Posted by William Charles on June 15, 2017

Published on June 15th, 2017 | by William Charles


Square Cash Rolling Out Debit Card

Square cash is a peer to peer payment app (similar to Venmo). We’ve earlier reported that they had plans to launch a square debit card linked to users accounts and they are now rolling this card out to some users. Users that are eligible will receive a notifcation and then are asked to sign or draw something that is etched onto the front of the card (in the picture below this is the @jack).

Card looks very sleek but it doesn’t have any rewards program so for our purposes it’s entirely useless. Also a friendly reminder you can get $10 for signing up for the Square cash app.

Hat tip to reader Abey

23 Responses to Square Cash Rolling Out Debit Card

  1. Daniel says:

    Square Cash is my favorite way to send money to people (despite most scoffing at not using Venmo).

    However, as you state, this is likely a nothingburger in terms of our hobby 🙂

    • Josh m says:

      I prefer square cash to venmo as well, I think the UI is slicker and I really don’t see the appeal in letting the world know who I’m sending money to or why. I signed up and got the card, it’s pretty slick looking, maybe I’ll actually use it someday if they throw in some kind of promo bonus or credit.

      • E Dantes says:

        Just an FYI: on Venmo, you can actually make any payment private, so you could use it without worrying about the public aspect.

        I’ll check out square cash for the UI.

  2. Abey says:

    Square cash has recently added another good feature that when you send money you can send with a credit card instead of a checking account.
    You just simply enter your credit card and then when you select send $100 to Jack it will ask you from debit or credit, if you sel cr Credit its a 3% fee.
    Also they have instant deposit for a 1% fee and it goes instantly in your checking account even on weekends.

    • Justin says:

      Venmo has the same CC feature. Instant payout may be worth it for a limited group, but doubt anyone on Doc would use it.

      • joE says:

        and with Zelle coming out, if they continue to charge 1% for “instant” credit, they won’t be around long as a business. Mark my words.

    • Daniel says:

      Of course, payment used to be instant for free. But I don’t mind waiting the 24 hours it usually takes.

      My preference for Square is that there isn’t this “holding” account that Venmo and PayPal have. If you send money to someone, it just goes into their checking account instead of the receiver having to log in and send the money over.

    • Peter says:

      PayPal will be adding instant deposit for $0.25 fee soon per there updates terms of service email they recently sent out.

  3. Abey says:

    You can do manufacture spend on a smaller scale with the cash app credit card feauture for a 3% fee.

  4. Abey says:

    Someone sent me this. And it worked.
    Download Uber eats app, paste this:
    Into promotions and you get $150 off
    I did it and it worked. I got two $75 credits.
    William i will send you a pic in email.

  5. Marco says:

    Is there a way that I can sign up for the card? I want one, and I do have a Square Cash account.

  6. NinjaX says:

    okay but is it metal?

  7. Santiago C says:

    I was lucky to get mine about 2 months ago. I’ve only used it once, I prefer my money in my bank account. The stuff isn’t really etched or laser engraved. It’s more like like a jelly feel. It’s weird. The back numbers and name are printed in the same jelly material. It’s a very clean back and doesn’t have the usual signature area.

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