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Published on May 29th, 2018 | by Chuck


Free $20 Costco Cash Card by Enrolling in Auto-Renewal

Reposting 5/29/18: A couple of reports indicate that anyone can get this $20 deal by calling in (800-774-2678), asking the agent for this offer, and enrolling on the phone in auto-renew. (1, 2)

The Offer

Costco is sending out an offer to some members via snail mail:

  • Signup for auto-renewal on your Costco membership and get a free $20 Costco Cash card.

The Fine Print

  • Enroll your account by June 30, 2018.
  • Offer valid for new auto renewal enrollments only.
  • After setting up auto renewal on any visa card, a Costco $20 cash card will be sent to you by mail in 4-6 weeks after June 30, 2018.
  • Enroll online, at store, or by calling 1-800-774-2678.

Our Verdict

Interesting to see them send out an offer like this. Might be worth keeping off auto-renew in the future with the hopes of being eligible for a similar offer.

Hat tip to wspfan on Slickdeals

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Chuck for what it’s worth, I got the $20 offer by mail even though, according to the rep I talked to by phone, I was already enrolled in auto-renewal. I had tried to enroll per the printed offer and couldn’t so called in.

I haven’t received the offer (yet) but I’m not currently enrolled. Is there a way to still get the offer? or would it be better to wait until I get an offer?

I got this a few months ago and got the $20 gift card. I’ll have to cancel auto-renew and hope that I get it again next year

Hi I got this offer too. I have a question for this great community. What I’ve been doing the past few years is when a special with Groupon etc. comes out for new members I sign up and then the following year I cancel and have wife sign up with another Groupon. If I ever need to exchange or return something and have the receipt, would Costco allow it if I don’t have a membership but wife has (originally purchased when I had a membership the prior year)? Thanks!

costco has the best customer service in the game. it’s part of their business model. you’ll be fine.

The only pain was that you can only auto renew by the customer service desk which by my costco is on average 45 min wait.

I think you are misunderstanding the concept of ‘auto’-renewing. 😛

Wonder if you can used a VGC to enroll?

PSA: $60 Costco cash promo
Also was just in there an Hour ago and saw that they are running the $60 Costco Cash promo for the Citi Costco Anywhere visa card – which is meh compared to a lot of sign-up bonuses – never looked to see if the 4% gas and instore stacks with the Executive bonus. Should check to see if the Business card reports to personal. But this is for new members.

P L E A S E M A R I A!!
P L E A S E M A R I A!!

Received this via snail mail, tried to sign up for auto renewal for a Visa twice this week and nothing saves on the website.

Yeah, their “easy signup instructions”, are anything but. Firstly, I can’t “sign in using my Membership ID number”, kids, because your login comes in an email address form; plus I already have a Costco online login. I’ve tried using my email with the Membership Number as password, instead of as a sign-on identifier… also no go.

More to the point of your particular question/issue, you probably can’t sign up online when logged into your/our existing accounts, because while I don’t know about yours, mine says in big letters, “Cannot sign up for auto-renew before 08/30/2018.”

Thus, we’re both trying to sign up but/and the new Visa isn’t “taking”, because we haven’t passed the earliest deadline date at which we qualify to enroll; and won’t before the offer period ends.

…Looks like I’ll be spending my Memorial Day at Costco in-person signing up for this auto-renew!

Aren’t all Costco stores closed on Memorial Day?

Whoops! Good thing I didn’t go then, but thanks for trying to save me from myself 🙂

Actually it’s saved silently. The website wasn’t showing anything after I clicked save, so I went to the warehouse counter and they told me they already have my card number on file.

Any deals for just signing up (and not getting the CC yet)?

They were doing a lot of groupon-style deals when they changed their branded CC from AmEx to Citi. It seems the dust has settled as I haven’t seen any deals in the past few months. I wouldn’t hold my breath..

Was targeted and was told by the customer service agent the the cash card is mailed when you sign up not when the renewall Hits

I am targeted and my membership can be renewed beginning on 8/30/2018 so if sign up now, wait 4-6 weeks after June 30, 2018 ( if i have to), get cash card and then cancel auto renewal membership?? anything wrong with that?

Just got a groupon email for the bundled offer for Costco. $60 gets membership, $20 cash card, and $65 value* in coupons. Free 72 AA batteries($19.99), free disinfecting wipes ($9.99), $10 off fresh meat, and $25 off $250 Been waiting on this to come back. 12% back on TCB too so final cost is really $55.

Thank you! I’ve been waiting for this deal. And coincidentally, we need batteries. 😉

For the groupon deal, does anyone know if my husband can sign up for this if I have a membership? He is not and has never been on my membership.

If he’s never been on, why wouldn’t it work for him? Of course it will. Also, this is the wrong post to comment on. Good luck!

Haha thanks! My concern was that we have the same address, but I guess they wouldn’t be looking me up if he went to do the deal. The other post wasn’t up yet when I commented on this one. 🙂

I was not targeted, but called customer service and they said anyone can get this offer when they sign up for auto renewal. So I went ahead and enrolled. I hope what they said is true. Will wait to receive the cash card and will cancel auto renewal.

Has anyone seen any banners when signing into costco website offering this promotion?

I called in and they asked me whether my wife (primary) or I (secondary) received the letter offering this. According to the rep – only the person who got the letter can get the cash card. Now I am not sure if everyone who signs up for auto renew gets it BUT the rep told me that auto renew should only be activated by the person who received the letter.


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