Stratos Is Shipping, Serve Loads, Chase Reconsideration, Avios Transfer Bonus, Sam’s Club Offer

Maybe I should have renamed this recap the Miles to Memories recap, guy has been killing it with good content recently.

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serve not working for me.
they removed my cc from the account.
oh well…


Not only does the lack of EMV chip leave me uninterested in Stratos, the yearly fee to keep the card. I’m waiting on Plastc. I think they might be the best option, well at least on paper.

Plastc has been very vague about dates and not very good about giving updates. Makes me wonder if they’re having issues with producing the cards.


I appreciate your weekly roundups, you always do such a good job of acknowledging other bloggers. It seems like for so many bloggers it is a competition. You do a great job of giving credit where credit is due. Kudos, one of the reasons why your site is at the top of my list.