CheckPoints App Review – Earn Giftcard & Miles – Mobile Shopping Rewards App

CheckPoints is a mobile shopping rewards app for iOS & Android that allows you to earn points for completing specific actions and then redeem them for giftcards, airline miles or gadgets.

Earning Points

The points you can earn & redeem are called CheckPoints. There are a number of different ways you can earn these points:

  • Check in at specific merchants
  • Scan specific products at specific merchants
  • Watch videos
  • Take quizzes
  • Shop the web
  • Complete offers
  • Perform searches
  • Download apps

The amount of points that you’ll earn is dependent on the store or other action you’re completing. You’ll also get 20 bonus points when you download CheckPoints. When you scan products you also get a chance to win a Jackpot of more points.

checkpoints review

Referral Program

When you refer somebody you’ll get a bonus 100% of their points for the points they earn for the first two weeks (up to a maximum of 7,500 points per referral). The person you refer will still earn the standard amount of points, but there is no bonus for using a referral code.

Feel free to share your referral in the comments, but You must follow these directions carefully; otherwise, your referral will be removed. This is to minimize the volume of referrals in the comments.

  • Retweet this tweet first (make sure you retweet the linked tweet)
  • In the comment form, there is a section for a website. Put your Twitter handle in there (this helps us verify that you’ve retweeted it)
  • Post a comment with your referral link or your email address to refer
  • Please only post once, do not make multiple accounts or try and get around the rules. If it becomes too hard to manage, we’ll just stop posting these posts.

Redeeming Points

There are a number of things you can redeem points for:

  • $10 Amazon gift card: 3,350 points
  • $10 Target gift card: 3,375 points
  • $10 Walmart gift card: 3,375 points
  • $100 Walmart gift card: 32,00 points
  • 500 Southwest Points: 3,850 points
  • 500 American Airline miles: 3,750 miles

Best you can seem to do is about 0.3125¢ per point.

Our Verdict

CheckPoints is extremely similar to ShopKick with a bit of SwagBucks thrown in for good measure. Personally I don’t find these apps a good use of my time, but if you have time to burn when you’re out already shopping it might be useful for you.


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i use receipt hog, ibotta, savingstar, checkout 51, mobisave and shrink. i used to do Field Agent as well made $650 one year doing that. i used to use checkpoints but like other guy said program is very unstable. thanks for the tip for receipt pal i’ll use that now too.

The Financial Panther

You should use receipt pal also. It lets you take a picture of any receipt!


Receipt pal is not letting new users sign up as the slots are all full. Is there a way to get around that?


just signup and wait. it only took me 3 days before they let me in.


Everyone should remember that the whole point of these apps is NOT for the customer benefit.

Its a very successful scheme used for data mining and geo location shopping habits to be sold for immense profit. You guys are just agreeing to feed the parent company private data for the hopes of getting the carrot stick dangling in front of you. Think about how fast you can MS profit up to any of their GC denominations VS you getting points and coins by wasting your precious time scanning crap. Dont be fooled. You can scale MS to get thousands of dollars in profit. So just FYI before you begin a senior citizen retired hobby.

Victor Debs
Victor Debs

Checkpoints is a disaster. The app is realllllly unstable. Go with perk or rewardable tv or yoolotto.


The only one I like is Receipt Hog, it doesn’t take a lot of time. Just snap pictures of the receipt and done.

The Financial Panther

I would recommend using Receipt Pal also. It’s basically the same thing as Receipt Hog but it accepts ALL receipts, including from restaurants. Currently on pace to snag a $100 gift card while taking pictures of my receipts.