Posted by William Charles on October 11, 2017

Published on October 11th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] Starbucks Bingo Returns – Free Stars & Drinks + Strategy For Filling Board

This offer has expired, never miss another deal again by signing up for notifications.

The Offer

Direct link to offer (or try this link if that one doesn’t work)

  • Starbucks Bingo has returned.
    • You get 20 stars for each challenge (tile)
    • You get an additional 10 stars for each row/column or diagonal line you complete
    • You get 40 bonus stars for completing the board
  • Board looks as follows (note everybody will have a different board):


  • Here is a description of what each tile requires:
    • Top row
      • Sip & Savor: Make a purchase of $6 or more in a single order between 11am & 2pm
      • Jump the line: Make two separate purchases by ordering ahead through the Starbucks app
      • Mid-weekender: Make one purchase during the week, make another on the weekend
    • Middle row
      • Weekender: Make one purchase on a Saturday or Sunday
      • All day: Make a purchase before 12pm and another after 12pm in the same day
      • Coffee with friends: Make a purchase of $8 or more in a single order
    • Bottom row:
      • Monday Funday: Make a purchase on a Monday
      • Coffee Ranger: Make a purchase at 3 different participating Starbucks stores
      • Fri-YAY: Make a purchase after 12pm on a Friday
  • Last time they gave us a bonus free square, which could be used for coffee with friends (last time it required $12 spend and this time it only requires $8 spend). Fingers crossed that is offered again.

The Fine Print

  • Offer valid 10/12/17 – 11/1/17 at participating Starbucks® stores.
  • Must pay with your registered Starbucks Card or your registered Starbucks Card through the App. S
  • Stars may not be earned on purchases of alcohol or Starbucks Cards. Taxes, tips, donations, and fees (such as delivery fees, shipping and handling fees, gift wrapping fees and bag fees) may also be excluded.
  • See for details.
  • Seems to be targeted as not all Starbucks users will be eligible

Our Verdict

I personally think the best strategy for these types of promotions is to just naturally see what tiles you fill up and when the promotion is nearing the end you can start working on tiles you haven’t done already. Given that there is only a few days left we’re now at that stage.  Feel free to discuss the best way to take advantage in the comments.

29 Responses to [Expired] Starbucks Bingo Returns – Free Stars & Drinks + Strategy For Filling Board

  1. P says:

    I got “Oops! It looks like this offer was meant for someone else.”

  2. Matthew says:


    Oops! It looks like this offer was meant for someone else.
    If you’re not a member but want to enjoy special offers like this one, sign up for Starbucks Rewards™ and opt in to email at

  3. ScottS says:

    I got an error initially, but mine is now showing up clearly. Does anyone know if the minimum purchase amounts (e.g.”make a purchase for $6 or more”) includes taxes or is it pre-tax?

  4. calwatch says:

    Of course, there’s likely an Alternate Means of Entry.

  5. York Hong says:

    List of Quest for me

    $6 purchase between 11am and 2pm
    2 app purchase
    one purchase weekday, one weekend
    one purchase weekend
    one purchase before 12, one after 12 same day
    $8 or more purchase
    Monday Purchase
    3 store purchase
    Friday Purchase after 12

    So the easiest path to bingo

    Friday between 12:01 to 13:59 $8 purchase
    Saturday purcahse $1
    Sunday purchase $1
    Monday purchase $1

    $11 dollar for 300 points

    • Kathy says:

      I don’t think you need a Saturday AND Sunday purchase. One or the other should be okay.

      I also think you need to make one more $1 purchase — either Friday before noon or Saturday or Sunday — one day with two purchases (one before noon and one after). This is to get the All Day spot.

  6. Kenny says:

    I got an error saying “Oops this page does not exist.”

  7. Sparky says:

    The second link worked for me. Coffee with Friends is showing up as an $8 square for me.

  8. borntobehermit says:

    The first link: “Oops this page does not exist.”

    The second link: “Oops! It looks like this offer was meant for someone else.”

