsung Galaxy S7 Special Edition
    • Samsung Galaxy S8 Special Edition
    • Samsung Galaxy S8+ Special Edition

The Plan

Unlimited plan offers the following:

  • Unlimited data, talk and text
  • HD streaming:
    • Video at speeds up to 1080p
    • Music at up to 1.5mbps
    • Gaming streams at up to 8mbps
    • Unlimited 4G LTE data for most everything else. Data deprioritization applies during congestion.
  • 10GB of high-speed data per line to use toward mobile hotspot, VPN and Peer-2-Peer usage. Once your 10GB is used up:
    • Continue at up to 2G speeds (32 Kbps) on our network for no additional cost, or
    • Purchase more on-network high-speed data for $15/1GB to tide you over for the rest of your bill cycle

The Costs

While the plan is “free” for one year there are costs involved as follows:

  • SIM Card: $2.99 per card plus $10 shipping/handling Plus tax. It’s not possible to do this in store to avoid the shipping and handling fee.
  • Savings apply until 10/31/18 and then you’re charged  $60/mo. for line 1, $40/mo. for line 2 & $30/mo./line for lines 3-5
  • You still pay taxes, seem to be $3-$5 per line

The Fine Print

  • You can cancel anytime
  • See above

Our Verdict

I know this deal has been around for some time, but reader Peter asked why we’d never covered it and I realized I didn’t really have a good reason and it seems like it could be very useful for at least some readers. If you’ve already set this up, please share your experiences with other readers. I couldn’t find anyways to stack this deal (e.g no portals?) but I’m very happy to be proven wrong about that as well in the comments.

One thing readers have pointed out that I didn’t originally include is that how good this deal is will likely depend on how coverage is in your area. Jeff H suggests using Sensorly (crowd sourced app) to get a good idea of coverage.

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I signed up for this plan back in August I think.

Sprint is good in my area, bu YMMV.

I tried sprint when they had a 50% off for two year promotion in 2016. But I cancelled the service before my 24 months were up.
Horrible coverage. Never had LTE at my work location. Calls drop off frequently. I always try to look for deals. But I dont think sprint is worth the frustration.

I would suggest checking your area for sprint coverage before trying to get this deal. MAY BE some bigger cities have better coverage.

Same as my case. Signed up for 50% off and got 2 year 0% finance S7 in June 2016. The service was horrible. Signals not coming even at my home sometimes which is literally 5mins walk away from sprint store. Customer service just shrugged it off as like deal with it yourself :/
Paid off my phone and switched back to metropcs before 1 year even.
Dont take sprint unless confirm with someone how the service in your usage area

Thanks for publishing this. I looked into with my Google Pixel XL and it says the phone is not compatible…

Have you ever used it on Sprint MNVO before? Both my two lines were on Ring plus before, I had to contact Sprint to release the IMEIs from prepaid to postpaid.

Google Pixel XL should be eligible. I have the Pixel 2 and just redeemed this offer.

My Pixel XL is also not eligible. I suspect because it is the International Version – possibly, only US versions would be eligible.

A good third party coverage map is Sensorly crowd sourced coverage maps. It is dependent on sevearal people having the app open and functioning while moving around. It can be a drain on the cell phone battery and cause heat. I tend to turn it off at home.

I trust it more than the Sprint coverage maps. It is NOT restricted to Sprint, so you can compare it to most cell phone competitors.


Thanks for that. I checked my area before going for this deal.

Whysensorly? There are so many better rated apps on the playstore.

It’s been fine for my wife and I, but not great. That being said, it’s nearly free and having phones that are universal carrier models (a G4 plus and G5 Plus) means we can always just dump them for Total (rides on Verizon) if things get bad enough.

I enrolled a couple months ago from AT&T. The service has been subpar however, my monthly bills are $4.00. Can’t complain for cheap service for 12 months!!

Hard pull? I seem to recall reading that it sometimes has been a hard pull since it’s considered postpay service.

That is correct. I had a hard inquiry on my Experian and Equifax.

No hard pull for me. Not sure why.

Did you apply online or walk-in a store?
Last year I went to a store and they ran my credit, turned out a hard pull 🙁

This is my key question, as well. Definitely interested, but this makes it a harder call…

Asked their rep through online live chat.
Rep replied “Online it would be a soft pull on the credit as the Stores helps to pull the exact credit to start the service”.
Also asked about the 20k AA signup bonus. If you pre-register with the link in AA portal, they’ll give you a “Sprint Offer code”. Rep said “You can reach our dedicated Customer Care once your account is created to apply the code on the account”.
Wondered if that’s what Alex did in the comments below.

Just chatted with Sprint and heard different than John, below. Was told it’s always a hard credit check. Was also told that you HAVE to buy a SIM through Sprint’s site. Even if you have another SIM, this promo requires you to buy/ship a new one to proceed.

The rep did confirm that the AA miles offer will work with this Free Year promo.

