[Expired] [Targeted] Chase Cards: Get $20 Off Next Instacart Order

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The Offer

Check your email for the following offer on Chase cards:

  • For a limited time, get $20 off your next Instacart order when you use your Chase card to enroll in your free 6-month Instacart+ membership by February 19, 2024.

Our Verdict

Instacart+ members always get up to $15 in statement credits per quarter through July 2024 on various Chase cards.

Hat tip to carpetchilli

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sh (@guest_1799370)
February 18, 2024 00:43

Some info that might be helpful to some readers: I did not get an email about this offer, and I only just saw this DoC post tonight — but yesterday I happened to be checking that my Instacart account settings were how I wanted them (email, cell phone, payment card, etc.), and I happened to see this offer after I clicked into the “try Instacart+” section of the left-hand sidebar menu. To see it, scroll down to the bottom of the “try Instacart+” page, where it says “Member Offers”. I currently have 3 “Member Offers” listed: this Chase one, Peacock, and Costco. — Therefore, even if you didn’t get an email about this, if you are interested in the offer, you might look in your Instacart account in the “try Instacart+” section, at the bottom of that page in “Member Offers”, to see if it is offered to you there. — I did this promotion in 2022, when I already had a paid Instacart+ membership ongoing, and I can confirm that this offer lets you take advantage of this offer and put your Instacart+ membership “on pause” for the “free x months” period of the offer’s free membership. (It was 3 free months for me because I signed up with a Freedom card.) Then, it goes back to your regular Instacart+ membership and starts back up with the amount of time it had left before it was paused. From the terms and conditions, here is their confirmation that you can get these free months and statement credits even if you currently are in a paid Instacart+ plan: “If you currently have a paid or trial Instacart+ membership, you agree that your existing membership will be paused for the duration of this benefit and resume upon expiration.” And “Active Instacart+ members can extend their membership for free by 3, 6, or 12 months depending on which Chase credit card they hold.” — This overall offer of the free months and statement credits (which may be monthly or quarterly, depending on the credit card you are signed up with) “must be redeemed by July 31, 2024” — The new, additional offer of $20 off your first order is only good “until 2/19/24 at 11:59PM PT”. I am not sure if you have to sign up for this offer by that time, or actually place your first shopping order by that time. It is probably the latter. — The calendar quarters for statement credits are “Jan – March, April – June, July – September, October – December” so if you sign up now and place an order before the end of March, you can get a statement credit for 3 quarters before the program ends on July 31. — The following happened to me, and was mentioned by one or two other commenters on this thread: “You will continue to receive statement credit benefits regardless of whether you choose to renew your Instacart+ membership at the end of your complimentary period.” I did… Read more »

Pratham (@guest_1798839)
February 16, 2024 17:47

$10 off every second order is also there now with World / World Elite Mastercards if Instacart+ is through their promotion

fun (@guest_1796912)
February 12, 2024 20:05

has anyone tried removing the existing Chase card and then re-add it using the offer link?

Alex_the_Churner (@guest_1796178)
February 10, 2024 20:10

does not work if alrady used chase card in instacard account: “This card has already been used to redeem this offer. Please add another eligible card.”

LR (@guest_1795533)
February 9, 2024 09:04

FWIW, you don’t have to be an Instacart+ member to get the monthly/quarterly credits. I let my IC+ membership expire late 2023 and still get the credits as expected.

G (@guest_1796110)
February 10, 2024 14:50

you don’t have to REMAIN to be an Instacart+ member, but you must have activated Instacart+ via the Chase card

ZigZag (@guest_1795423)
February 8, 2024 23:17

I got the $20 offer for freedom flex but looks like they reduced the quarterly credit on flex to $10

Frey (@guest_1795555)
February 9, 2024 09:38

The quarterly credit for the freedom cards has always been $10. Only the Reserve gets a $15 monthly credit.

MW (@guest_1795315)
February 8, 2024 20:01

No offer on any of p1 or p2 cards, but we’ve used our free trials before

John Doe
John Doe (@guest_1795295)
February 8, 2024 19:14

Question is if it works for cards that already been used for the free instacart promo… hmm.

I got the targeted email but received the free membership already.

April (@guest_1795903)
February 9, 2024 21:28

I have been wondering the same.

deal_gettr (@guest_1796547)
February 11, 2024 23:15

wondering the same. already redeemed on CSP but targeted email appears directed towards freedom flex which I haven’t added to my account yet.

Sam F.
Sam F. (@guest_1795289)
February 8, 2024 19:03

Nothing on my accounts.

CW (@guest_1795288)
February 8, 2024 18:56

Correct me if I’m wrong, but CSR gets $15 instacart statement credit per month while the lower CSP and normal sapphire get it quarterly?

Gregd (@guest_1795457)
February 9, 2024 00:44

That’s correct.