T-Mobile Tuesdays: Free Vudu, Prints, Magazines & More

The Offer

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Every Tuesday T-Mobile offers their customers a range of freebies, this week they are:

  • Free Vudu movie rental
  • 10 free prints from Walgreens
  • Free one-year digital subscription to Glamour or Teen Vogue
  • 25% Off HotelStorm

You also have the chance to win:

  • Teen Vogue Mega Makeover – $500 to Asos and $1k to Spafinder
  • Studio Headphones
  • $25 Sephora gift card

Our Verdict

More discounts and no true freebies apart from maybe the oil change I guess.  As always, feel free to give away or trade your freebies/discounts in the comments. Please do not ask for freebies as it just clutters the post.

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Vudu is actually decent (and better than FandangoNow) because it’s a 5.50 credit that can be used on anything on the site. So while most new rentals are still 5.99 for an HD stream, you can also find cheaper rentals (sometimes as low as 99 cents) and get multiple rentals out of the credit.

And then sometimes they have sales on actual movies to own. Right now you can purchase (not just rent) Straight Out of Compton, Terminator 1, and Terminator 2 (among others) for 4.99 for HD. I used mine to purchase Terminator 1.


Ha…No Oil Change this time around my friend….might want to change that to Vudu for this T-Mobile Tuesday round up.