Thanks for the follow up, AD.
Much appreciated.
I’ll just let the deal pass.

I’ve had the service for a few months now in the DC area. Can’t be upset with a $3.41 monthly bill. There are a few downsides. Coverage is definitely not as good as AT&T. I get LTE just fine most of the time, but there are spots where I drop to 3G or switch to a roaming network. The biggest impact for me has been the loss of simultaneous data/voice, which I had grown accustomed to after 5 years with AT&T. Unless that gets fixed by the time my 1 year of free service is up, I’ll be switching carriers.

It is possible to waive the shipping and SIM fees. I just walked into an Apple store and got two SIM cards. Got them activated over the phone with Sprint. $0 cost.
No complaints over the coverage in and around Boston.

But did you get any portal or referral benefits, by doing it over the phone?

Wait, you literally just walked into an Apple Store and said, “Can I have a Sprint SIM,” and they handed you a free one? Niiiiiiccee.

I enrolled into their BYOD One Year free plan in July after getting the Pixel XL. Overall, the coverage here in South Carolina sucks (My area avgs around 5 mbps) but hey at least its technically free. The fastest speeds I’ve discovered was in North Atlanta around Marietta (received 110 mbps down). You do pay taxes and fees monthly but it shouldn’t be that much. I am paying $3.26 each month.

One other big con is that you won’t receive any portal or referral benefits. I tried Ebates, Sprint American Airlines promo and their $50 referral program. I received no compensation from any of them.

This deal is great if you live in an area that has great Sprint coverage and speeds or if you just want a second line as a backup.

I got the 20k aa miles (and continue to receive about 400/month) and $50 referral bonus. My buddy who referred me got $100. Even if you don’t use the service this is a money maker.

Hmmm I may have to have to get in touch with them again. Did you call them after getting a status message that you weren’t eligible? Thanks for the info

I just used the following link:

I did this promotion back in June when it was first released though, so they may have updated it. Continue to receive 417 miles/month (which adds up to about 5k/year).

For the referral I used:

Put my buddy’s info in and he received a $100 prepaid, I got $50 prepaid. There was also a credit union promotion that I did not receive (indicated the free account wasn’t eligible).

How long after activation did the points post to your account?

Thanks alex.. I wanted to know if this would stack with aa miles. Then this makes a very good deal. Thanks doc & Alex.

How did you get the 20kAA miles?

Darn! have to be a new customer within 30 days of signing up for Sprint to receive the $20K AA miles. Thanks Alex at least I signed up for the $5K

My request got denied. Did you call AA or Sprint?

Hey Alex, Can you please share what you did?
You used the AA link? how did you get the referral promo, what did your friend had to do?

He did you get that? You got it even thought signed up the free Sprint? I signed up and got denied. “This offer is only available for qualified account types”

WOW! I really wish i wasn’t under contract with verizon. If my new Moto z2 Force was compatible, i would break my contract and switch. but its not…

But my fiance and her parents are switching to this. Thanks Doc!!!

Does this offer stack with American Airlines AAdvantage 25k offer for Sprint(20k for new sprint account + 5k/per year of active connection) ?

“Bring across an eligible phone” is somewhat misleading. Not only do you need an eligible phone to “bring across”, but you must also port-in your number from another existing wireless carrier (ie, Verizon, AT&T) to qualify for this offer.

You CAN’T just use the spare iPhone 5s sitting in the drawer at home and sign up for the free year.

You can simply get a new T-Mobile SIM card and port over the number to Sprint without paying for a T-Mobile plan. Thats what I did when I bought a Pixel XL.

As a Sprint customer I hate when they do this. It’s going to clog up the network, just like it did when they did the 50% off last year, except probably more so, since this is a much better deal.

Look at the comments. Noone wants Sprint service even when the price is free! Sprint has the most gimmicks of any carrier, too; which is ironic, cause their newer motto is exactly about no-gimmicks.

Why are you with Sprint if not for a promotion anyways? Pretty much anyone else has better service at comparable prices, especially after you remove all the gimmicks. Switching should be the best choice.

Look at the comments. Noone wants Sprint service even when the price is free! Sprint has the most gimmicks of any postpaid or prepaid carrier, too; which is ironic, cause their newer motto is exactly about no-gimmicks.

Why are you with Sprint if not for a promotion anyways? Pretty much anyone else has better service at comparable prices, especially after you remove all the gimmicks. Switching should be the best choice.

Doc – I would add the sprint 25k AA promo + 5k/year that they give to even existing customers to this post

25K AA Promo doesnt work , you can try but I am telling you it doesnt work with the free 1 year plan.

I open the free line in June with AA promotion, but never got the 20K.
Then in July I open a pay Sprint line for my wife to get a Bestbuy $30 iPhone SE deal. The line open on July 5th and her AA account get credit in 5 days (July 8th)

Weird, I’m literally chatting with them right now. She put me on hold to check, came back and confirmed that it does combine.

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