Posted by Chuck on September 11, 2018
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Published on September 11th, 2018 | by Chuck


[Targeted] Chase $600 Checking + Savings Bonus

Update 09/11/2018: Some readers are now seeing this offer online now as well. Seems like it might be targeted towards people with branches opening in their area?

A couple of readers mentioned receiving a $600 snail mail targeted offer for Chase checking + savings accounts:

  • Receive a bonus of $300 when you open a Chase Total checking account with $25 or more and have a direct deposit post to the account within 60 days.
  • Receive a bonus of $200 when you open a Chase savings account and deposit $15,000 or more in new money within 10 business days and maintain a balance of $15,000 for 90 days.
  • Receive an extra $100 bonus when you complete both of the above bonuses.

I’m not going to rehash all the details since there’s a similar offer available to the public for $300 checking + $225 savings. This targeted offer is obviously better, though it might require a branch visit (?).

Always read your mail! 🙂

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I have three of these mailers but the terms are slightly different from above. It’s the standard $300 Checking and $200 Savings offer plus an extra $100 if you sign up and complete the requirements for both Checking and Savings. FWIW, I have three of these mailers that all give the option to sign up online or in branch.

Do they give a different promo code each time? If so, can I get one?

anything you believe helped you to be targeted 3x for this offer? I see the $300+$200 frequently, but never seen +225 or +200+100.

I received the mailer last week as well. Great offer and will use with SO. We recently moved and changed our addresses with, not sure if that had anything to do with the targeting. I already have both Chase savings and checking and 6+ cards so was surprised to see the mailer tbh.


If you can’t use these you might sell them on ebay. I just purchased one from there. There aren’t that many and they all seem to expire 9/27, so not a whole lot of time left

I tried pinging this to you on reddit but here;s a scan of the mailer for ya.

Also, as the expiration is Sep 27 and I forgot to close my bonus account from last year until yesterday, what are the chances I can slip thru despite not being 90 days from closure? Does chase enforce that hard?

Only 90 days? Fantastic. I’ll close mine. Do you go in branch to close? Or handle it all digitally? Did they question you a little? Why do you want to close your account”? Just curious.

Are you sure its 90 days? I thought Chase bonus is only once a year (the year bonus got posted) – Also how long is the wait period for churning Total checking?

Each time, I have chosen to close by telephone call. There was no real attempt to have me keep the accounts open.

We close these accounts so we can rinse and repeat next year.

Remember these bonuses are taxable income. Really reduces the benefit for some.

Isn’t $600 less tax better than not getting the $600?

Yes, until the amounts on the 1099’s for the year put you over the threshold for the EIC. It’s something like $3500. So the last $600 could cost you thousands in tax refunds.

That only for folks who claim EIC

For me it’s true. I’d rather rake up bank bonuses even if I know I’d have to pay taxes on them. I consider it as money working for me although I have to make sure I fulfill terms so I don’t waste my effort.

There’s basically no situation where making money will cause you to end up with less money after taxes. It’s not how a marginal progressive tax works.

There are unfortunately some stupid edge cases where US taxation is actually regressive. (Credit and deduction phaseouts.)

Uhmm. . . Not my experience. lol But not related to these bonuses.

See knapptyme’s comment above. Applies to me.

Sure but a lot of people have marginal tax rates that make this worth effectively a lot less than $600. Just wanted to point out this isn’t tax-free like all other miles/points deals.

There are only a small number of edge cases where this would hurt, but come on, $600 minus marginal taxes is still free money. and if you are in the bracket where you are paying $37% ($500k+), how likely is that person going to be churning bank accounts. And that $600 isn’t going to do much against their overall tax bill

Here Hear

I am doing the 500$ bonus now and got my 300$ already waiting on for the saving…If I contact Chase do you think they would be willing to match this offer?

I purchased a $600 coupon on eBay. When I entered it online at first it displayed the $600 offer, but then after logging in to my Chase account it said that I wasn’t eligible for the coupon offer. I meet all the coupon requirements so the issue must be something else. Perhaps geographical location? I’ll give it another try later today and if it doesn’t work I’ll go in branch.

Was wondering myself if the mailer/coupon code would get around the geographic restriction. I don’t have a chase branch in my state unfortunately.

Just tried again and it worked! Must have been a system glitch of some sort earlier today. I’m in CA.

In first week of Sept, I opened a Chase account with 300+200 offer. should I contact them to match to this offer for additional $100?

nvm. got the answer from a response to previous comments here. Will contact them to see if they can match.

Has anyone gotten anything good in Philly area? Getting an offer on the banner for coming to Philadelphia but it’s only $400 ($200 checking, $150 savings, $50 to open both). The general offer is better than that… although maybe this means I can open that online now rather than crossing state lines to get it.

I live in Philly and just got the offer by email, although my wife did not. We both have credit cards with Chase.

Chuck Did I just screw this up? I somehow missed the add money with debit card and opened the account with $0 and then added the $25 right after. Am I going to lose $400 for doing that? Any chance they would give me the bonus if I SM them?

Last time I opened in branch, I didn’t have cash on me so it was opened with $0, and I was asked to add the funds within 30 days.

Got the bonus with no issues.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to open the account online if you aren’t a US citizen (but reside in the US, have an SSN, etc)?

I am not a US citizen and managed to open an account online with instant approval, although I already had Chase credit cards (i.e. they already verified my identity). I selected “Temporary Resident Alien” during the application and entered my driver’s license information. My SSN was populated automatically. If you are not an existing Chase customer they might need to verify your identity. Good luck.

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