Posted by William Charles on December 5, 2018

Published on December 5th, 2018 | by William Charles


Taco Bell: Purchase $10 Giftcard & Get $5 Bonus Card

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Taco Bell is currently offering a $5 bonus card when you purchase a $10 giftcard. Bonus card is valid until December 24th and redeemable online only solely for food or drink

The Fine Print

  • The first 230,000 customers who purchase a $10 gift card from between 12/4/18 and 12/17/18 will receive a free $5 Bonus Card.
  • Bonus Card is redeemable exclusively for food purchases on or the Taco Bell app.
  • Bonus Card will be sent to the email provided. Bonus Card expires on 12/24/18.
  • Protect the Bonus Card like cash because we are not responsible for use of the Bonus Card without your permission or for any lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed Bonus Card. Bonus Card is not redeemable for cash or credit, except as, and where required by law.
  • For additional information, visit No money or consideration was given for the free $5 Bonus card.
  • A Bonus Card obtained by fraud will not be honored.

Our Verdict

Purchasing multiple seems fine and if you purchase a $100 gift card for example then you’ll receive 10 codes (e.g it’s $5 bonus card per $10). Pretty good deal if you like Taco bell, just make sure you’ll actually use up the bonus cards before the 24th.

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FYI you cant resell the 5 dollar bonus code on most reselling sites like raise because they expire. Otherwise i wouldve gone nuts with this promo and purchased thousands of dollars.

And can we even re-sell the e-version of the base card – anywhere? (I’m seeing only physical card listings thus far…. the e-version seems a very new product….?)

to be my own data point, yes we can. (and did) In effect, this deal becomes a money and meal maker. My family thanks you DoC. 😉

Does reloading a card work? The electronic cards are somewhat a pain in the ass and they charge fees for plastic…

Couldn’t get the reload to work at all, not even considering the promo. I have an existing card, and after entering the card # and PIN,and clicking Next, it just stays on the same page.

The web version wasn’t accepting the CC I threw at it (some error from the payment processor). Tried the app and it worked.

Well, this was easy. The emails came in, and had a link to ‘add to wallet’. Added directly to the app and during a mock order it allowed me to just select multiple cards (including multiple $5 bonus cards).

Must better than the in store offer of a free crunchy taco with $10 card purchase.

Just added two $100 egift cards to cart and got 20 $5 bonus codes with it. Looks like I’m eating Taco Bell for a month… Thanks DoC!

Wait you mean 10 x $5 or 20 x $5?

Edit: NVM – re-read that you got 2 x $100. So 20 x $5 makes sense.

Enjoy the tacos! 🙂

Each $100 GC gets 10 x $5 code, and he bought two of them.

It’s all about the quesaritos! 🤙
Wish they still had volcano tacos. 😪

There was no issue with buying GC, receiving the bonus cards and adding them to the Taco Bell app. However it is not possible to place an order using those GCs (regular or bonus) and the cashiers don’t know how to type a GC number and PIN in their POS system. Anybody successful in buying through the app.

no problem selecting bonus gc’s here on ios

Everything loaded for me but would not submit! Not happy!

Has anyone successfully ordered via the app using your gift card yet?

I had to go through twitter to have them fix all my gift cards. Finally worked yesterday

Bought $40, got $20. EZPZ. thx doc

I tried to pay with a prepaid Visa gift card a few times and the system would not allow it. Now I get an error message even when I use a real credit card. It says something like I have reached the maximum amount of attempts on that card and I should contact my bank for further information. This error comes up for me now no matter what web browser I use (including incognito) and no matter what real credit card I use. Anyone have any suggestions? I sent an email to customer service and am awaiting there reply. I hope this doesn’t sell our before I can get in.

I had the same problem. I had to use a VPN, so that I had a different IP address. Finally went through using one of my regular credit cards. If you don’t have a VPN, just use any other computer that is on a different network (work, friend, relative). You also could use a smart phone that isn’t connecting to your home network (turn off WiFi). Good luck!

