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Published on August 22nd, 2016 | by William Charles


How To Support Bloggers With & Without Direct Credit Card Links

In case you’ve missed one of our 1,000 posts on the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, it’s now live. I assume this card is paying a healthy commission to bloggers, so I thought I’d write a post explaining the different types of links. I’ve seen a little bit of talk on Twitter (and sites I love like Rapid Travel Chai) about affiliate links for credit cards. In case you didn’t know, we don’t use any sort of credit card affiliate links (0r bank account affiliate links). It means we can write posts like this one (and this one) without worrying about compliance or readers questioning why we write certain posts.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that there is more than one type of affiliate link and you might be able to help bloggers that you don’t realize. Here is a run down of the different types of affiliate links.

Direct Affiliate Links

These are pretty much restricted to the bigger bloggers in this space and even some of those have lost their links with certain card issuers. This is pretty simple, a blogger will directly link to a credit card if somebody is approved they will receive a commission. The commission they receive varies a lot, based on the type of card, the contract they have and volume.

For prime cards the commission is usually anywhere from $100-$300, business cards usually offer a higher commission than personal cards as well. Sub prime cards are usually around the $40-$60 mark. If you want to support a blogger with these types of links, simply apply for a card using their link and hope you’re approved. It’s usually easy to tell if it’s an affiliate link or not as there will be a long string in the URL. You can also always ask the blogger you want to support directly if they have these types of links and I’m sure they will be happy to send you the link and let you know if they get paid a commission.

Indirect Affiliate Links

These links are a little bit more different. Instead of directly linking to a credit card, they’ll link you to another site such as that’ll show a variety of cards. Usually these cards are in different categories (e.g travel, cash back, business etc) and you have to manually find the card you’re looking for. For example, this is what currently shows when clicking travel through one of these links and scrolling down:

chase fu csp

Bloggers using these links will again receive a commission if you’re approved. The commission they receive is much less than direct links, although I’m unsure on exact numbers (if any bloggers using these links want to give me a range, e-mail me and I promise not to say that you gave me this information). Somebody that will remain nameless sent me some information on this, it looks like prime cards will award a commission of about $60-$170 – with most cards towards the $60 range than the $170 range.

Bloggers using these links aren’t able to say things like “if you click this link and go to page two, you’ll see <specific card>”. Most bloggers with these types of links will provide an easy to find link in their sidebar (see below for an example), but again feel free to contact them to ask. Links to cardmatch will also generate revenue if you’re pre-approved for an offer and are approved as well (view our full list of direct pre-approval checkers).

sidebar image

Indirect Direct Affiliate Links

This is something that is fairly new as far as I know. Basically how this works is that they will link directly to a specific card on a site such as that lists the features and benefits of a card and that site has direct affiliate links. I have no idea how this arrangement works and whether they are paid a flat monthly fee, per click or per approval or some combination (again feel free to share this information via e-mail).

I Don’t Want To Support Bloggers

As we all know, all bloggers are money hungry idiots that just kill deals so I understand that a lot of people don’t want to use their links. That doesn’t mean you should avoid these links at all costs, the team over at Saverocity have indirect links and they donate the full amount to charity. In 2015 they raised over $3,200 for four different charities (they will just be picking one for 2016).

My Thoughts

I always try to use an affiliate link if it’s the best offer available (and please make sure it is before applying and support bloggers that tell you the best offer even if it doesn’t pay them). I don’t have any great love for financial institutions, so anything that costs them a bit more money and helps somebody that provides value to me is a win in my book.

I usually keep a little notepad of posts that I really love when I read them, then when it comes to credit card applying time I’ll see if any of those sites have the best offer for the card I want to apply for. When a new offer comes out, usually the affiliate links lag behind a little bit so I’ll usually wait it out. Blogging is a huge waste use of time, so why not reward people if it doesn’t cost me anything.

29 Responses to How To Support Bloggers With & Without Direct Credit Card Links

  1. mastervk says:

    Wish you had credit cards link.

    • If we had those links, you’d probably like the site less. There are still ways to support our site, especially by just telling others about it.

      • VM says:

        That’s not always true. A good example is FM

        • Oh, I am not saying blogs with links are necessarily bad – I love lots of sites with links. I’m just saying it’s not good fit for us, frankly I’d hate to have links on this site as half the comments would be stuff such as “you’re only posting this for affiliate revenue” and that’s something that pops up on FM all the time even though he is extremely ethical.

        • Maria says:

          While FM may be better than others, he is still bound by certain compliance and financial obligations in regards to his posts that relate to credit cards and it’s reward programs, UNLIKE this website. So before you think FM is your friend, think twice; he is still in it for the (your) money.

  2. Mser says:

    Meh. Affiliate links should NEVER EVER be used. The money paid to the pimps should be paid to those who apply or to increase card benefits, not to useless blood sucking middleman.

    Reality is vast majority of bloggers simply regurgitate whatever talking points the cc companies give them and offer zero value added.

    I don’t know why the pimpshere thinks this CSR will be a windfall. Vast majority of people playing this game are over 5/24 and will never be approved.

  3. uieuie says:

    especially some blogger recommend CSP everyday!!!!

  4. Mike says:

    FWill, what has happened to your Amazon link?

  5. P says:

    I didn’t know saverocity donate to charity! I’ll be signing up through them from now on.

  6. Stvr says:

    You could just do what I do. Don’t really stress out about it. Then when you want to apply for a card, go to the bank’s website. There. Now go cure cancer.

  7. Scott says:

    Went directly through your link. The best blog and most reputable in the business!

  8. ihg newbie says:

    please provide a direct link to amazon. i clinked on your amazon link and it took me to what seemed like a 3rd party shopping portal. i do see the ebay button but i hardly shop there.

  9. kt says:

    what if my favorite blogger doesn’t use affiliate links, any suggestion on how to help this blogger, doc?

  10. Abey says:

    Wow now i respect this blog so much more.
    Once you know the blogger doesn’t gain anything, it becomes so much more of a trustable source.
    I used to read only the points guy every day
    And i often wondered why he writes so much about the Chase Sapphire Preferred and very seldom mentions the Citi Double Cash which has no annual fee and 2% cash back.
    I guess now that you opened my mind a bit everything falls into place.
    Thanks William Charles and to show appreciation I will share a link to this blog on my facebook page.

  11. Becky says:

    I only clicked on this article because I thought you were going to spill the beans on how to support your site. I’ve always known you don’t get paid for people applying through your links although I do regularly go through them anyways…that or use referal links on reddit. I do see the Amazon link now and will use this from now on. Your blog is the only one I check nearly every day. Keep up the great work guys!

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