    No love for me 😉

  9. Luie says:

    I got the email yesterday (10/11) to enroll. Going to either link directly gives me the same errors after I activated it yesterday, but opening the link from my email works fine. Looks like you have to be targeted and use the link from your email to check your progress as well. VERY targeted lol.

  10. K says:

    I got e-mail yesterday (10/11) but could not be able to enroll. Same error. However, I was able to enroll today.

    If you want to maximum your rewards and fill out the board. You can do the followings.
    1. Friday. Make regular purchase before 12pm, and make another after 12pm at your closest location.
    2. Saturday or Sunday. Make $8 or more single purchase at a different location.
    3. Monday. Make regular purchase between 11am-2pm at another location.

    You will end up spend around $23 (estimate $5/regular) and get 300 stars.

    • MoreSun says:

      Fri: make a purchase after 12pm
      Weekend: make 4 purchases on a Sat or Sun
      Mon: make 2 separate purchases after 2pm on a Mon

      Everyone’s reqs are different so gonna be harder to coordinate on the best ways for some free coffee.

      Also, the email I received said “Gold level, this one’s for you” so I think this is targeted only to Gold Level.

    • Zeeshan says:

      Hi K,

      There’s a cheaper, more cost effective way of achieving the 300 stars (if that’s the sole purpose):

      1. Store 1, app-order, Friday, 12pm but $8
      3. Store 2, app-order, Saturday or Sunday, anytime, $1 (banana)
      4. Store 3, app-order, Monday, anytime, $1 (banana)

      Spend around $11 and earn 300 stars (equivalent to 2 free drinks and +50pts, assuming you receive a free drink after accumulating 125 stars)

      It seems in the past, they sent out free spaces not sure when that was sent out and how to apply it. This would be my first time taking part though.

    • Zeeshan says:

      Sorry, for some reason my comment didn’t post correctly but:

      Store 1, Friday, app-order, after 11am but before 12pm, ie 1145am, $1 (banana)
      Store 1, Friday, app-order, after 12pm but before 2pm, ie 1215pm, >$8
      Store 2, Saturday, anytime, $1 (banana)
      Store 3, Monday, anytime, $1 (banana)

      Spend: ~$11

      • K says:

        Thanks Zeeshan, I didn’t know that I can just order banana on the app until now.

        • Chris says:

          I used the banana trick via mobile order at two different stores last time to complete two final items. If the star yield is good enough for you, of course you don’t have to go pick up the banana. My version this time looks like four separate purchases and about $11 as Zeeshan said to yield the 300+ points. Since I’m in range of an award already, it’s basically going to equal three awards for my next $11 spent. Not crazy good but I’ll do it.

        • borntobehermit says:

          In addition to the banana $1, there are also:
          – organic avocado spread, $0.95
          – string cheese, $0.95
          Just to vary your purchases, if you already have too many bananas at home 🙂

          • Carolyn says:

            Thank you for your comment. I didn’t realize they sold string cheese or that it was only $1. I tended to buy cake pops and things since I’m not a banana person, but I love cheese.

  11. MoreSun says:

    Redeeming 125 stars for free food/beverage also fills out the board. Redeemed for a free drink this morning and have “started” on 3 different squares in progress. I think I’m gonna handle it the same way I did last year, just see what my normal purchasing triggers and check-in towards the end and make sure I’m not leaving any big points on the table.

  12. Nick says:

    Since there are apparently different requirements for different people the one unifying strategy move is this: make your spending as productive as possible. For example, I’ve got a “make a $6 purchase” square, a “mobile order twice” square, an “$8 purchase on a Friday” square, and a “one purchase before 12P and one after 12P” square. For about $9 I can satisfy all 4 of these. Yes, the $1 banana (or string cheese) counts. But, honestly, coffee is only $1.95 and most of us are gold, so with the free refills it’s not hard to justify the extra expense of a caffeine fix or two on the way to the 300 stars.

  13. Sexy_kitten7 says:

    Ugh! Wasn’t gonna do stupid ploy to spend money but had to kill time twice this week so… Can do it in 6 trx total. Would’ve been less if I had planned on it.

    Dumb design: you get more points for 1 tile vs completing a whole row (3 tiles) so it doesn’t incentivize row completion IMO.

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