I can not use the bonus gift cards. I am getting Authorize Gift Card Failed

I ordered a 2nd $10 card and haven’t received the email with the $5 bonus. This first $5 bonus came though right away with the $10.

Ordered $50 GC last night over 12 hrs ago – still no bonus notification

Can someone clarify if you can print out the regular eGC to use in store? Some comments on other forums sounds like you have to use the app in order to use the eGC. I prefer to order in store due to some substitutions that you can’t choose in app. Thanks.

The first 230,000 customers who purchase a $10 gift card from between 12/4/18 and 12/17/18 will receive a free $5 Bonus Card. Bonus Card is redeemable exclusively for food purchases on or the Taco Bell app.

Believe though YT is asking not about the bonus $5 card, but about the base $10+ egift cards…. Pretty sure these base cards, like the bonus cards, are meant also to be only usable via the app or on-line. (they just don’t expire like the bonus cards)

Thanks for the clarification. Has ANYONE successfully used these GC’s via the app. I’ve tried twice now and spent 20 mins each time trying to figure out how to make it work and so far NOTHING has worked. So, I just left Taco Bell both times and went elsewhere.

For 2-3 hours I played around with the APP trying to figure out how to use the Bonus $5 cards. Hours later and still not being able to use the bonus cards, I ended up calling the Taco Bell customer service. I was told that they will look into it and someone will get back to me within 72 hours.

I also had same issue using the gift cards, called customer service, was told someone from Taco bell will get back to me.

+1 Not working at all.

I thought I had the app working from home a few days ago but didn’t try to order until today when I was out and about. My order seemed to be fine this time around BUT the gift cards have all disappeared and I can’t seem to find them or reload them to the app. This has been a BAD experience. I am beginning to hate Taco Bell!

I just now went back to working on it and it is working again for now. Good grief!!! Not sure what to think??

UPDATE: I played with the app and got it to work. Not sure why but the app seemed different than before. Anyway, I later went to a TB about 15 miles from my house and ordered. Everything worked fine except for one thing: The app processed the order thru another TB about 20 miles away from where I was!!! (I had to drive that way anyway so I picked up my food there.)

The exact same thing happened to me, I was so mad because my food was cold when I went to pick it up.

Then at night I tried again to order at a different TB, and again the name field is missing so I cannot hit SUBMIT. I have over $40 of gift cards thats going to expire at this rate.

When I realized the mistake,I was in the store. An employee offered to get the manager but I was very upset and just didn’t want to talk to anyone but I called my wife as i was driving and told her to call the other TB and tell them I was on my way. They waited until I arrived and made the food then! TB employees are GREAT! TB company…not so much.

Same thing happened to me today on my first successful order. the ordered placed at another taco bell. my food was cold by the time I got there.

Got a funny feeling they’re finding ways to void these bonuses.

So besides the fact that the order was processed at another Taco Bell everything was fine? Also, how did you know it was processed at another Taco Bell? Are you sure you put in the right address for the Taco Bell that you wanted to pick your food up from? I noticed that unless you change it the default pick up location is the one closest to your house. BTW, it has been 6 days since I called Taco Bell and no one has called me back and I made the CSR read back my phone number and email address to make sure they have it right. They told me that someone would call back in 3 days but since it’s already been 6 days and no one has called, I’m thinking about asking for a full refund.

William Charles can you please turn back the timestamps on these posts by one hour. I noticed that the timestamps are all one hour later than Eastern Standard Time

The app shows the progress of the order and has a small map showing the TB where the order is being processed. (I didn’t notice that until I had entered the store.) I had played with the app at home and I think it was “stuck” on the nearest TB from home. I was just expecting it to default to the TB where I was at the time but it didn’t.

This is crazy . I just spent another 30 minutes messing with the APP and could not get it to accept the bonus card or the regular Egift card. I wish I never read about this deal

FYI – Called the gift card company. They say the gift card failed message is a system wide problem. They took down my confirmation number of my order.

PS The rep indicated they may extend the expiration of the bonus cards.

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