Posted by William Charles on September 11, 2019

Published on September 11th, 2019 | by William Charles


[Targeted] eBay: Get A $10-$40 Coupon When You Sell A Smartphone, Tablet Or Smart Watch For $50-$200+

The Offer

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  • eBay is offering some sellers a coupon when they sell a smartphone, tablet or smart watch. The coupon you receive depends on the qualifying sale:
    • Sell an item for $50-$99 and get a $10 coupon
    • Sell an item for $100-$199 and get a $20 coupon
    • Sell an item for $200+ and get a $40 coupon

The Fine Print

  • Items must be listed by 10/31 and sold by 12/1
  • Maximum of 3 coupons per person
  • Must be an invited seller

Our Verdict

Good deal if you’re targeted. I find these deals are usually enough to get me motivated to sell unused items that I usually wouldn’t bother with, although I do find having a spare smart phone can be useful if my main phone stops working for whatever reason so I usually keep a spare.

Hat tip to reader Sam Y

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you cheap bastard doc really


you sell your iphone that you probably got for free with all your coupon crap and then you even get a coupon for selling it your a MAASIVE CHEAPO


Not a bad option if you got a friend that is willing to buy what you list regardless and you paid them back. After the paypal and Ebay fees, you still come out ahead even if it’s like $5, $10 and $20 on the 3 price point.

Now, I’ve been targeted for no final fee if you used a personalized link in the past so that is basically free money. Something to think about.


Small correction. After PayPal fee and eBay fee, it comes out to something like $3, 6, and $13. So maybe not worth it.

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