Posted by William Charles on April 16, 2018

Published on April 16th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] Staples: $50 ‘Teen Choice’ & ‘Dining Out’ Giftcards For $40 (Can Be Used At Multiple Brands)

This deal has expired, click here for more Staples deals.

The Offer

  • Staples has the following $50 gift cards on sale for $40:
    • Dining out, can be used at: (looks like this is out of stock currently?)
      • Cold Stone Creamery
      • Jamba Juice
      • Panera Bread
      • Buffalo Wild Wings
      • Red Lobster
      • The Cheesecake Factory
    • Teen choice, can be used at:
      • Nike
      • Burger King
      • Dave & Buster’
      • Jamba Juice
      • Cold Stone Creamery
      • Regal Cinema
      • The Cheesecake Factory

The Fine Print

  • Offer Expires On 04/21/2018
  • Limit of 3 discounts per brand

Our Verdict

Use a credit card that earns at a high rate on office supply store purchases. Keep in mind the American Express SimplyCash might no longer be earning 5% on Staples. I don’t think these will be resellable unfortunately, but definitely useful for some people just as general use.

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Awesome thanks!

Under “new view” of my AMEX SimplyCash, all my recent purchases from 4/11 back are showing 5%. This includes VGC’s at Office Depot and VGC’s at Staples.

The points take 6 days to show up.

Amex checkout may be a good option?

If you’re a Panera customer, 20% off isn’t bad. About a year ago, the gift card retailers were oddly selling Panera cards at more than 30% off, but the discounts have shrunk to single digits lately. I personally think their food is overpriced, though, so 20% off just makes the prices plausible, but still not a good deal.

Overpriced, and servings which couldn’t feed a five year old..
I still go there a few times per week regardless.
Someone help me 🙂

Sold out ?

$2 shipping kills the deal. Can it be bought instore?

Check the website. It says it is only available online. In addition, $2 shipping is already included. However, Staples free shipping criterion is +$49.99. If you buy two of these, you’ll only pay $80.

It’s actually $9.99 shipping if you don’t hit the $49.99 threshold. You can either buy two as DK mentions or do in store pickup.

Are these similar to the meta bank issued cards from od that can be cashed out?



In California they may be cashed out once the balance hits $9.99 or less. Just take it to the merchant directly and request the cash balance. Other states do it at $5, some don’t do it at all.

Victoria’s Secret Cashes them out automatically once they hit $9.99 or less regardless of the state as its hardcoded into their registers and acfuallt says it on the back of the GC’s 🙂

FYI “The cards cannot be used to purchase alcohol at The Cheesecake Factory locations.” I didn’t know this until I got the cards and they referenced for more information and I found this beauty in the fine print! Thankfully we mainly eat at Cheesecake Factory but we also tend to run up a nice little tab so I would have only bought 2 had I known this detail that was mentioned no where on the Staples website. Buy and learn I guess.

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